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Cleveland, OH


lol that is some spiritual stuff man! Very good read. May the Lord who is worthy be glorified by such godly actions even under such affliction. Keep serving God!

Sean Hobson

 2006/4/4 10:00Profile

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Friday, 7 April, 2006 [/b]

Had an early start in the city today. First up I had a meeting with the Pastor
from City Tabernacle Baptist Church, here in Brisbane. We have worked out
that we will be using his church as a place to disciple, and refer people to
from the streets.

After this I made my way to the university of Queensland, there I met with
Josh Michael, and we began to preach at the campus. Since I had injured my
knee earlier that morning I wasn’t able to stand up, and walk around
preaching much. So Josh preached the most.

He had a communist heckler, and a crazy American heckler. Josh sorted both
them out with the Word of God.

After this I had a bit of a preach, and the crowd was silent! No life in them at
all, so I preached til the city cat arrived, and then wrapped up the preaching.

Overall it was a good day, Praise God for His faithfulness!

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 9 April, 2006 [/b]

It was one of those nights where everything that could go wrong did! I was running late
to get up the city, so I skipped dinner. Then I ripped my shirt, so that wasn’t a good start.

I finally made it up to King George Square about 7:20pm, Josh Michael, and Derek
Radke were already there ministering to the goths in the park. So I went along and joined

We then broke off for a quick time of prayer, and while we were praying we noticed a
large group on the other side of the square handing out flyers for their church. So Josh,
and I went across and spoke to them. They were Way of the Master friendly, and a few of
them were encouraged by what we were doing that night.

After praying we went up to the Queen Street mall to preach, and we had a change of
pattern. Normally I am second to preach, but tonight I felt that I should go first. So I
started talking about how our life is a vapour, that vanishes away very quickly. A few
people sat down to listen and a family sat down behind us and started to pray for us while
I was preaching.

When the preaching finished I went and spoke to the family, and they were greatly
encouraged to see open air preaching, so we exchanged contact details and we will be
staying in contact.

Kevin then jumped up and started to preach, he went for a fairly long time expounding
the scriptures to anyone who will listen.

Then finally Josh Michael opened up, and delivered a message on the justice of God. He
expounded about a Holy God, and about a fallen humanity. He got a few hecklers that
made no sense and just wanted to fight. So he preached on ignoring them, while Clint
spoke to the heckles on the side.

While this was happening I was off speaking to a group of three people, the saddest thing
was that one of them was a youth leader from a local church, but the problem was he was
drunk, and so were all his friends. So I spoke to them about the meaning of repentance,
and how it is a complete turning from sin. They thanked me and left after about ten
minutes of talking.

Then it was time for Clint to open up, and he preached on “Who Jesus Is!” A little later in
his preaching a bunch of drunks came and heckled a bit. This was nothing out of the
ordinary. But while they were there a Brisbane City Council employee who was working
in the mall, came up and incited them to start flashing us. So all the drunks decided that
they would obey the council’s authority, and they started to reveal their nakedness.

I went over to the Council worker, and informed him that we had a permit, and what he
just did was wrong. Then I asked for his name, and council number. But he ignored me,
and then cursed me. Now this is no way for the council to behave. So I went down and
spoke to the police, and pointed out that this council worker is encouraged drunks to
break the law. The police spoke to him, and he offered his apologies. You know you have
hit a nerve when council encourages people to get the preachers...

Over all alot of people heard the gospel, and many got tracts. Remember all the Praise
Belongs to Him!

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Wednesday, 12 April, 2006 [/b]

Today we decided it was time to open air preach at the ‘Edward Street Pulpit’, so Josh
Michael and I made our way there to preach to the lunch time crowds. The city was
crawling with people, everyone rushing around doing the Easter shopping, and alot of
youth enjoying their school break.

So its will these people running around that we start to preach. The traffic lights go green,
and all the people stop to let the traffic go, so we started preaching short, sharp gospel
messages. Alot of people looked as if they got convicted, and many got angry at the

It was Josh and I standing on the corner the Holy Bible in our hands preaching to the big
crowds that stopped at the intersection. Then your local angry atheist showed up, and he
was mad as a cut snake! He then rushed up to Josh to stop him preaching, and the
moment Josh stopped, I opened up and started to preach on Sin. This made the atheist
even more mad. So he ran across the road, and up the mall.

We kept preaching, and some Christians came and offered some Words of
encouragement to us as we preached. Which was a real God send.

Then our angry atheist friend came back, he was like a moth to the flame, he couldn’t
stay away. He wanted to shut down a couple of preachers. So I started to speak to him,
and he didn’t want me quoting the Bible. He wanted to debate so I gave him a debate,
and kept bringing it all back to the cross. This was interesting as people stopping at the
lights listened to the debate then crossed.

This Atheist was mad at God, and couldn’t understand God’s holiness. But he kept
screaming at me. In the end he lost the debate, and walked off, then as Josh preached he
returned. He was drawn to the preaching. Pray for this man.

At this stage Kevin had joined us so we had three preachers on the sidewalk. While
preaching the Police walked past, and covered their ears (Guess they didn’t like the

All in all we preached for 90 minutes at the ‘Edward Street Pulpit’, and then we went for
a tract run up to the train station to catch a ride home. Between Roma Street station, and
South Brisbane station, Josh stood up and train preached. This angered one lady. But the
others thought alot about what he said.

Praise God for the Grace to preach His Gospel, and Praise Him that His Word never
returns void!

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 15 April, 2006 [/b]

Battle Field - Toowoomba

Today myself, Peter, Derek, Mick, and Josh Michael made our way up to Toowoomba
for a large ‘Christian’ music event, our purpose for going was not to hear the bands, but
rather to talk to professing Christians, about the gospel of Christ. As I am said to say
many do not have a basic understanding of salvation.

We arrived at the park, which is a public park, and we set up to do some preaching. Mick
had managed to get a Amplifier from his church, so we were ready for some big
preaching all day long.

Josh Michael was the first to open up, and within a few minutes the police walked past, I
held my breathe to see what they would do, and they did do something, they waved! So
we were cool with the police!

Then a little later on an official from the ‘Christian’ event approached us and order us to
stop preaching. So I spoke to him, and he stated that we weren’t allowed to do that, as
Christians are being offended at the preaching. He said that its better for them to go into
the festival than hear us outside, since they have advertised it as a friendly, non
confrontational time of ‘gospel’ outreach.

Then one of the organisers offsiders came along, and decided to say his 2 cents worth. He
talked about how they wish to be friends with the culture, and make the gospel acceptable
to them. So I quoted James 4:4, to which he replied I was not saved, and got angry at me.
All for quoting one verse of scripture.

Mick went off and spoke to him, while I spoke to the first man, he told us we weren’t
allowed to preach, and if we did he would call the police. When asked why we couldn’t
he was afraid some sinner may get upset with our preaching, and that we were not with

So I pointed out how the disciples said that to Jesus, and then Jesus rebuked them for
sectarianism. Then the first official decided to lay hands on me heavily, and started to try
and cast demons out, while speaking in tongues.

One of the team rebuked him for that.

The police came, and two of them were Christian police, so we were able to speak to
them. The police asked us to move on, but showed us a place were we could preach if we
wanted. We were also able to speak to one unsaved cop about his salvation, and were
able to give the other police a free CD teaching how to witness.

The rest of the day was spent tracting, and witnessing. But the main event of preaching
was snuffed out by professing ‘Christians’ but were happily doing the work of satan.

Please pray for the organisers and for those who heard the gospel.


Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Sunday, 16 April, 2006 [/b]

Well my Pastor asked me to write an Easter Message to be put into the church newsletter,
so that all those who come to church once a year will get a biblical gospel before their
eyes, and also that they will hear one during the service.

The church was packed with every seat taken. Below is the message that was published
by my Church.

[b]Easter Message[/b]
[i]Josh Williamson[/i]

Many people look at Easter as a time when they have chocolate, eggs, and
even fluffy little bunnies. But still some people think back to the original purpose of
Easter, and that was a time to remember the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of the Lord

While many people take the death of Christ just as something that happened
in history, not many people seem to stop and think of why Christ had to do
it. If I was to ask you, "Why did Jesus die?" what would your answer be?
Some would answer along the lines of, "He died to give me life", "He died so
people can go to Heaven." Some would probably say, "He died for sin."

If we were to examine why He had to die we would see something that effects
every one of us.

Now picture this for a moment. You are standing in front of a judge, and
you're guilty of multiple crimes, the punishment for your offence is death. You stand in
shock knowing that you have done wrong, your conscience is agreeing with the Judge
your guilty.

You hope that the Judge might show mercy, so you start to list all the good
works you have done in your life, in the vain hope that the Judge will reduce the
sentence. Your good works add up to nothing, because the Judge is good you must be
punished, and the punishment is death. Your good deeds cannot help you.

The Judge is about to pass sentence, when at that very moment the court room
doors fly open, and in walks a Man. He walks up to the Judge and says something that
stuns you. The Man says, "Your Honour, I have seen this man's crimes, and I know he is
guilty. I know he deserves death. But your Honour, I would like to pay his fine. I am
willing to die is his place."

The guards come in and take the stranger away. They take him out into the
yard, and execute him for your crimes. You are still sitting in the court room and the
judge turns to you and says, "You're free to go, if you are willing to accept this Man's
payment." You would be a complete fool to stay in the court room and insist that you die
for your crimes, when the fine has been paid. All you have to do is accept the payment,
you are free...

The above is a basic outline of the court room we are in. We have to face
God for the crimes we have committed. The crimes we have committed are called sin. Its
because of this sin that we must die. The scripture says: "...The soul who sins, shall
die." - Ezekiel 18:4.

Sin is God's eyes are things like: Lying (including white lies), Stealing
(value doesn't matter), Lusting (Jesus said that is adultery), Hating (God says thats
murder), Pride, Drunkenness, Taking God's name in Vain, Rebellion against parents, and
for all these things that God has sentenced us to death, and that will be eternity in

It's for all these sins that we have committed that Jesus had to die. It's
for sinners that He was nailed to the cross, and just like the man in the courtroom, if we
accept His payment of sin. We can be set free, but if we refuse the payment, we can
prepare to pay in hell for eternity.

The message of Easter can be summed up like this: "Jesus died for sinners
like you, and there is life if you come."

The Bible talks about those who don't trust in Jesus Christ for salvation,
have the Wrath of a Holy God abiding upon them, since when we sin we sin against God
we are
declaring war upon the Creator.

We can't pay our fine of sin, we can't make up the perfect standard that God
demands, only a perfect payment would satisfy God, and Jesus Christ was that perfect

To be free from your sin, Jesus said, "You must be born again." That means
you must repent (turn from sin), and trust in Jesus Christ to save you. The Bible
goes onto say, that if you confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, and believe
your heart that God raised Him from the dead you will be saved.

This Easter we encourage you to get right with God today, if you would like
more information please feel free to come and talk to one of the Pastors or
church members after service.
This was published at Beenleigh Baptist Church, pray that many will come unto


Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 22 April, 2006 [/b]

We started to preach in the Queen street mall at just after 9pm. Josh Michael was the first
preacher up, and he ended up getting a fair few drunk hecklers. This grew a crowd, but
just as the crowd, a couple of Christians came up, and took the crowd. They diverted all
the crowd from listening to the preaching, to them giving away pizza.

I spoke to them, but they weren’t very receptive to the idea of leaving the crowd alone.

After Josh preached I jumped up and preached on “How God is Not Mocked!” within
seconds I had a drunk mocking God, and yelling at me, but the sad thing was he was
convinced that he was saved, all because he said a prayer.
I preached on for a bit, and a drunk named Ray approached me, and told me he was a
Christian, and then started to ask alot of questions which was great, as he opened alot of
doors for me to preach on.

Not long after dealing with Ray, another Ray approached me, this one was an atheist. So
it turned into a nice little apologetical debate. The crowd grew to a big group, that was
standing around watching the atheist versus the Christian.

Ray asked alot of questions, and he was interested in learning more, I was pleased as it
was a great debate, and many heard the gospel. Plus I was able to break the 1 hour mark
of preaching.

Right after me Tanya preached, and then Derek finished up. Alot of people heard the
gospel tonight. So Give God Glory!

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Evangelism Bootcamp - Brisbane, Australia[/b]
[i]26/04/06 - 30/04/06[/i]

[b] Wednesday - 26th[/b]

The first day of bootcamp was spent with me running back and forth to the airport to pick
up those who were flying in from interstate. This wasn’t to bad as it gave me a chance to
hand out tracts to people that were also waiting to be picked up.

That night we had dinner, and a time of getting to know each other. It was like a family
came together, and almost instantly there was unity in the body of Christ.

[b]Thursday - 27th [/b]

First full day on the street. We started out by raiding ANZAC square, and Post office
square, since there wasn’t many people in those squares in the morning, I took my team
over to King George square for some witnessing.

The team went off and started to witness to everyone, I highly doubt if any were missed.
Wadie and I partnered up, then went and spoke to a Hare Krishna, she was interested in
talking a bit about what she believes, then I swung it around to addressing the
conscience, you could see her being convicted of sin, but then she decided to stop the
conversation, and ask us to leave. She did take a tract, so pray that she reads it, and gets

After this we went and spoke to a Roman Catholic, and we walked through sin, and
repentance. He saw his need of a Saviour, and realised that he was a sinner, but he held
tightly to the doctrine of demons that his own good works, and being a Roman Catholic
would save him.

John Legg joined us after this, and we then made our way down to Edward street to do
some sidewalk preaching. Most of those attending the bootcamp preached, many for the
first time. It was really encouraging to see first timers break the sound barrier.

We preached there for a long time then we went and had lunch, after lunch we went back
to King George Square, where I preached for twenty minutes, and then after me five
other guys open aired.

But the day was still not over even though it was dark when we made it back to the hotel
for dinner, after dinner I took a small team into the Valley for some witnessing. It was a
quiet night in there, but Wadie and I were able to talk to a false convert, who was a
former youth leader at a local church. But loving the sins of the world went back into it,
like a dog to his vomit.

[b]Friday - 28th[/b]

Today was the day that we headed over to the University of Queensland, we decided to
higher a gorilla suit, and dress up one of the guys in it, and walk around handing out
tracts. We named the Gorilla - ‘Link’ as he has been missing for awhile, but not to fear
we found him!

While travelling to campus Josh Michael, and myself train preached. I had a nice little
crowd that clapped when I finished, but Josh Michael had an angry heckler get right up in
his face, and started to get abusive.

On campus Link lasted only about 10 minutes before security ordered him to leave the
campus, I left with him, so we went down to the Citycat pier, and preached to all the
students there, we did this for a few hours, and alot of students heard the gospel. While
this was happening the other team was preaching on the other side of campus.

That night we took the whole bootcamp into the Valley, and did some one to ones. It was
a hard crowd, as everyone was drunk, or high (or both), one drunk decided he was going
to punch my face in when I wouldn’t give him money for food, as he spends all his
money of booze. But the incident passed without me, or anyone else getting hurt.

[b] Saturday - 29th[/b]

The final day of preaching, we started off by again heading into the valley, this time to
preach at the markets in the morning. The Police cleared us to preach right in front of a
main entrance to a shopping mall. So we started by just preaching law, and sin. Every
single bootcamper preached! 100% of the camp became open air preachers!

We finished up with a mock funeral that John asked me to do, this got a nice little crowd,
and it made people think about how they will all die.

After this we headed over to South Bank, and had a bit of a rest in preparing for the
night, but we all still handed out tracts, and one to one witnessed. After we finished in
South bank we headed off to get dinner, then preach in the Queen street mall...

First preacher in Queen street was Josh Michael, he preached near on twenty minutes,
then it was my turn, and I started on my booze sermon from Proverbs 20:1. But my voice
decided that it had enough preaching, so it turned into tag team, and I tagged John Legg
in. He preached for about 50 mins til he also started to get a sore voice, by this stage a big
crowd had gathered.

While John was preaching the Police came, so I went to speak to him. We knew he was
there to shut down the preaching, so two of the team members prayed that something
would come up and make the officer leave. Then as he was inspecting our permit he got a
radio call, and had to go running to some incident. We were free to preach.

After this Wadie preached, and he hammered sin, and repentance, then Yorke got up and
preached for only his second time in the open air. He preached like a natural, and then
when talking about the sacrifice of Christ tears ran down his face. The crowd stood, and
listened as Yorke pleaded with them to turn from sin. After he finished I wrapped it up by
stressing that the blood of Christ can wash away any sin. Overall the tag team went for 1
hour 30 minutes.

Later in the evening a few more preachers opened up to smaller crowds but still alot
heard the gospel.

[b]Sunday - 30th[/b]

The final and sad day, we had the graduation today, and then everyone had to leave. It
was the hardest thing, and its something that those who have never been to a bootcamp
will understand.

The camp came together in perfect unity, and fellowship. The body of Christ as one!

If you want to learn more about Evangelism Bootcamps, or even attend one go to

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Saturday, 6 May, 2006 [/b]

Tonight was a great night on the streets. We arrived in the city just before 7:30pm, and
we made our way over to where we have prayer meeting, and then spent some time in
corporate prayer.

As we were making our way up to the mall, a couple of other preachers were having a go
in King George square, so we prayed for them. Then I ran into Alex who contacted me
some time ago, about evangelism. But this was the first time we met. So he joined forces
with us as we went into Queen street.

When we got up to the mall we set up, and we noticed another Christian handing out the
‘Jesus Loves You’ tract, so one of our guys spoke to him, and he said that he is teaching
Way of the Master at his church, but we couldn’t work out why he was still using a tract
without a biblical gospel on it.

Then we had as first preacher for the night - Heather, all the way from New Zealand. It
was her first time to stand up, and preach in the open air, she did a good job, plus she had
an attentive crowd.

Josh Michael then had a preach, while he was speaking an atheist heckler that I spoke to
the week prior came up, so I was able to talk to him for a bit. He wanted to debate, I
found out that he is a biologist, so he was wise in the eyes of the world. But when
challenged on the stupidity of evolution he seemed stumped. All up I spent about 30
minutes talking to him.

Kevin then had a preach, and got a few hecklers which he quickly handled. After Kev
preached, I had a quick preach, and I noticed that there was one young man standing
there listening, so I spoke to him after preaching.

He had alot of theological questions, but someone had convinced him that he was saved
because he said a prayer once. But he had said the prayer lacking repentance. So I spent
about 30 minutes talking to him about the gospel, and answering his questions. He said it
gave him alot to think about, and wanted to go home, get his bible and then check some
things out.

Praise God for a great night!

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Sunday, 7 May, 2006 [/b]

We had decided to go witness at South Bank park lands today, as they had a once a year
festival on, and that was a festival celebrating Buddha’s Birthday.

Five of us arrived just after lunch to go and witness. There was Heather, Kevin, Peter,
Josh Michael, and myself. From the start we were handing out tracts, and soon we
realised that we had no where near enough tracts.

We spotted a group of Buddhist monks sitting on the grass with alot of people around
them, so we approached, and offered them a Aussie Million. They refused so Peter left
one behind. A few seconds later we heard “Excuse Me!” We turned to look back at them,
and they yelled out “Can we all have one?” we were very happy to give them all one.

Peter and I then went down onto the ‘worship’ line of the festival, where everyone was
making sacrifices to this pagan idol, we handing out tracts as people waited to serve this
lump of wood. It was really sad to see all these people on their knees praying to this idol
that could not respond to them.

When we came out of the worship line, we found that the others were nearly out of tracts.
So Peter and I went to look for a Buddhist that we could interview. The others went for a
walk handing out the remaining tracts.

Alot of people didn’t want to talk to Peter, and I. But we finally found a lady who was a
‘Catholic Buddhist’, so we sat down and spoke to her. Half way through her husband
came over to be interviewed as well. He was a ‘Anglican Agnostic’, so it made for good
conversation. He brought up some questions about the faith, and then started to speak
about evolution. Which I was able to answer. Then I spoke about the law, and how we
need a Saviour. It seemed to make them think, and they thanked us after the conversation.

After this Peter and I handed out the last of our tracts, and then decided it was time to
head home, and get ready for church.


This is a photo of the multi faith ceremony from 2005. There was alot of advertisement
on how religions came together. Notice the Pastor from the Australian Uniting Church,
just proves how godless that denomination has become. (They also allow the ordination
of homosexual ministers).

Here is a picture taken from within the worship line. This is where people all bowed to
worship this abomination.

This is a picture of two young kids being encouraged to pray to Buddha, as he will make
the wish come true.

This was some evil looking idol that was watching over the whole worship line

Josh Williamson

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