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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Prayer for bug season.

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 Prayer for bug season.

Hi gang. I got a wee (ha) problem coming up.

I can't go outside if it's lower than 70 (with no breeze at all) cuz I'm immune deficient pretty bad.

But, I've got cabin fever too. Ha.

Now the bug season is coming and I can go outside FINALLY, but I'm so allergic to ants, ETC. that it's taking some faith to deal with this season coming. Ants and wasps etc., get in under the door sometimes too.

Oh my. The Moabites, Jebusites and Ammonites are coming. Ha, that's what a sister-in-the-Lord related that these bugs were, just to make me laugh, because they're so small and I should see them as just small ... but going to the ER or Dr all the time isn't small or burning up for weeks or for a lifetime ain't fun neither.

Appreciate if you could pray that the Lord would build me up against this invading army. Ha.
Of all things .....

Thank you.
me again

 2006/3/25 21:47

Joined: 2003/11/23
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 Re: Prayer for bug season.

Hi MeAgain...

I will be praying. And while you're at it, could you pray for my parents? They have lived in rural Tennessee for several years now. They have a nice place with many acres of land (with lots of forestry, a creek, and a huge garden). However, many of their fruit trees and grapevines have been bombarded by "Japanese Beetles" over the last two years. They have tried everything to get rid of this problem. Both my mom and my dad work full-time, so they haven't had alot of time to pour into protecting their garden. To top it off, we have lived in urban settings most of our lives, so my parents are not very skilled in handling this issue.

I told them that we should pray about the problem. When I go home during school breaks, I love to eat the fruit from the trees, vines and garden. There is nothing like eating freshly picked fruit! School finishes in May, and I would love to go home and eat some fresh fruit (whatever is in season at the time). They really enjoy working in their garden, but this has been very burdensome for them. I know this is not nearly as significant as your health concerns about bugs, but if you think about it, please pray for their situation too.

I'll be praying for both!



 2006/3/25 23:45Profile


Yes, I surely will Chris. Have they tried those hanging Lure type things ?

I'm not to good at killing things, but on farms, you have to get rid of them.

My bro's an environmental dude, I'll ask him, but I know he usually sends me to [url=]Beyond Pesticides.[/url]

All the best to you and yours and [u]Thank You[/u].


 2006/3/26 3:21

 Re: Prayer for bug season

Dear Annie,

I shall pray for you.

I already asked the Lord to fix EVERYTHING that is wrong with you, including undoing the degeneration. That doesn't mean you'll go [i]back[/i] to being the brainbox you were, but it should mean you get healthier... and I'm taking it as a VERY positive sign that when you were bitten by all those ants recently, you made a much better recovery that even you expected. Amen. [i]That's[/i] the way I like it.

On praying now, and knowing from experience of using them what a drag it is, and also how expensive it is to be purchasing instect repellants, I have a clear picture of you in silk shalwar chemise (Don't know if that spelling's right, but you know what I mean).

It may seem a bit radical, but at times, it may be practical, as you'd be covered by a high density cool fabric, which would protect you.

Now, you knew I was slightly crazy. That was just confirmation.... :-P I live in a place where many people wear this garb, so it seems a natural suggestion. I could also pick you up a set to try out, very easily. Any colours...

When you've finished laughing, please tell me what you think. ;-)

Seriously though, I will continue to pray.

 2006/3/26 11:29


Hi Dorcas, if you could just send a web link with a picture of these "silk shalwar chemise" thingies, I'd appreciate it. Haven't the foggiest, but they sound good. My neighbors are used to seeing me look like a clown out there anyways.

98 degrees and I'm the only out there with long slacks tucked into my socks and long sleeves.

Yup, I shur do know what it is to have folks think I'm "nuts" too. HA.

Thank you for the thoughts.


 2006/3/26 14:42

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