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 Re: Lions Led by Donkeys, Judgement on American Christian Leaders

Brother Frank, Of all of the wonderful posts you've done, I'm just now getting to read this one.

This thread is outstandingly prophetic.

I am so proud of you and those who were brave enough to stand by you on this thread.

You all are lions alrighty.

I have so many websites about the new electronic voting machines, but I can't find this minute where I have written them. Only one has came to mind presently, but there are more.

This site is fully documented so I post it with confidence that those who normally scream "conspiracy theory" will not find opportunity, as is usually the case in these political discussions.

If we do not discern the days are evil and we are NOT to "put our trust in princes" then we are Already deceived and that is the first sign of being given over to the strong delusion.

I thank the Lord for those on here, who are not cowards in this last race that we run.
It will more than likely cost us our very lives, but I feel I've met some on here, who have actually counted the cost, weighed all things in the balance, and are willing to follow The Lamb to the slaugter for the sake of His uncompromising truth.

This is true manhood, Jesus style. Not compromising for the sake of personal peace.

God Bless you men (and woman) of God.

 2006/2/13 1:15

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 Re: Who is our authority

I just read through this thread and a few thoughts came to mind.

I believe that our sense of democratic freedom, symbolized by our right to vote is largely an illusion. This is not the freedom that Christ came to give us. Jesus challenged the Jews illusions of their freedom (see Jn 8:31) They argued with him, saying, “We are Abraham’s descendents and we have never been slaves of anyone. How can you say that we shall be set free?”

Jesus was talking about the bondage of the heart, the will, and the spirit. That’s where true freedom begins. We are called to be partners with Christ in setting the captives free - by a spiritual process not by political process.

Those who are not truly born from above are slaves to this world, ie, dependent on this world – like their religious or political leaders, or some other “voice” of society.

The preacher who says, “You MUST vote,” is one of those “other” voices who is trying to hold his sheep in bondage to his “authority”. He is robbing his sheep of the freedom to follow the voice of the Spirit.

I recently had a vivid dream which gave a warning.

In the dream I saw a huge, bulky black plane fly over at a low altitude. The air rumbled with a deep thunderous sound as it flew past, and the people around me ducked down. Then moments later I noticed everyone around me whispering. I spoke in a normal voice, and was quickly warned that I must only whisper. I asked “Who said?”, and the woman said, “mmm said”, not giving a definite name. I asked, “Does this person have authority to tell us all to whisper.” … No response…..

So I continued to talk out loud, and no one seemed to stop me, however they all kept on whispering, as if careful to obey this unseen “authority”, symbolized by the intimidating aircraft. I felt a little strange and self-conscience talking out loud, as if I was disobeying the “norm” - social voice of conscience. And yet, I felt free to continue.

In this revelatory experience I sensed something that went beyond words or experience: a warning from the Spirit: We must consider, “WHO SAID?” before we accept someone’s “authority”. For if we trace back through this “chain of authority” we may discover the Wizard of Oz – someone who really had no authority at all.

It is not a merely a case of voting or not, but - who is the authority of our consciences – man or Christ.
Christ has called us to change the world, and if we think that we do that by our vote, we are deluded.


 2006/2/13 9:29Profile


Hi Guys
I love the last couple of posts. It is always encouraging when you realize that the Lord has opened up truth to many across the land. I would echo the words of Diane about freedom and indeed in "News and Current Events," I have a piece called "You will die for your country but will you die for your God?" This piece is about the freeom gained for us on Calvary, my freedom cannot be given or taken away by any man and since I checked "my rights," at the door when I came to Christ I cannot be manipulated by people telling me to stand up for mine...........................In the beauty of Holiness...Frank

 2006/2/13 18:08

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