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Probably saying you are cut off from God's love and perfect heaven compared to the Wrath of God and pain and suffering in hell is more accurate.

Michael Hancock

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why dos it matter

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The verse i came across is Psa 139:7-8" Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence? If I ascend into heaven, You are there; If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there." Any thoughts?

"Hell" here is a confusing translation. The Hebrew word is [i]Sheol[/i], which literally means a deep pit, and in Jewish literature refers to the [b]temporary[/b] place of the dead. The word itself is neutral, though sometimes it has connotation with evil. That's why NIV translates "the depths".

Note also we are talking here poetry. The psalmist is not trying to make an explicit theological statement concerning the whereabouts of God.


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 Re: Is God in Hell?

I always just took this to mean that the psalmist simply meant that wherever he went he was still aware and reminded of God's reality and existance.

Kirk Cameron has a turn of phrase that I feel illustrates what I mean pretty well. He says that nothing about us is hidden from God, but that we "share our 'thought-life' with Him."
Meaning that in all things God is present and aware.

The bible says that men will still curse God even from the depth's of hell, so I just always took this to mean that once every knee bows to the reality of God that even in hell God will be evenmore real to an unsaved person and will in that sense be always "present" in their thought-life.

Mark Shelby

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Yes Hell is seperation from God.
If a saint were to "go though Hell" Christ would be there...for the saint

It is true that God may grant the sinner "good things" in this earth...but NEVER His presence.
That is for the saint. When the sinner goes to hell even the good things of this life will leave him. But should somehow the saint ever visit there (for poetrys sake..) they would not be harmed and neither would they leave smelling like smoke! Gods presence is with us.
"Nothing can seperate us from the Love of God"

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