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 SermonIndex Pre 20th Anniversary Changes


It is amazing to think that it will be 20 years that SermonIndex as a website has been on the internet December 2022. So leading into next year I am planning to make some significant changes and take big considerations from the past. God has allowed SermonIndex to impact many lives and we rejoice in this and all glory belongs to God.

To start as a beginning, an old header from 2004 is currently in place at the top of the website. We are excited to be featuring more older styles of the site and also there will be some big surprises for any members here who have been with SermonIndex since the beginning.

We are going to encourage a renewal in prayer intercession for the website and ministry and have planned some great things. Stay tuned this year and upcoming months.

The featured quote on the top of the site currently is from Evan Roberts:

"Prayer is buried and lost and Heaven weeps. If all prayed the wicked would flee from our midst or to the refuge. Prayer is the secret of power."

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: SermonIndex Pre 20th Anniversary Changes

It's a great website. Thanks for everything on here dear Greg. And for all of the running of it.

David Keel

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Love the retro look.


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Thank you Greg. I attended the prayer session in Cleveland and I want to say, there are some prayers of the saints that I will never forget.

I always encourage Christians to visit this site as it was that important in my walk. I never personally met you but saw you from afar, Greg and was so thankful for your ministry.

I also want to thank Paul West as he was so gracious whenever he was mentoring and moderating here. I learned a great deal on how to be patient, kind firm and loving, true Christ-filled outpouring love from him. He showed the love of Christ so much here (i wish i knew where he is as the old posts are gone from that website reset that happened).

I also think Ginny Rose is a blessing in so many ways (and I believe she poured her heart out in Cleveland in one of our prayer sessions which was a shock to me, and a sweet aroma to Christ, I believe).
Just a heart filled with gratitude,
Thank you again.

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