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 Re: Interpretation.... mmmmmmmm

Obviously you don't believe that tracts can be used.

This is an interesting implied interpretation of my words, but not quite accurate.

I say, anything is only a gimmick if the Spirit doesn't make it come alive in the minds of people.
Tracks are merely white paper with black blobs. A darkened heart that is blind, deaf cannot get the TRUE message without divine enlightenment. However, God can catch the attention of anyone - no matter how lost they are.

Christians are often tempted to "grab onto" something that "worked" and run with it. The gimmick is then given power that it doesn't have. Moses' serpent on the pole in the desert is a good example.

When we Christians run the show ourselves in our own strength, we have strayed from God, and are in danger of what the Pharisees were accused of: making their prostilytes more a son of hell than they were.

As I said many times: God can use anything. For example: He has spoken his word to me through the most unexpected methods. I'm not a movie person, but there have been times when God prodded me very powerfully to watch something (against my desire), because he wanted to get something through my thick skull. That message may have been somewhere in Scripture, but through over- familiarity, it had become dulled to me, or misinterpreted.

Perhaps prayer is the best response we can make to this movie - then let God direct us beyond that.



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But you still have to acknowledge that the bible is paper with blogs of ink on it and God has used that marvelously throughout the ages. I don't see tracts as a method but rather the written word of God on different type of paper other indian paper(cambridge). Anyways I do agree that they must be illuminated but the Word of God in written form is able to make a sufficient enough platforom for the Holy Spirit to work.

St. Augustine was converted in a similiar fashion. He read a piece of paper that had Rom. 13:14 in the gutter as he moaned about his depression and questions, and the Holy Spirit drove it home to his heart and conversion took place.



You being from canada, you probably would not like this new tract that Living Waters just came out with but I would suggest that you consider using it... it's great!

You have to agree with me Ray Comfort put's out the best tracts... Amen?


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