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Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 3 March, 2006 [/b]

After a week of rain, we finally got a break in the Weather were we could hit the city and
go preach!

We arrived in the King George square at about 7:30pm, and Clint was off in Speakers
corner preaching away, with a small crowd listening. While he was preaching we made
our way over to pray for the night.

While we were praying I heard hecklers yelling at Clint, so I went over to show support
for him. It was then that two aboriginal’s came across and asked me to pray for them, so I
prayed for them, and then went back to the prayer meeting.

At 9pm we went up to the Queen street mall, Josh M started the preaching off, and
hammered sin, and sinners alike. He opened up God’s Holy word, and a few people
started yelling at him.

After Josh, it was my turn, so I opened up on my booze sermon, as soon as I started a
aboriginal lady started chanting and singing really loudly. Now she was really loud, and
drowning me out, so I was praying while preaching, on how to stop her.

It was then that I felt God say, talk about her native people, and the biggest threat to their
society. So I did, and pointed out how drunkenness is rampant among aboriginal’s. That
stopped her, she stayed and listened to the rest of the sermon.

I preached for about 30 minutes, hammering sin, and works based salvation. Then
stressing grace, and how people need to choose this day whom they will serve.

After I finished, Tanya opened up, and delivered a short message on the Fruits of the
spirit, and bringing forth bad fruit.
It was then down came the rain, so we had a chance to do some good one to ones

Praise God for a good night!

Josh Williamson

 2006/3/5 0:25Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 11 March, 2006 [/b]

Well I was running late tonight, due to a Young Adult outing at church. I arrived in the
city at around 8:15pm, the prayer meeting was already underway. I joined in for the last
of the prayer meeting, and then Clint brought a young man over who wanted prayer, so
we prayed for him. Derek later ministered to him for awhile.

The rest of the team arrived just before 9pm, and we made our way up to the Queen street
mall to preach. It was a fairly quiet night on the street. Josh Michael was the first man up,
and he opened fire pronouncing the coming judgement of God!

After he preached I did a mock funeral, and within minutes I had three hecklers that
weren’t backing down. For a time it looked like it was going to get violent, but God’s
grace intervened, and we were able to minister to them on a one to one basis for a short
time afterwards.

They were angry at God, one believed in him, and the other said there was no God, but
after awhile they changed their view points, and they left on good terms.

Kevin was the next to preach, and his open air turned into a good one to one for the other
team members as we had alot of people asking questions.

All in all it was a decent night!

Pray for:

Crystal (Emo),
Lana (Goth),
Bruce (Illogical),
Luke (youth),
Joe (ID),

New Convert:

Chris, (Pray He will be a true convert, and grow in the faith)

Josh Williamson

 2006/3/12 9:40Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Monday, 13 March, 2006 [/b]

It was yet another beautiful sunny Brisbane day, I was excited at the idea of getting out
on the streets, and telling people about the life saving Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The day didn’t start to well for me, at Beenleigh train station my train ticket got blown
onto the tracts, so I had to get someone to get my ticket before a train arrived. Once that
was sorted out, I boarded my train, and relaxed thinking I would enjoy a uneventful ride
into the city.

I put on a Episode of Way of the Master radio (, and
kicked back to relax. But the enemy had other ideas, and gang of youth about 8 in
number decided they would come and surround me, and start whispering. I went to full
alert thinking something was going to happen, so I turned my iPod off, but left the ear
pieces in my ear, and I listened to what the youth were saying.

They were talking about stealing my back pack, which was only full of tracts, and my
bible. But never the less I didn’t want it stolen. So after a bit as we were approaching
Woodridge station, one of them asked me where I was going, and where would I be
getting off the train. I suspect this was to work out when the best time to rob me would
be. I told them, but kept my guard high.

The gang then began to vandalise the train, by ripping up the seats, while doing this, they
found a gospel tract under the seat, and they all sat down and read it. It was a gospel tract
saying something like “Jesus Loves You, no matter what you do!”, which is not the
biblical gospel, since the Bible says that God is angry with the wicked, and that His wrath
abides on them ( Psalm 7:11; John 3:36).

As this group read through this tract, that didn’t present the whole truth, they said a
statement that I think should make any Christian sit up, and question their own
evangelism, and witnessing style. They said: “Look here, it says Jesus loves me, and I am
pure in His sight, since He died for my sin! That means I can do whatever I want,
because I am pure in the sight of Jesus.”

Now that clearly is a result of a false presentation of the gospel, now these young
criminals, think that everything is going to be fine on the day of judgement, because
some well meaning Christian gave out a gospel tract that did not present the full message.
All that tract has done is give these youth a shot to put them asleep in their sin, so that
they may get to hell quicker!

For those that wish to learn how to share your faith effectively go to and check out a sermon called ‘Hells Best Kept Secret’.

You could also go to: and find a local leader near you, who
would be willing to teach you how to share your faith.

As we pulled into Woodridge station they all got off leaving me in the carriage, then one
jumped back on, and then walked towards me. He got closer, and then grabbed my bag,
and tried to run, but I was able to grab both him, and my bag. Then thinking that he may
have a knife, I let him go.

This was a interesting start to the day, surely the enemy knows what the gospel tracts in
my bag would do to the Kingdom of Darkness, and he will do anything to stop the
presentation of the Gospel.

Once in the city, I went up to the Queen street mall, there I ran into Corey, who is a
regular heckler. As I hadn’t seen him in awhile, I bought him a cold drink, and we
chatted for about an hour. Its good that our hecklers are starting to open up to the gospel,
and the way things are going, they won’t be hecklers anymore, but preachers!

After chatting to Corey, I made my way down to King George Square to meet with
Kevin, and Josh. We had a short time of fellowship, and as Kevin returned to work, Josh
and I armed ourselves with about 200 tracts to do a run through the Queen street mall.
We handed out nearly all of those tracts in a short time, and alot of people were open to
receiving them. Most people sat down, and read all the tract. Praise God that His Word is
getting out to a dying world!

Josh, and I then made our way to Central train station to catch the train home, and since
we had a few minutes, we handed out more tracts at the station. This resulted in a
Queensland Rail staff member getting really angry at the gospel message, and calling the
station master down to speak to us. We were informed that we couldn’t hand out tracts at
the train station even though it is public land, owned by the Queensland Government.

So I caught the train home, and it was a uneventful trip, til I got to Beenleigh station. As I
got off the train, I noticed the same gang from the morning was at the station, so I went
and spoke to the station master, and he got the police onto it.

I thought my day was over, but the War over Man’s soul continues. At dinner time I got a
call from Mick about a permit we had to preach with a amplifier in King George Square
this Tuesday at lunch time. It seems that the Mayor himself has made an anti Christian
decision, and cancelled the permits, stating that no preaching will be allowed in the
Square with an amplifier, even though we had to pay for it!

Pray for the mayor of Brisbane city, as he is anti Christian, and by that anti God. Pray
that he may come unto repentance, and put his faith, and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Josh Williamson

 2006/3/13 4:22Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Tuesday, 14 March, 2006 [/b]

This morning I was hurting, my body was tired and didn’t want to go to the city to
preach, but I know that we have to be ready in season and out.
I caught the train to the city, and unlike yesterday there was no attempted muggings or
people vandalising the train.

Once I got to Central Station, I went to buy a bottle of water for later on when we were
preaching, and as I paid, I noticed the gang that tried to rob me the day before walking
through the station. So I decided to follow them.

As I followed them through the city, I called Mick, and he went and got the police. The
great thing about following these guys was that they went the way I wanted to go, so it
didn’t take me off course. I then called Mick again, and I was able to speak to the foot
patrol from the police as they hunted for this gang. When the police found them they
were all taken into custody on a great list of charges.

The police constable then came over to take a brief statement off me, and he looked a bit
shocked when he asked what my occupation was, and I replied Preacher. He then asked
what I had in my bag the day before when I was nearly robbed, so I told him how it had
my bible, and gospel tracts in it, to which he laughed and said “They should have stole it,
and got the good news” I suspect he needed the good news also.

Once all this was over we headed across to King George Square to preach, as the Council
the night before had banned us from getting a Amplifier, we decided that we were going
to preach long and loud from speakers corner.

I was the first man up, and I preached for about twenty minutes. Then Josh Michael fired
the second round also going for twenty minutes, after Josh came Lionel, who got fired
up, and preached repentance unto a holy God. It turned out that we had 5 street preachers
all blast the gospel non stop for 1 hour and 15 minutes, and alot of people heard the

It was hot, and hard work. But I think its time that we don’t back down, and we preach it
hard. We will not surrender, for the Battle is the Lords!

Josh Williamson

 2006/3/14 22:16Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Friday, 17 March, 2006 [/b]

I arrived up the city, and met with Mick and Josh in King George Square. Today I was
really tired after working a late shift at work the night before, and to be honest I wasn’t
feeling like doing much.

We had a short chat as a group, and Mick went off to do some tract work, and one to one,
while Josh and I headed down to the ‘Edward Street Pulpit’ to do some preach at the
intersection. It was nice and shady there which is something really strange as this place is
full sun. But while we preached we had no sun, but it was nice a cool, but when we
finished preaching, the sun came out and flooded the area. The strange thing was that
there was no cloud to stop the sun. So we thank God for the shade during the preaching.

Josh and I preached for about one hour non stop, just doing short messages as people
were about to cross the road, and reading out scriptures dealing with the coming
judgement of God.

Some people got angry, a young lady cried when she heard about God’s wrath abiding
upon her. More people ran across the road to get away from the preaching, others stayed
to listen. People in cars put down their windows so they could hear also. It was a great

During the hour of non stop preaching, we had a council worker come down and take
notes on what we were doing, and another council worker decided she was going to curse
at us. In that hour God gave us the ability to declare the gospel to a few hundred people.
So Praise God for His grace!

We were both spent after that, so I caught the train home to prepare for helping at the
Boys’ Brigade that night, and then going to our Friday night prayer meeting after that.
The prayer meeting was great, it was only Josh and I this week, plus God showed up so it
was an incredible time of prayer, and worship on the top of the mountain.

Alot of fornicators go up the mountain to ‘be alone’ but last night the presence of God
was upon the mountain, and they didn’t last very long before they fled down the

The prayer meeting went on for hours, there was an awareness of God, and our hearts
were set aflame once again. It was all about God, and all we could do was bow in
worship to the great I AM!

Josh Williamson

 2006/3/18 1:54Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

 Re: Journal of a Journey

[b] Saturday, 18 March 2006 [/b]

What a night! We started with a time of prayer, and seeking the face of God. At 8pm we
headed up to the Queen street mall to witness.

Josh, and I did double team with the video camera witnessing to individuals in the mall,
the first young guy we had was under conviction of his sin, and we were able to have a
good conversation with him, and stressed to him the importance of getting right with

Right after talking to him, I stopped another man to talk to, he was really interested so we
started the interview, and we then found out that he has a mix of Islam, and Christianity
as his religion. So we got a very good conversation, I kept speaking the Word of God to
him, as that is where the power of God is.

After witnessing one to one we started preaching, first up was Josh Michael, he opened
up with about a 20 minute message, and a few people stopped to listen to the preaching.

Then it was my turn to preach, I got up and opened the scriptures at Proverbs 20:1, and
preached my booze sermon. For once it was calm, and I thought I wasn’t going to get
much of a crowd. But God had other plans, and He sent a few good hecklers along, and
we got into a good open air, with all the hecklers staying to find out more after the

The one to ones after the preaching went on for awhile, and then Kevin preached, and a
couple of charismatic Catholics got upset with him. So Josh and I spoke to them, and
reasoned with them from scripture. They left thinking about what we said.

May God get all the Glory from tonight

Josh Williamson

 2006/3/19 9:30Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Friday, 24 March, 2006 [/b]

Today was the first day of Campus preaching for me. Josh Michael, Ben, and I, decided it
would be a good idea to go preach at the University of Queensland (UQ)

I arrived at UQ at 10am, and Ben was already there, so we waited for Josh. As he was
was running late we just had a short time of fellowship.

At 11:15am, Josh Michael was the first to preach on Campus. The place we found to
preach was at the Ferry pier, it was a great spot as it was undercover, and alot of students
sat down there.

We preached in between the coming and going of the City Cat Ferry, which gave us
windows of 15 - 20 minutes to preach. Alot of people heard the gospel, and alot of tracts
were handed out.

The crowds were very attentive, and only a few hecklers opened up, that was us until I
preached at 2 pm. I started preaching by talking about how life is short, and we are all
going to face death. I was speaking for a few minutes, when this man approached me, and
without warning just hit me.

It was a bit of a surprise, he was so angry with the preaching that he decided he was
going to hit me, to shut me up. But I kept preaching. He said he was out there to enjoy the
peace, so I pointed out that in hell there will be no peace.

By this time all the students were listening, and it was a large crowd. So with the heckler
back in his corner, I continued to preach, but it wasn’t over, he came back, and got really
close to my face and started screaming at me.

This man was so angry, that he was shaking in angry, and his voice sounded like he was
going to cry. Never before have I seen a man this angry, he was livid, his eyes were just
narrow little slits of hate. He kept yelling how dare I come out, and ‘force my beliefs
upon others’ to that he got a loud cheer from all the students. So I turned to him, and then
said to the crowd, “This man is a hypocrite! He says its wrong to force beliefs on others,
yet he tries to force his belief upon me, thats called being a hypocrite!” That silenced, the
crowd. By this stage the ferry was approaching so I wrapped it up, calling them to

Overall it was a great day, it was my first taste of campus preaching, and I like the taste
of it. God willing we will be doing this more often!

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 25 March, 2006 [/b]

Josh Michael came down to my place earlier today, and we went down to the local skate
park and open air preached. The youth stopped to listen, but they were vile, and full of

That night we went up to Brisbane City for our regular street meetings, we had a time of
prayer in King George Square before starting then made our way to the mall.

Josh and I did a video interview with two young catholic girls, who had the evil doctrine
of salvation by works. They were fully convinced that they could earn there way to
heaven because of the demonic cult of Rome teaching them that its all good, because they
are catholic.

Josh Michael was the first to open air preach, he did a 25 minute message dealing with
the justice of God, and how He will have to punish wrong doing. A fair few people
stopped to listen.

After he preached, it was my turn, so I started by talking about death, and how we are all
assured of dying. I then swung to the bible talking about our life being but a vapour. It
was then that Heckler Shaun appeared.

Heckler Shaun was a raging drunk, who was out to cause disruption to the preaching, so
he stood in front of me, and started dancing, and yelling. Basically he was just acting the
fool. People then started to give him alcohol, and he got can of grog, and tried to crush it
against his head. All he managed to do was cut his head open, and start bleeding.

He then left, so I continued to preach, but it wasn’t long before he came back, and started
dancing around again. This demonic heckler was a great aide in the preaching of the
gospel, since he nearly doubled the crowd! So there were more people to preach to.

Over all I preached for about 45 minutes, and then started doing some one to one. The
other members of the team also broke off and started witnessing. Thats how we finished
the night, with alot of people hearing the gospel!

Josh Williamson

 2006/3/26 6:53Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Tuesday, 28 March 2006 [/b]

What a great day in the city! The day started with my flesh telling me to sleep in, but I
knew I had to get up, so slowly (and not really awake), I got up and prepared for the day.

I arrived in the city and met Josh, and Mick. But on the way to the square I was handing
out tracts to alot of people who were out sitting on the foot path, which was odd for that
time of the morning.

Today was the day of the tract with at least 250 + tracts going out. But the biggest
highlight was when Mick gave me some Chinese tracts so we could witness to the
Chinese tour groups in Brisbane, alot of the people in the groups took tracts, and then I
met the tour group leader who turned out to be a Christian!

At lunch time Kevin came down, and we did a video interview of Jason, now Jason
listened to the full council of God, and admitted that he needed a Saviour, and even
believed if he died he would go to hell. But he said he couldn’t stop sinning, so he went
on his way with God’s Wrath upon him. It was so sad that this young man loved his sin
more than his life. He choose to die, instead of live.

After lunch Josh, and I, went and did a tract run through the Brisbane city busways, we
handed out over 100 tracts, and a council worked told Josh to stop or get fined! But alot
of people got the gospel today!

Praise God that His Word will not return void!

Josh Williamson

 2006/3/28 8:45Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 1 April, 2006 [/b]

What an intense night of open hand to hand combat in Brisbane city!

We arrived in the city around 7:30pm, and had a time of prayer, while we were praying
there was another church group also praying the square, and we later found out that some
of the 30 people in their prayer meeting were also out witnessing using the Law in
Biblical Evangelism!

After prayer we headed up to the Queen street mall to prepare for the night of preaching,
at 9pm we started...

Josh Michael was the first man up, he started preaching about ‘National Atheist Day’ and
he didn’t seem to get to many people to stop, but a few stood and listened. Then the
enemy launched his attack.

A young satan worshipper entered into the fight, and started screaming at Josh, but Josh
kept preaching, the satan worshipper then started screaming sexual comments to the
crowd. So Josh rebuked him. Then the Satanist, started screaming “I am the devil!” and
ran around the crowd screaming he was the devil. He grabbed the video camera and tried
to pull it from my arms, so I had to physically push him off me. Then he climb behind
Josh Michael and started screaming about him serving the devil.

This didn’t phase Josh, he opened up the Sword of the Spirit and started to cut the
Satanist to pieces by the Power of God. The Satanist ran up, and tried to rip the Bible out
of Josh’s hand, but Josh recovered, and continued to preach.

The devil worshipper didn’t like this, so he came in screaming at Josh, and then paused.
Then with a big swing, threw a punch at Josh’s face. The Satanist wasn’t playing around,
this punch was meant to cause major injury.

Josh saw it coming, and was able to duck off to the left, thus falling of the soap box. Josh
then turned, held his bible up, and rebuked the Satanist, in the name of the Lord Jesus
Christ. That was enough for this devil worshipper, he took off up the Queen street mall.

Josh then calmly set up the soap box again, and continued to preach to the shocked
crowd. But the enemy had another attack coming, this time in the form of Islam.

A young Muslim approached Josh, and started screaming at him. But before Josh could
nail him, Clint another preacher called out the Muslim “Allah is dead, but Jesus Christ is
alive!” The Muslim when off like a shot, and went after Clint, but Clint stood his ground,
and shared Jesus to the Muslim

Josh finished preaching, and as we had a crowd, we did the quick tag team move, and I
took over the preaching.

I started off by talking about death, and how we will all die, and face a holy God, who
demands perfection.

While I was preaching the same Muslim came after me, so I had enough, this satanic
religion wanted to sprout about his demonic lies, so it came to a hand to hand battle, as
this Muslim started to scream.

My sermon changed, and I started to preach on the evils of Islam, and how their founder
was a murdering pedophile. The crowd got involved, not on the side of Islam, but on the
side of the Gospel. The Muslim started to scream at me, and say he was going to kill me,
and blow me up for the glory of Allah (satan).

I informed him that Muhammad, and Allah both have to bow their knee before God, and
confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. This enraged the young Muslim, he jumped up behind
me, and started to preach about sexual perversion. But the Word of God stood true, and
every man was shown to be a liar.

He ended up leaving after we kept swinging the Sword of the Spirit, and started to preach
about the law of Moses, and how we have all broken the Commandments of God. The
crowd was in stunned silence, within 20 minutes two demonic attacks had occurred.

It was an intense night, but God was at work in the hearts of other Muslims listening.
One young man who listened to the both open airs, spoke to Josh Michael. It turned out
he was a Muslim, who wanted to know more about Jesus. Then he asked if he could have
a bible, and Josh was able to exchange contact details, and got the back slidden Muslim
in contact with a local church.

After this I saw a young couple standing near by so I went and spoke to them, one was a
Christian by name, and her boyfriend was a Muslim. He wanted to talk about the
differences between Islam, and Christianity. The man was very friendly, and very open to
the gospel. He left with a couple of gospel tracts, and like the other Muslim, he to wanted
a bible. This man was very sincere, and was touched by the gospel of the Lord Jesus!

The rest of the night was spent doing one to one and tract work. Alot of people heard the
message of salvation tonight, and alot of people saw the satanic army launch its attack.

But through it all God was lifted high!

Give all the Glory to God, As the battle belongs to the Lord!

Josh Williamson

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