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 Covenants, Swearing, Letting Your "Yes" be yes.

So I have a question (this is not theoretical. I am actually trying to think through this).

Let's say I decided I was going to write up a covenant and make it with the Lord.

Is that a violation of Jesus commandment to let my "yes" be yes and my "no" be no?

Why or why not?


Edit: And I apologize for putting this question in the wrong category. Just realized that after I posted it!

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 Re: Covenants, Swearing, Letting Your "Yes" be yes.

You better make sure you are completely sure this covenant is from the Lord. If it’s not then you will not be able to fulfill it and will break your word. This is very important because God has made it clear that it’s important in both the Law and in His chastisement of Israel in the Prophets. He repeated rebukes them for making promises, in His name, that either failed to keep or purposely neglected.

If that’s not a large enough warning, remember that we bear His name and everything we do is borne as testimony to those who see us. I live in a country where insincere promises are endless by everyone. There is a big thing about faithfulness but no one is faithful in any area of their lives unless it impacts their social standing. They are uniformly liars and thieves.

Personally, I’ve found that if the Lord shows me something to do that I shouldn’t reply, “Yes, Lord, I’ll do it.” Rather I must just be faith and do it with no arguing or contemplation on the matter. I’ve found that if I had answered that I will inevitability get caught in some self-willed sinful thing at the time the Lord wants me to act.

May you walk in the gift of faith you have been distributed to His glory.

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 Re: Covenants, Swearing, Letting Your "Yes" be yes.

I believe what Jesus meant here is, let your normal words itself be like a covenant. If you say 'Yes I am going to do it', then do it. If we practice like that then there is no need to do a promise or covenant because all our words are like covenant.


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