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Pastor, I watch your thread and am learning so much from you. Just pray I can put it into practice.
?o: }

The first thing I noticed is the COMMENDABLE amount of time you take to get back here.

Hoy Vey, if only I could learn that one first.

Then the thought and prayer that shows that you put into that time away. Oh mannn.

That is a gift you have, to not answer on the spot and be willing to wait on the LORD longer than most and risk whatever others may think of why you're not back yet.

Oh mannnn, you're really sluggin' it to me. Pow !

Anyhow, I wanted to tell you ... when you said Proverbs ... the Lord told me that 'you' just reminded me of ... Prov ~ 25:11 A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.

Some 'carnal' Christian sweetheart lady friend ... [pray for her salvation] ... coincidently likes to buy me 'Christian' gifts for holidays.
She sent me a pin to "wear" [ohhhh, this is going to be embarrassing, because it was a few years ago now] and the pin was a gold apple on a silver leaf and the little card it came on had Prov 25:11 on it.

Here comes the suck your lips back into your mouth icon again ... :-? .

[u]Thanks[/u] Rev.
It's so nice to have a Rev around the house.
Blessings to you and yours.


 2006/3/25 16:39

Joined: 2006/1/19
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You are to kind.
This vs. hangs over my computer,
Isa.49:16 Behold I have engraved thee upon the palms of my hands.
He loves you so, and you are really that close to Him. He knows your every need and will meet you right where you are. By His stripes you were healed.
I'm agreeing with you this very moment for the manifestation to take place, In JESUS NAME!

Love and prayers in Jesus Name,


 2006/3/31 15:32Profile

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Hey, ALL and Pastor Frin.
I am on this site about one time a week but always try to catch up and all that is said. Thank you for not holding your message back, Pastor Frin, the one about the Sword. It is easy to become complacent. To forget the entirety of the word of God and therefore lose sight and slip into the midst. It is more difficult to be the one calling from the wilderness...Who is Willing for that?! Can we daily pick up our cross and be willing for that kind of death...Death to our doctrines, our meager beliefs, the differences of opinions...They will all die away! Oh, I long for that kind of death to self, Pastor Frin, and would appreciate a prayer of agreement for that. I want to stay on the narrow road.
Praise to the God and Father of our Lord and Savious Jesus Christ!


 2006/3/31 18:52Profile

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Hey Rich,

I agree in Jesus Name. Its all about His love.
We need to take up His love every day, its by His love shinning through us, that the world will see that we are His disciples. Its not about what we say we believe, its all about His love. Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, shall be filled.
And this is the name whereby He shall be called,

May the Lord's blessings be upon you all,


 2006/3/31 20:13Profile


Pastor, Thank You for your prayers above.

I didn't want to not say Thank you for being a good shepherd too.

[u]GOD BLESS.[/u]

me again

 2006/3/31 21:21

Joined: 2006/1/19
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 Re:to be continued,

Hi all,

Well here we go with part 2. I know that this will probably raise more questions than it will
answer. Keep that in mind, Asking questions and sharing our thoughts with one another, is how
a forum opperates.
First let me say that throughtout God's Word
there runs a truth that is very simple, and yet very complete. This premise, reveals God's people
in a figurative way as sheep, being led by shepherds.
Lets make some observations. In Genesis 4:2
And she again bare his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but cain was a tiller of the ground.
Think about this, Abel the first recorded shepherd, lost his life because his offering
of a lamb was accepted by God. Jesus, The Lamb of God, gave himself as an offering for all of man, was accepted of God, redeemed all who will
receive, and has become the chief Shepherd of all who will hear His voice and follow Him. Praise the name of the Lord.

Now we see in Acts 7:22-30 and Exodus 2:15-3:1
that Moses was prepared for eighty years, the last forty as a shepherd, to lead Israel out of Egypt. Not quite the same as four years in the seminary. ;-)
King David was prepared to be King over Israel
by being a shepherd. 1 Sam.16:11; 17:34-36.
We see other examples of the Lord preparing men
through being shepherds of the sheep, to use to fulfill His purpose.

Now, the greatest example of all is found in the chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ.
It is from His example that all questions about the shepherd/pastor can be answered. So all you
shepherd/pastors take note. We find these answers
in John 10.
Something we must realize here is that Jesus is showing us >three< seperate types of shepherds.

First type: Is a thief and a robber, so he tries to enter in some other way than by the door. He is not called of God, thus he is not known by the porter. The true sheep will not follow him, for they do not know his voice, and they flee from it. He is a hireling, again notice, not called of God, so he does not care for the sheep
and when trouble comes he will flee, leaving the sheep alone, because he cares not for the sheep.

Second: The called shepherd of a flock of sheep.
He enters by the Door, for he is called of God to that particular flock. To him the porter opens the door to the flock. The sheep hear his voice and he calls his own sheep by name and he leads them out.
Listen shepherd/pastor, YOU ARE TO KNOW YOUR SHEEP, You are you know them by name, NOT AS A FACE in the crowd. You know your sheep and you call them by name. The size of your flock must be gauged on you being able to know, personally,
every single man, woman and child. If there are to many sheep in your flock to know this way, then its time to send another called shepherd with some of the sheep, who hear his voice down the road. This process is to repeat itself over and over as the need arises. This is the only way a shepherd can know his sheep, their names,
their needs, the food, each one, as an individual requires. No other office of the ministry can take the place of the shepherd. Each one has its place in the body, and is necessary for the proper function of it, but only the shepherd has the calling to pastor the sheep.
For you to lead, feed, protect, and be and ensample unto the sheep, you must know them well, as a true shepherd.

Third: Who is really the First the one and only
true Shepherd, Jesus Christ, The Chief Shepherd.
He is the DOOR, and the Chief Shepherd of all the flocks of sheep. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, the only Way onto the Father.
He saves and gives life to the sheep. He gave His life for the sheep and all the sheep will be of one fold with Him as Shepherd.
This all, for that, He might present it to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing; but it should be holy and without blemish. Eph.5:27.

Have a blessed and glorious weekend in Him.

Love to all,


 2006/4/1 10:38Profile


Pastor, we don't hear this taught anymore, about your shepherd/Pastor.

That is how we were taught years ago, but now it's just grab up some more "elders" and distribute the sheep among them so you're Church can grow. We were taught the same as what you've posted. If the shepherd can't know his sheep and care for them as the definition of "shepherd" would indicate, then the "flock" has gotten too large.

I was very fortunate that my first and second Pastors when I first got saved believed like you about caring for each individual sheep ... so much so, that I being a stranger at the second ... the Pastor saw through me and knew I needed to talk to him and said it without me ever letting on. He just retired last year up north and I haven't seen him since 1979. What an example and yes, everything that you defined.

Lord Bless those of you that are left.


Mutual Love in His Spirit.


 2006/4/3 5:25

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Melbourne, Australia



RobertW wrote:
We all want to get back to the NT model. Right? Its easy to talk it up, but we need some boots on the ground really ministering in these functions. The role of a pastor or 'shepherd' is one of tremendous stress and pain. the nay sayers had bit their tongues off had they known the lives of some of the men that they have put their tongue on. "It hath offended" they had said. Many have allowed their tongue to cause them to sin and have no clue. Like Mirriam and Moses. We need to be careful how we trifle in God's affairs.

I thought I'd just bump this up again. I have always been astounded at my own pastor. I have criticised him both openly and discreetly, regarding things that he preaches on and church growth meathods that he employs, but whenever I have a problem, he's there, any time of the day or night. I have been been amazed at how someone can "preach it so wrong, and yet live it so right". Personally I would rather have that than the other way round.

To all these nay sayers, may I ask do you drop everything everytime you receive a distress call? Do you have the guts to stand firm, while three hundred people with conflicting opinions tell you that you are wrong in your strategy? Do you spot every wolf that comes into the flock, or do you miss a few?

A pastor is first human and then ordained. This debate reminds me of the ultimate expression of human selfishness. Put too children in a room with one toy, and tell them to share. Within an hour, I would almost gaurantee that you'd see the following principle at work, everyone wants justice, except when it comes to themselves.

I am in no way trying to say that there is no standard, there is a high one, but don't foget that hot on the heels of God revealing His Ten Commandments to Israel, He was indetifying Himself as "the Lord thy God, merciful". How quickly we forget that. The mere fact that Christ warned us of false prophets, implies that there are true ones, and his solution to these "tares" in his "field" are to let them grow side by side with the "wheat". What's the matter, are we afraid to take Christ at his word?

Anyway, that's my two cents.

Aaron Ireland

 2006/4/3 9:43Profile

Joined: 2006/2/7
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 Re: Shepherding

I have not considered the shepherds in that repect. I have been trying to understand the shepherd analogy Jesus gave for a time now and that word, Pastor Frin, gavemuch meaning to it. Thank you. I think when we lose this type of shepherding model, as many have, we 'lord over,' and get greedy for size and money. What would you suggest the hireling is, Pastor Frin? And would you be willing to discuss your ideas on the 'tithe,' and it's implications in the church today?
I appreciate your humble words, and am hungry for a daily fellowship with like minded believers. Internet is awesome, but what about flesh and blood, contending together in the spirit, for depths of the faith not seen in the 'four walls.'

May the grace of Jesus abound to all...


 2006/4/3 18:06Profile


God brought the analogy and choice of the title "Shepherd" for all the reasons one would imagine and read of, from the O.T. to the New, plus - the studying of the Responsibility of a genuine shepherd of sheep in the natural.

If a "shepherd" doesn't know what a wolf looks like ... he shouldn't be a "shepherd" until he does. Shepherds without "Discernment" are what Jesus called the blind leading the blind.

It he doesn't know which weeds, parasites, hidden insects in their wool, etc. gradually Kill Sheep ... then he ought go find out really quick or get out of the "shepherding" business until he does. All grazing areas Must be 'inspected' first and the checking of their wool/body and constant guard for predators.

Wishy-washy nonsense false doctrines and movements Etc, being excepted into Churches by "Shepherds" ????

Where on earth is that in the Bible ?

Any man can stoke a sheep ... but a Shepherd kills bears etc, like David did as a Young man.

Ezekiel 34 etc. are for "them". And many many other passages - especially the Pastoral Epistles of Paul.

If I want someone to talk to - I have good friends for that ... but a Shepherd ought to look at a book written by a man who actually raised sheep - the woolly ones - to see what his "job" is.

Certain foods are poisonous to sheep ... but do the Pastors care ?

This isn't a "petting" zoo we're talking about ... this is Last Days Pastoring and try protecting sheep from the Apostasy and false teachings and teachers, prophets and all that Jesus warned is here and coming ... THAT'S a Shepherd. Anyone can pet sheep.


 2006/4/3 19:48

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