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Maybe I don't follow quite in the same way, but I see this as being a fairly direct statement. I think she's talking about calling a brother out for their sin. Now, we're called to do this- to keep each other accountable, to confess our sins to one-another, and to fogive one-another when they repent from their wrongdoing.

You know what's hard, is when someone wrongs you but doesn't ask for forgiveness or confess any wrongdoing to that specific sin. I will confess that it's very hard to forgive when someone hasn't even apologized to you. To exercise "Calvary love" anyway, to choose to be gracious and pray fervently that they do repent because you fear someone else being wronged like you were, and you're grieved by the pattern of that same wrong that was done to those before you. In [i]that[/i] case, it is such a dying of one's self to choose to cover that sin with love and grace. What's more, it's humbling to remember how much forgiveness and grace you need yourself. It's easier to see the faults in others, but you can't help them with their faults if you haven't dealt with your own before God.

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