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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : What christian music do people listen to?

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Hey Preach... I agree music can create an emotional respsonse. Look at movie scores, or advertising. When a preacher is giving an alter call it's usually accompanied with soft music. Why? Response. But I dont know that creating an emotional response is necessarily bad. And I dont think thats what you're saying... you're saying SOME responses can be bad. I think our conditioning comes into play with that somewhat. If you spent a lot of time in the club scene before you were saved, then heavy beat dance music may create a response in you that would not be Godly... but to someone else, it may not.

I'm in the gym 5 times a week lifting weights. Tell ya the truth, it isnt Keith Green I'm listening to on my mp3 player... it's usually Whitecross, or Kutless or X-Sinner. Why? Cuz what I'm doing at the time fits a particular style of music. Is that wrong? I dont think so. Keith Greens music is great, and I have everything he ever did, but there are times when it doesnt fit what I'm doing.


 2006/2/21 16:22

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If you spent a lot of time in the club scene before you were saved, then heavy beat dance music may create a response in you that would not be Godly... but to someone else, it may not.

I'm sure my pre-Christ days effect what goes through my mind when I hear certain music. That's why I made sure that I said "To me." There are certain type of music I abstain from because I get 'bad vibes' when I hear it. I'm sure everyone has that 'something' that they just can't do because it reminds them too much of their past, and their conscience just won't let them do it.

Josh Parsley

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I know exactly what your talking about...I was a big party person and when I hear certain types of music I think back to my sinful days, and I dont like it. I praise God though when I do hear music that I used to listen to via store or gymn it doesnt move me like it once did!

Is it hard for you to work out in a secular gymn? I mean I work out to and sometimes it grieves me to see lots of skin or the carnal chatter about parties ect... Does the ipod help with blocking out the noise?


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Hemel Hempstead

 Re: I sometimes actually bring a stereo player with me

I worked in a shop which played music all the day so I decided that I would conteract that by buying a small little stereo and either playing bible cds or christian music. I have played nothing but christian music for along time now!!
I dont like having things that damage my hearing that was why I used a stereo rather than a cd player. I know how you feel.
I am still interested in what music you listen to, to me it tells alot about a person, what music you listen to


I do care about living in a non christian enviroment and having to listen to rubbish

Dominic Shiells

 2006/2/21 16:43Profile

 Re: Re: I just want to know what people like


deltadom wrote:
I just want to know what people like

My favorite music to listen to would have to be classical/hymn arrangements.
Linda McKechnie – Symphony of Praise
Tracey Ann Collins
Melinda Wickam
Harp music is very peaceful and calming (the Crist sisters)
New England or Old English hymns are wonderful also
Classical music (Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Haydn, Mozart, etc)
For vocal music the good old-fashioned hymns are my favorite! I do like some of Majesty’s music and SMS music.
As you can see I like mostly hymns and classical. Having lived an entire life without all the CCM I have no desire to listen to it now. Frankly I am very uncomfortable listening to most Christian music like you would hear in a Christian bookstore. It makes me just as uneasy as the secular. But that’s just me! God will lead you if you are truly seeking Him.
One test you can do if you are questioning the music you listen to, is to do a music fast. Take about one month away from the music you love and during that time soak yourself in the word of God. Then go back to that music and see how the Spirit of God leads. It shouldn’t hurt you and oftentimes fasting gives discernment.
There’s my two bits. Deltadom was wanting a straw poll so I thought I would add some different flavor to the music taste out there. ;-)

 2006/2/21 18:33


hi all,most of the music i listen to is more of the christian who are in bands rather then christian bands imho they seem better muscians, after all when i got saved i didnt suddenly think i was a plummer lol

i love david eugenes edwards old band 16 horsepower and his solo act wovenhand..
pedro the lion..
tombstone trailorpark..
damien jurando..
dock boggs
Danielson Famile..
rosie thomas..
sufjan stevens..
(i know this one might freak ur,but gordon is a christian)violent femmes..
among many

 2006/2/21 18:41


however it has to honour God

Well there are songs out there that are dishonouring God. For instance I remember hearing in church these two songs that were an absolute oxy moron.

"I'm just a sinner saved by grace........"

And then the next song comes out,

"I ain't no sinner now yeah, I ain't no sinner now..."

Here is another, "they searched thru heaven and found a savior......."

What was the search for? Christ was slain before the foundation of the world, He was foreordained to die on the cross.

 2006/2/21 19:46

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Bloomington, IN


I listen to:

Shane & Shane
Third Day (their praise stuff mostly)
Times Square Church Choir
Christ Our Life (on this site)
I love hymns, but find them hard to come by
select David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Mercy Me

I used to be all about CCM, but as I have matured, I am starting to turn away from a lot of it. I think often times it incorporates too much of the world...caters to those who won't turn away from the ungodly stuff they listened to before they were saved. Alot of the harder stuff (metal, grunge, alternative, etc.) the TYPE of music, not just the lyrics, is rooted in Satanism. I am not condemning everything, but I do find myself listening to less and less of even the CCM artists I mentioned above.

Denver McDaniel

 2006/2/22 12:21Profile

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Hemel Hempstead

 Re: is anyone appauled over christian music cd prices

One thing that annnoys me is the price of christian music?
I am shocked!!!

Dominic Shiells

 2006/2/24 12:37Profile

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KrispyKrittr wrote:
I'm talking about Christian music... does anyone here feel that certain styles of music can not be God honoring? If so, why?

Krispy, it's a Christian thing you will understand more about this the more Christians you hang with, now if you can see were I am coming from here we could be brothers in the flesh. :-P


 2006/2/24 12:50Profile

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