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May I recommend this site, but only if you are prepared to spit out bones: [url=][/url] and [url=][/url]. This site is a Freemason rebuttal site, and where I got some of the previous info that I posted. One thing that is a little misleading, is that Lucifer is mentioned in "Morals and Dogma" a few times outside the famous three sentances, and references to the Devil, which water down his influence in the world, and comes very close to flattly rejecting can be found by running a search over the document.

This gives and example of a Freemason come back to accusations of Devil Worship. Be careful of "Christian" anti-mason sites, as some are over zealous in blowing minor issues into major ones.

One good site that I would recommend is [url=][/url].

Want to find a smoking gun of Freemasonry, look into [url=]Hiram Abiff[/url].

Aaron Ireland

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Anyways, she got #1 alright and it's sorta the same for John 1:1 in the sense that in Gen.1 that was not the "beginning" of matter.

Genesis 1:1 is unquestianably refering to "The Beginning. It says, "in the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth." To create is to form out of nothing, That is to bring into being.

But Genesis 2 shows us the earth in a different condition from the original as the Hebrew "Was" should be translated "became" as it is the same word used as "And Adam "became" a living soul."

And according to subsequent scripture, it is greatly supported that the great rebellion of lucifer and a third of the heavenly hosts took place between vs. 1 and vs. 2 showing that the 6 days following are literal days, but not the original creation. That is, they are a restoration of the universe, brought into jugdement because of the rebellion of the ruler of the world, that is lucifer.

How long this interval was there is no record, But when the Spirit of God began to brood upon the surface of the waters, it was to recover and to remake the world.

THe six days are a recovery of the world and a remaking of it.

This both accounts for the fossil record as well as supports the scriptures which assert the present world was formed out of water.

And that, "God did not create the world a waste place but created it to be inhabited"

Many of the most used believers and servants of Christ have seen this is the record and hold this view.

This view was first brought to light by G. H. Pember in his book, "earth's earliest ages" and subsequently embraced and held by many such as Jessie Penn Lewis, Watchman Nee, Auther Pink, and many others.


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