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I think is in the case of the cults, like JW's and Mormons, Masons too.

I think that Satan would like us to believe that these are the most threatening forces to our faith. How many people here, do you think, are at risk of being lured by these faiths. Likely not many.

So we cannot hide behind our pet heresies and miss the subtle – our own bent to stray, and Satan’s deceptive work AMONG us. – ie within our own mindsets. Satan takes what we believe –and then draws us off by giving us convincing lures to which we can say, “Amen”.

Since I started here, I think just about every favorite sin and cult out there has been discussed. Now I wonder: How has that strengthened God’s people? I don’t assume it has not, because I think a lot of good came out of much of the discussion. But we need to think deeper and ask: What is God teaching us through these heresies?

Or we could ask: What draws people to follow these things? Why do people leave the Christian faith and join heretical groups, or seek answers in New Age Philosophies (which are really very old)?

Perhaps these people remind the Christian community to examine its own failures to be the Light, and Love, to reveal the Will of God, to reveal Christ – (concepts that are incorporated in this prayer.)

Who knows, but someone may be reciting this prayer, really wondering: “What is the LIGHT? Where really is this divine LOVE? And who knows, but God himself may reveal his Light and Love to the desperate seeker. And, consider this: He might want to do it through us!

We can all too easily throw darts at the New Agers, not realizing that people follow the “movement” because they are seeking, and they believe that the church does NOT have the answers.

Why complain about those who are eating junk food while never giving them something nutritious to eat?

Jesus tells us how to do that in all kinds of ways: though we may have to get our feet muddy walking through their turf.


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Hi Annie,

Have mixed thoughts about all this...

To re-put the question(s)again, maybe in summary form. Isn't this just a bit too obvious? Regardless of whichever escatological constructs one is holding to is this really a 'deception'?
Isn't a counterfeit more difficult to ascertain from the true?

Just to clarify. It is not many of the other issues you brought up. Discernment, false teachings, associated ministries so on and so forth. These certainly are needed and have their place and their particular callings even. As you would know from going through many of these things a lot it is purely speculation and many get quite carried away with their concepts and conspiracy's. But all that is getting away slightly from the questions raised earlier.

Why? Why should we be concerned about the aforementioned group that you had intimated was "big"? It is a true question, not a point of dispute, that wasn't where I am coming from. I did afterwords check out the UN site out of curiosity .... The only response for either of the names was a listing amongst an awful lot of names [url=]UN Search[/url] Before this goes too far, that point isn't a conclusive answer and there might be much more to all this...
It is an awfully long list, what makes this one new age group stand out above the rest?

I do share Chris's earlier concerns, that one can be tainted by being caught up in all this sort of thing. Even the recent links above need a caution attached to them just for that same reason. Of the two, the one drawing similarities in the realm of Theosophy again begs the question. Why give this any particular heed? Who is this guy and frankly who cares? Sorry, I am not degrading anything Annie, I am just trying to understand what makes this any different from a thousand other quasi-religious constructs? Why was this brought forth in the first place? Maybe if it was in an answer to a question, but you put it forth as a test originally and that I have again mixed feelings about. Most times a source is given for or sought for when we happen upon things of this sort; "Who said that?" "Who wrote this?" "Where did this come from?" Most quotes even here have names attached to them, rarely are they anonymous. I do understand the reasoning behind the particulars as the invocation\'prayer' as a stand alone statement, that it is that which is deceptive. But again it has it's author and it's construct attached, am not aware of this being prevalent anywhere in the church, but perhaps I am naive and perhaps I am assuming too much here that this is so blatantly obvious as a construct to not be missed even by the youngest of new believers. The bit is misleading to be sure and clever enough to be perfectly muddy standing alone and I know that is what you were addressing.

Again and sorry for hammering home the point, the issue isn't one of being preoccupied with eschatology or not, not whether or not things need\should be exposed, but just rather in this instance, why should this be of any greater concern than others?

For what it's worth, while I don't personally 'hold' to one scenario over the other as to how things pan out and at that same time it is not to say that the study of eschatology is needless, not by any stretch ... Thus far, the pool of things being held in abeyance has grown larger not more concise. Perhaps it's a fortunate blessing to feel somewhat relieved of having to have an answer and a particular construct to crowd under in these things. For instance, I would share Robert's comments awhile back regarding the number of the beast, the embedded chips and so forth. Which is it? An allegory and a spiritual 'mark' or something truly physical, the ability of buying and selling? To be honest I am not sure either way, but I am watching and paying attention to everything. Watching what is going on in Israel and that in itself is a matter of much disputing as we have traveled well over the matter here. Art Katz's ideas and whether or not he is on to something, I just don't know, I neither assume it to be true nor outright discount it. It is not to be wishy-washy nor to ride the comfortable fence but is not having to be forced into someones opinion. Good men can still be wrong. Of the many pre-post-pan-preterist-dispensational there can be found many an item that ... Remember that silly song awhile back something like "[i]Things that make you go hmmmm"[/i]? It's in that realm. One of the blessings in the series mentioned by Edward Parkyns elsewhere is in the 'historic' way he presents things, some of it in summary form, some of it going into a bit more detail. It is basically a tracing of things that happened in history and the prevailing thought of the times. And even by the time he has brought it somewhat up to date the sense is that he didn't reach a conclusion nor seemingly was that his intention. Found that very refreshing and honest.

So to finish this long thought... and without putting an exclamation point on it all... there's plenty of room for discussion most certainly... Will bring up again the same verse mentioned earlier and an additional one;

Mat 24:6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: [u]see that ye be not troubled[/u]: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

Mat 6:34 "Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. [u]Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.[/u] (ESV)

This promise as a guard;

Mar 13:22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, [b]if it were possible[/b], even the elect.

In more ways than one;

Luk 21:36 [u]Watch ye therefore, and [b]pray always[/b], that ye may be accounted worthy[/u] to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

One last footnote. Isn't the greater deception now in our day that of the turn of a phrase of scripture, the twisting of Gods word to profit and selfish gain, the creeping humanism ala "Ten Shekels and a Shirt", the making the simplistic 'easy' when it is rather costly (an easy-believe-ism) the practical over the spiritual, (Relativism), the emphasis on here, now, the foreseeable future but not eternity? It seems more so that things are out of sorts by way of order, heading towards chaos and confusion by the compulsions of man, the surface is the deep, the pace to fast for contemplation, the attempt to simplify a comfortable lifestyle by more and more distractions and gadgets, [i]knowledge will increase[/i], certainly we have that in our day. To just look back over the last 100 years and see the changes as they have transpired globally, economically, wars and weapons, satelites, strategically, politicaly ... information... It's quite staggering really.

My sense of where we are in our day in the sun (as mere men, not saints) is heading towards just that which the Lord spoke of and even Peter's telling of it;

[i]This is now, beloved, the second epistle that I write unto you; and in both of them I stir up your sincere mind by putting you in remembrance;
that ye should remember the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and the commandments of the Lord and Saviour through your apostles: knowing this first, that in the last days mockers shall come with mockery, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for, from the day that the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. For this they willfully forget, that there were heavens from of old, and an earth compacted out of water and amidst water, by the word of God; by which means the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: but the heavens that now are, and the earth, by the same word have been stored up for fire, being reserved against the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men.[/i]
2Pe 3:1-7

Along with 2 Tim 3 and a whole host of others. But again, that is not a conclusion just a particular surmising. It seems all that is really needed is for the Lord to withdraw His Presence from the planet and we will set the world on fire all by ourselves.

Sorry for the length, it is an early morning posting here, often times the day will prove me out foolish but felt compelled to address this. And I most certainly reserve that right of being wrong ... ;-)

Mike Balog

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Why complain about those who are eating junk food while never giving them something nutritious to eat?

Hopefully that is the nutrional value of this place, you just have to travel some old paths to get there.

Mike Balog

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Hia Mike,
That is 'why' I gave the two Discernment/Apologetic sites in the last post of this prior page .... they are two of the most renowned and respected and I wouldn't give you junk.

Mike Oppenheimer and Berit Kjos are just two of the top and anyone knowing of these two, would know that.

You said you don't decry Discernment/Apologetic Sites and I've given those two sites you just saw at the end of this previous page to answer the questions posed in your first post there.

I'm not up to a super long post just yet today ... but if you will .... would you just take a look at just some of the headers on here and see where the Church is already in - ankle deep into what is being formed of a one world religion and gov. and how at the "letusreason" site, Mike Oppenheimer says everything about what I posted on in a few articles and not just the one I posted at the end of this last page.

Warren's PEACE Plan & UN Goals:

Part 1: The Emerging Global Church

Part 2: Equipping Leaders to 'Lead like Jesus'?

Part 3: Whom do we serve?

Those are just a few of the titles that - IF you know the basic 'form' of what is coming together and what so-called governing agencies are merging,(from first links and second links given) it will come together for a person clearer than a bell, and they will know what to not support and to "come out from".

I was not aware that this subject was Unknown here ... so forgive me if I assumed that there was already some exposure to good apologetic Sites.
I feel this is a vital message just as Mike Oppenheimer, Berit Kjos, Sandy Simpson, Dave Hunt and the other men of the Apologetics Coordination Team do.
These are Not fly by night Discernment/Apologetic names out there.

I would be glad to contact them ..... or if you will just look into this a little further yourself, you may see why this concerns them and me and others and why we feel the need to show these things to the Body.
Much less has been posted here on the lounge.
Please give this a little more of your time ... as coming against me on this, you all are coming agaisnt some of the most highly respected, Godly/God ordained Ministries out there and that appears a bit strange. We are One Body under Christ and we need to shore up together before the divide.

With His Love.

 2006/3/6 15:01

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Hey there Annie,

Real brief but ...

I was not aware that this subject was Unknown here ... so forgive me if I assumed that there was already some exposure to good apologetic Sites.

no, no, no, that's not the issue at all Annie.
Please give this a little more of your time ... as coming against me on this,...

Annie, not in the least. Please don't read too much into this, there is no coming [i]against[/i] you at all. How do we ever end up reading so much into things? (All of us at times)

Was honestly asking and perhaps wondering, verbalising, out loud the questions. In reference to the sites mentioned, the caution was in being to taken up with it all as Chris initmated earlier, that's all. Not unlike some of the KJV only types things where it just becomes kind of all consumming...

Short here time wise, but wanted to clarify this. Annie, you have been very delightful of late and I don't know what it is exactely, just something subtle yet ... :-)

Mike Balog

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So we cannot hide behind our pet heresies and miss the subtle – our own bent to stray, and Satan’s deceptive work AMONG us.

Its been said that the best way to spot a counterfiet is not by studying conterfiets, but by knowing the true or the truth.

With all the deception in our day and all of the different groups preaching different things, it would seem to be the most practicle also.

I was talking to a group of guys today and one objection/problem one of them had was just this, all of the conflicting messages he saw.

I tried to tell him what Jesus had said and I think it applies:

Jesus answered them, and said, My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me.

If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.

I think there are two prevailing reason for the rampant errors of our day and in America in particular

1. Biblical illiteracy(Hosea 4:6)

2. Supression of truth revealed(Romans 1:18)

[Edit]and one other thing...

because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

I had a dear friend and brother in the Lord back in Baltimore who has a very powerfull testimony of being converted and saved from drug addiction and being homeless. During the time of his initial conversion he told me of how it was not uncommon for him to be in the Word of God for many many many hours a day! I have no doubt of it as his Bible was worn out.


Christopher Joel Dandrow

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 Re:The Emergent Church.

[b] "He that is not zealous against error, is not likely to be zealous for Truth." J.C. Ryle [/b]

[url=][b]The Emerging Church.[/b][/url]

[b]"The point we need to focus on right now is this: Do we not see the Lord prompting men like Dr. John MacArthur to correctly point out that Evangelical Christianity is fighting for its very life. But for now I wonder, can we afford to almost rule out the spiritual side of our faith while we waste our time arguing about some nebulous concept of essential doctrines as opposed to non-essential ones ?
Could it be that while we're caught up in discussions about whether cessationism is true or not true, perhaps we are in danger of forgetting that at least this much is true: Christianity is a supernatural faith and whether or not God is using certain gifts or not is really not the main point at this critical time.

Could it actually be possible God the Holy Spirit may be trying to alert our Lord's Church to a pagan cult which has been growing right under our very noses where even their own pastors aren't being told the whole truth by these Emergent leaders they trust? Man can become God; I know I've heard that somewhere before. Ah yes, here it is: Genesis 3:5 - Ye shall be as gods. Where are the voices being raised against this oldest lie in the Book? And why are these men being allowed to teach as Evangelicals at the Zondervan"[/b]

[url=][b]The Emerging Church and Contemplative Spirituality - More Connected Than You May Think ![/b][/url]

[b]"'Emergent' folks are Christians who are impatient with rigid megachurch formulas and noisy doctrinal in-fighting.... They're hammering out a theology that's friendly to ancient faith practices (contemplative prayer, labyrinths, hospitality) in a postmodern world of quantum physics, 24/7 media and coffee-house culture."[/b]

[b]On the Emerging Church:[/b]

[b]"In the young people that I have spoken with from various backgrounds and various fellowships, there is a keen lack of discernment for the dangers that we all face as believers,"
by Steve Muse
Eastern Regional Watch[/b]

[url=][b]Revival or Return to Darkness ? by Roger Oakland[/b][/url]
[b]Understand The Times
P.O. Box 27239
Santa Ana, CA 92799 USA
(800) 689-1888 [/b]

[url=][b]The Emeging Church Markets Catholicism, by former Priest.[/b][/url]

[b]The Lamb is rarely seen there in the emerging church.
There is no sense of gospel wonder.
-Geoff Thomas[/b]

 2006/3/6 22:34

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 Re: Perception


I can see precisely where you are going with this and fully understand and appreciate it. The earlier effort to borrow a well termed sentiment of our own Philologo's was to "[i]Play the ball and not the man[/i]." No need to throw a blanket over everything due to a question on a particular point, even a couple of questions. It is not a matter of hunting for holes in the logic, to go about disproving something perhaps greater that you had in mind by narrowing the focus to an instance or instances raised by;

1) The [i]manner[/i] used originally to draw attention to the issue (A bit deceptive to draw attention to deception?)

2) Whether the names originally mentioned where worth paying all that much attention to as entities within themselves (The Lucis Trust, World Goodwill) as [i][b]I[/b][/i] found it quite overt in it's expressed motivations by not hiding much of anything with it's new age philosophical mumbo-jumbo....

That's all.

That it did serve up a warning only by way of the 'nature' of these things can be far too much of a distraction IF one is given into it [b]too[/b] much as Chris warned earlier by his particular experience and by sentiment, my own.

Having said all that let me also turn this back towards the 'greater' issue at hand. You are most certainly right in that there is a great danger right now in so many forms of quasi-religious constructs, mysticism .... Will come back to this momentarily. Annie, let me express that I do pray for you in this matter. It is a exceedingly difficult thing to get down into the muck and mire of all this by way of shedding light on it and exposing it. You would likely be familiar with Tricia's site which she has now since withdrawn from, though the archives are still active Bring this up only that not only was she a great help as I unraveled the WOF peccadillo's and other spurious notions as I made, (make that 'was led' to this Old School wonder of wonders SermonIndex) my way through but as time went on a realization dawned upon me; Those who are closet to this sort of thing are in need of a great deal of prayer and appreciation and support ... Still have a bit of the correspondence from a few years back;

[i]Felt an impulse to write briefly, noting the nature of what you are dealing with is often repulsive to the spirit, at least it is to me. What you are doing is helping so many and in return I wanted to extend my thanks and my prayers for you, that the Lord will continue to undergird your efforts.

May He give you His peace, that passes all understanding.[/i]

Did bounce through some of what you linked and ...
Whew, it's bad out there, really bad. This 'newish' idea of mixing and accepting all kinds of psychological, mysticism ... Forced myself to read a bit of the "The Enneagram" even with my own suspicions of where it was going. This 'emergent' church business and swallowing everything and gaining nothing. Frightening.

And to think this 'mere' website here (SermonIndex) is not profound? These old stalwarts who tread old paths, who held to a normal Christianity at it's it [i]core[/i].

The hair rises on my arms to think of what we have here in our possession. The resources, the messages, the help and sharing of those much elder and wiser that participate here... The old books recommended, dear God do we understand just how important this is? O My soul, I have had a real hard time shedding outward tears of late, the groanings are inward and constant, but they just broke moments ago, cracking the eye duct's a little...

I thank God everytime I remember not only what is here, this gem, but the high privilege it is to be of any part of it whatsoever. In this day and age we find ourselves, this and the few others like it are a precious commodity, a rarity, there is untold treasure for the soul here.

May God continue to protect it and us as we weather the storms of this modern world and the church slipping away from it's foundations.

Pray for this place. Pray for Greg and pray for each other. And pray for this fool as well if it comes to mind, a fool for the Lords sake and for you all. And don't forget Annie and others like her, it is a dangerous area to walk through, may the Lord grant wisdom and understanding, balance, perception, protection and peace.

Mike Balog

 2006/3/7 10:13Profile


Hia Mike,

Yes, I do know Tricia Tillin and I highly recommend her site to all.

On the left of her page, click on "Globalism".

And yes, I certainly do pray for SI and will continue of course.

The Lord has called some of us midgets into the "dangerous" and you could possibly run this thread through to Tricia for her perspective.

She is one of those who "had" a Forum, that I spoke of yesterday (or was it very early this morning ?) Ha. My days and nites are reversed.

God Bless and He WILL protect ... as every hair on our head is numbered.

Thanks Mike.
Shalom !

 2006/3/7 14:17

 Re: All Coming Together.


In recent years, we have seen an alarming rise of ecumenism and moral relativity in the western world. In an age where evangelical Christianity – and for that matter, Judaism – is seen as too “intolerant” or “divisive” for a civilized world, interfaith movements, the New Age Movement, and Unitarian Universalism are gaining in popularity. Nowhere is that more evident than within the United Nations. In researching this article, I have become convinced that influential powers at the United Nations are now paving the way for the Antichrist. What you will read in this article will be but a sampling of some of the most insidious evil I have ever read. If you are a Christian, you may find this article unsettling. However, I feel very strongly that it is imperative to make Christians aware of the powerful New Age influence at the United Nations. One other important point – I did not base this article on research performed by so-called “conspiracy theorists”. The reams of documentation from which this article is based came from official sources – the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Let me lay some brief groundwork here. The United Nations (which was started on October 24, 1945) exists as an official pseudo-governmental body. There are however, scores of advisory committees, boards, and other non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) upon which the U.N. relies heavily. The two organizations I will be discussing in-depth are NGO’s that provide assistance, advice, and counseling to the U.N. officials and staff. They are the Aquarian Age Community and the Lucis Trust. The Aquarian Age Community (AAC) holds their meetings within a conference room at the United Nations building. How involved is the AAC at the U.N.? Take your answer from the AAC itself:

We have an informal network at the UN, a humanity underground. It consists of those who are committed, aware, and striving to bring the New World to birth. It consists of people in high places and in low-of the patient secretary who has been 30 years with the UN, but lives with the vision and the spirit; of the professionals, and undersecretaries and heads of departments who are acting out the imperatives that their own inner vision gives them. Some few are conscious of the sources of their inspiration; most are not. They are the Karma Yogis of our time-those whose path of spirituality is to achieve through doing-to grow through serving. They are found not only in the secretariat but also in the delegations to the UN, among the diplomats and their staffs, and also among folks like us, representatives of non-governmental organizations around the UN.1

So what does the AAC believe? What is its theology? To what form of “spirituality” do they refer? The AAC is a New Age organization. The only form of divinity they recognize comes from within each person, when they are at “oneness” with everyone and everything else. They practice meditation and astral projection, and accept direction from spirit guides. One of their most revered spirit guides is referred to by many names, and was the spirit guide of Lucis Trust founder Alice Bailey. This spirit guide is called “The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul”, or sometimes just “The Tibetan Master”. The AAC meets regularly at the U.N. and discusses New Age spirituality. They open their meetings with meditation. One of their purposes as outlined in their mission statements is to “promote the work of the United Nations as it seeks to uplift and improve life on our planet”. Another purpose they list is to “cooperate and collaborate with the worldwide community that is actively preparing the way for the reappearance of the World-Teacher – the Christed (Anointed) One, the true Aquarian.” 1

Don’t be fooled by their use of the word “Christ” or “Christed”. They do NOT recognize the deity of Jesus Christ. They believe Jesus was a great teacher, and more in touch with his godhood than most humans are. The AAC believes in evolution – both physical and spiritual. They believe that humans have evolved physically to this point, and the next step in human evolution is spiritual. These people admire Jesus as having been more evolved than most, but do not be confused when they speak of Christ. Be assured that they are not referring to the same Christ we know. If fact, when they refer to “the Christ”, they say this:

“From direct experience of the shifting energies, it is possible to recognize that we are progressively moving toward the long awaited Aquarian Age-the Age in which we expect and look for the reappearance of the World Spiritual Teacher. This Great Being has been referred to by such names as the Christ, the Bodhisattva, the Lord Maitreya, and the Imam Mahdi. Many today realize that His interest and concern is not restricted to the field and department of religion, but is concerned with the whole of Life. He is known to be the great Lord of Love and Compassion, the Master of the Masters, the Instructor of the Angels and the "One for Whom all the nations wait." And, this Great Being is also known under such additional titles as the True Aquarian, the Pilgrim, the Healer and the Thinker.”1

Christ is "the embodied soul of all love within our planet".

Christ as a Great Initiate appeared on our planet 2,000 years ago and this same great Being will reappear again. He is the only such Teacher who will have been with humanity during two astrological cycles-the Piscean and the Aquarian.

This time, there will also be an awakening from within many individuals so that the Christ will not just be an outer manifestation, but it is also a great inner happening. The christ nature which is another way of referring to spiritual love will awaken in humanity. This must happen before there can be the reappearance of the Great Teacher in physical form.

He, or She, may return in the field of science or politics or finance, and most likely not in the field of religion. Certainly this Great Being will work in an arena where the highest good for the whole of the planet can be accomplished-where greater numbers of His/Her workers can be found preparing the Way by laboring for the common good.1

The reappearance will take place on many different levels. There will be a Great Being who will be recognized as the World Spiritual Teacher. Also, this Great Being will bring a vortex of planetary and cosmic energy that will be available to those who can respond to it, inspiring and strengthening the cause of all that which is Good, True and Beautiful. The reappearance also refers to the expression of the christ or love nature within humanity. It refers to the birth of the christ nature (the soul) within the "cave of the human heart" (the physical plane). 1

It is my contention that this “great teacher” or “great being” for which the AAC waits will indeed appear. However, unlike the grand personage they describe, the one they describe will be the Antichrist. For further evidence of this, the AAC states that those of us looking for the second coming of our Lord will not recognize the teacher for whom they wait:

He has been for two thousand years the supreme Head of the Church Invisible, the spiritual Hierarchy, composed of disciples of all faiths. He recognizes and loves those who are not Christian but who retain their allegiance to their Founders--the Buddha, Mohammed, and others. He cares not what the faith is, if the objective is love of God and of humanity. If men look for the Christ Who left His disciples centuries ago they will fail to recognize the Christ Who is in process of returning. 1 [Emphasis Added]

The AAC also gives us a clue as to the location from which they see the Antichrist originating:

It may interest you to know that the Christ has not yet decided what type of physical vehicle He will employ should He take physical form and work definitely upon the physical plane. He waits to see what nation or group of nations do the most work, and the most convincing work, in preparation for His reappearance. 1

The AAC sees the United Nations as a great catalyst for bringing about the New World Order and paving the way for the return of their great teacher (Antichrist). For instance, take heed of their words of vision of and for the UN:

The UN can be a place for education along spiritual lines (within the UN itself and in the world. 1

The UN is the largest publisher in the world and it can provide a vast amount of information about the planet and its people. 1

The UN should have oversight over all the armaments of the world. 1

The UN offers a place for group work; for learning the art of compromise; for breaking down nationalism and fostering a spirit of globalism;… 1

Also, as individuals, we can urge our government to pay its dues so the UN can move forward with its mission, which is essentially a spiritual one: to bring humanity together as a unified center of consciousness. 1

Another purpose of the UN concerns education; through changes in education such as introducing school children to the principles and values of the UN (which are inherently spiritual although not religious, per se) children can be assisted in their spiritual development. 1

Education is key. We should influence the government to teach goodwill in schools. Community access Cable TV programs are also a way to educate the public. We should utilize these means of helping to educate public opinion. 1

The time has now come when money must be reevaluated and its usefulness channeled into new directions. ...Until these things are in process of being righted, the return of the Christ is not possible. 1

In a few short years…the United Nations has succeeded in: acquiring a spiritual Initiate at its helm (thus acknowledging increasing perception, unconscious though it may be, on the part of world representatives) – re-orienting the attitudes of even the most recalcitrant delegates to consideration of the Whole, as demonstrated by the policies and actions taken to this end its main bodies – establishing branches worldwide that give hope and aid to the masses – giving rise to spiritual activities both through NGOs and UN staff, including senior delegates as well as delegates from international organizations such as the World Bank. 1
In case the above list got monotonous, please go back and read those items. The information within is startling and disturbing. The AAC is NOT shy about its New Age spiritual agenda, or that of the United Nations’ official body. Probably the biggest obstacles to the absolute fulfillment of this New Age agenda are what the AAC views as divisive religions like Judaism and Christianity. Their solution for the UN to overcome these obstacles is as follows:

…the UN should hold a global conference on the new paradigm and the UN should encourage the spiritual development of its staff members; 1

Recognition of the One Humanity can be created through religious unification and realization of the One Divinity. 1

What is the spiritual purpose of the UN? To find the common ground in all religions and to create practices that unite the spiritual expressions of all cultures. 1
In other words, the AAC envisions one global religion based on their New Age beliefs, that would replace all existing religions – including Christianity. The information presented above is a sampling of information obtained from the AAC that clearly demonstrates their New Age beliefs and their involvement with the United Nations. Their goal of paving the way for the “Christed One” depends on the religious globalization efforts of the UN. How does the Lucis Trust fit into all this?

The Lucis Trust, incorporated originally in New York as the Lucifer Publishing Company, was founded by Alice Bailey – an occultist. Lucis Trust is a United Nations NGO and has been a major player at the recent U.N. summits. Later Assistant Secretary General of the U.N. Robert Muller would credit the creation of his World Core Curriculum for education to the underlying teachings of The Tibetan Master, Djwahl Kuhl via Alice Bailey's writings on the subject.

At one time, the Lucis Trust office in New York was located at 866 United Nations Plaza and it is a member of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations under a program called "World Goodwill".2 Among the many sponsors of the Lucis Trust are: former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, the president of the World Bank, a member of the Rockefeller Foundation, and Thomas Watson (IBM, former ambassador in Moscow). Lucis Trust sponsors the following organizations: UN, Greenpeace Int., Greenpeace USA, Amnesty Int., UNICEF, and many others.

The New Age spirituality that pervades the U.N. is clear. It is also clear that forces are at work to pave the way for the appearance of the Antichrist. As Christians, we know that we will not know the day or the hour of our Savior’s return, and to try to predict such a date is foolhardy at best. However, it is incumbent upon us to be aware of the speed with which the forces of Satan are at work in our world -- if for no other reason than to remind us that our time is getting shorter, and we must make the most use of the time left. There is a great harvest of souls to be made, and the harvesters are few.

May God grant you wisdom, strength, and courage as you contend for your faith.

#1 Taken from the official website of the Aquarian Age Community (sponsored by the U.N.)

#2 Taken from the Lucis Trust website

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