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Joined: 2004/9/21
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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Saturday, January 14, 2006 [/b]

We started preaching at 9pm, Mick opened up and did a good message talking about the
cross. Right after him Josh, opened up.

While Josh was preaching I was engaged by a man, this man was smart, he knew alot of
information. Basically the questions he brought up, and the statements he made left me

I spoke to him for a fair while, but I had to break off because he was really starting to
shake my faith. So I withdrew, and was able to clear my head, while other members of
the team engaged him. While the other members were speaking I headed back over there
to listen to what was going on.

While I was listening something rose up, and I stopped the team, and started to go hard
against this guy, for the next hour he was on the back foot, he kept trying to justify his
sins, and couldn’t get away from it. It was then we found out that he was a neo pagan,
and that he worshipped the Nordic gods, so we started rebuking the Nordic gods, and
kept bringing him back, to that one day every knee will bow, and ever tongue confess
that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Pray for him, and pray for us, as he says he will be back next week.

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Monday, January 16, 2006 [/b]

Today was a good day in the city, another street preaching team, had paid Brisbane city
council, alot of money to have a PA set up in King George Square. I was invited to
preach by the organiser of the outreach.

It was awesome to have a PA, and a pulpit in the open air environment. Mick was the
first to open air preach, followed by Lionel who is another full time preacher.

I was the third preacher. My text was from James, about our life is a vapour. The
message was just over twenty minutes long, and a decent crowd assembled.

But the real encouragement of the day was when I ran into the guy that repented, on New
Years Eve, he chased me down, and came to say that he has nearly finished reading the
New Testament, and also tomorrow he is starting a discipleship course. So Praise God!

It was a hot but awesome day. Praise God for what He is doing in Brisbane city!

Josh Williamson

 2006/1/16 5:59Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Saturday, 21, 2006 [/b]

I arrived in Brisbane city at 7:30pm, and got a call from Josh Michael as soon as I
arrived, he rang to inform me of a big Roman Catholic convention in King George
Square, as he was talking to me another street preacher started preaching in the back

I made way quickly across to King George Square, when I arrived I saw the preacher
surrounded by some angry Catholics, so as he spoke with them, I set up and started to

Within a couple of minutes they left him, and started screaming at me, including one who
tried to push me of my soap box. The bible talks about knowing people by their fruits,
and the fruit we saw while preaching was stinking.

I had Catholics cursing me, abusing me, pushing me, one threatening to shoot me in the
head, just proves that the Roman Catholic church isn’t a Christian church. So I continued
to preach from the Word of God, and they continued to scream at me.

It was then the ‘hail Mary’ chant started, the blatant worship of idols in public. The big
parade started threw the streets of Brisbane, so we continued to preach against Rome, and
the sin of idol worship.

They hated us, some of the names they called us wouldn’t be allowed to be aired on
television, it just proved who their master is.

After we preached against the error of Rome, we went up to the Queen street mall, and
Josh Michael opened up first. While he was doing this I was off handing out tracts to
people that were walking away.

Then Tanya had a preach, and from what I was told she did very well.

After Tanya preached, I got up to preach, and a small crowd gathered. It was then a
person professing to be a Christian appeared and started to go off at us, he was exposed
as a wolf in sheep clothing. But he kept coming back to heckle.

During this time we met a large group from a local church that is big on using the law in
evangelism as taught in scripture, and they are interested in coming out preaching with

Pray for those that are stuck in the Roman Catholic Church, that the may come to the
saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Josh Williamson

 2006/1/22 1:31Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Monday, 23 January, 2006 [/b]

Another typical Brisbane day, hot and humid!

When I arrived I went to meet with Mick and Lionel on George street, where they were
preaching, on the way there I tracted up the Queen Street mall. When I near the top of the
mall, a group of people called out to me, they had found a Aussie million, and wanted
more, so I gave it to the group that stopped to see what is happening!

After a bit Lionel and Mick decided to move down to Edward street to preach. While we
were walking down, I saw a Hare Krishna sitting by himself, so I walked up and started a
conversation with him. Spent some time talking about his faith, and then found a way to
swing it around to using the moral law, and then hit him with the gospel. The moment I
started to talk about sin, he started growling at me, and frothing at the mouth. Froth was
all over his face, he then started screaming at me. So I hit him with the words of Christ
“Repent or Perish”, he then got up and walked off.

After this I went over to the side of Edward street to where Mick and Lionel were
preaching, I saw where they were preaching, and saw not many people were listening. So
I looked around for somewhere I could preach, then on the other side of the road, I saw
what I now called “The Edward Street Pulpit” it was on a intersection, where alot of
people cross to go up into the mall, so I walked across, and waited til the cars started to
drive, then I preached to the crowd that was waiting to cross the road.

In a few minutes you can preach to well over 200 people, just keep going over sin, and
repentance. Now preaching to ‘suits’ you very rarely get much response from them, but
this time I was getting hecklers. So I will be going back there to preach again!

It was a great day of preaching, many heard to gospel, may they come to faith in the Lord

Josh Williamson

 2006/1/23 7:03Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 28 January, 2006 [/b]

Derek and I arrived in King George square, right on 7:30pm, we saw a brother we met
last week Clint preaching in the Square. So we sat and listened to him, and we saw this
pastor from South Korea witnessing to people. So we had a short time of fellowship, then
Derek and I went off to pray for the night.

While Clint was preaching this homeless guy came up and started yelling “Don’t say
Jesus is Coming back!” Clint dealt with him, but the heckler didn’t want to finish there,
so he came over to Derek and I. By this time Mick had arrived. So we spoke to him, and
he kept saying “He loves the Lord Jesus” so I started probing using scripture, its then he
started talking about how Jesus died so we can keep sinning! So I started to rebuke him
using scripture, and he started to scream, and curse me.

The South Korean pastor asked if he could pray for the heckler named Michael, he
agreed so the pastor started praying for him in Korean. When he started praying Michael
started to shake and growl. He then started howling and screaming, his hands were trying
to get around the throat of the pastor. So Clint and I moved in and started praying for him
also. It was then he just blacked out, and fell to the ground, and laid dead still. So we kept
praying then he started to scream, and swear. Then all of a sudden he jumped up, and ran
away screaming.

But that wasn’t end of Michael, he kept coming back all night, til he finally fell asleep on
a park bench.

We went up to Queen street mall to preach after this, and when Derek got up to preach,
another two Christian brothers that weren’t with us started calling Clint an apostate, and I
got called an apostate because I attend a Baptist church. So I told them to stop the
division causing or move on.

They decided to stay, after this I got up to preach, the text I preached from was Proverbs

Shortly after I started, the false convert that I had dealings with last week came back to
have another go, but he was taken care of quickly. Then a big scary looking atheist came
up and started to have a go at me, he got a bit of a crowd, so I kept bringing it back to his
beliefs not changing reality.

Then a neo-pagan started to heckle me, about Odin and other Norse gods. So I just said
that they will be burning in hell, along with those who follow them.

Then an Arab from Israel started in on the doctrine on the Trinity. So I showed him the
scripture, but he wasn’t satisfied with that answer, it was then I felt to ask him if he was a
communist, to which he replied he was, so I started to blast communism, and that made
him angry. He started saying he wanted to kill me, which was good because now even
more people stopped, so we continued to preach the gospel. Overall it was about a 40
minute sermon.

Praise God many heard the gospel!

Josh Williamson

 2006/1/29 7:00Profile

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 4 February, 2006 [/b]

Only a small number of us were able to get out tonight, Josh Michael, Derek Radke and

We met in King George Square, and spent time in prayer, while we were praying a man,
who was high on drugs came up and asked if we had any smokes, when we said we
didn’t, he started to walk off, but Josh called him back, and threw a ten commandment
coin tract towards him, he caught it, and looked stunned. Then said “I will keep this”, and
walked away.

While we were praying another preacher named Clint and bailed up the head Goth, and
was witnessing to him, whom Clint said called himself ‘The Apostle of Darkness’, so
while Clint was sharing with him, all the other little followers of this head Goth came
around, so Clint started preaching to them. They all sat a listened as Clint opened up the
Word of God.

After prayer we headed up to the Queen Street Mall, I didn’t feel like preaching as I had
a sore throat. So Josh Michael started the open air. He preached from Psalm 10, and then
swung it around to the state of fallen man, then administered Grace.

After Josh preached, Derek got up and preached from what is fast becoming one of his
most favourite scriptures, Psalm 51. Every time Derek preaches on this text people get
angry. He stressed how King David committed adultery, then murdered. But he swung it
back onto todays people with abortion, and how both people involved with an abortion
are guilty of murder. Some people didn’t like his preaching.

When Derek finished preaching, to other Christians from another preaching team came
up to talk, so we chatted to them for a few minutes. Then I felt that I was to preach.

The text I preached from was 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, then swung it to Hebrews 4: 12-13.
God drew a crowd, and about alot of them stayed for the whole preach, alot sat on the
park benches to listen.

It was the longest sermon I have ever done in the Open Air, it went for 46 minutes. Got a
few good hecklers, including one young man who insisted that I was only apart of his
reality, which he created. Then started saying, his truth was his truth, and my truth was
my truth. Each man decides what truth is, so I debated the post modern thought. He said
that he had no concept of right or wrong, so I asked if porn is right or wrong, he said it
was alright. So I asked if child porn is right or wrong, he said it was wrong. But later said
it isn’t to bad, and he would look at if he wants to. His friends left him then, they wanted
nothing to do with him, so I preached repentance unto God, he left yelling at me, as he
didn’t want to talk about sin, and repentance. He just wanted to fight, and stop the
preaching of the gospel.

As soon as he left a ‘Christian’, now I use that term very lightly approached me, and
started saying that open air preaching is not effective, and that I shouldn’t do it. So I
started to question him. He didn’t believe the bible was the Word of God, and his fruits
started to show, he had a mouth like a sewer, and on his shirt were satanic emblems, and
naked women, so when question about it, he said “Its cool, I am wearing a cross!”.

So I asked him about pornography, and he said its fine, so I started to hammer, how Jesus
said, lust is adultery of the heart! Then he revealed he was a fornicator. So I told him
straight that he wasn’t saved. Which angered him, and also angered a bunch of
ecumenical compromises who were listening. Clint moved across and started to deal with
the ecumenical people.

The false christian then left, saying his god wouldn’t say the things I said, so I then
preached on idol worship, it was then a young man Maori from New Zealand, started
asking questions, he was very open and you could see that he was convicted.

Then a man stopped, with his family, and came up to me and asked “If God is perfect,
why are we so ------ up?” So I started to answer him from Creation, but he didn’t want to
hear about man’s sin, so he started to walk away, so I addressed him as he left about
darkness hating light, and how he loved his sin. He started running down the mall to
escape, his wife stayed with her mouth hanging open.

After this Amber, and Jes came up, they have been coming back each week for about 3 -
4 weeks, they always ask for some Australian Million tracts, but they always hang around
for the preaching.

When I finished preaching, I got down and spoke again to the young Maori guy, who had
brought his friend from Tonga with him, both were open to the gospel, and left with
tracts, and promising to look into it further.

So after speaking to him, I spoke to Amber and Jes, half way through Amber left, so I
started to explain it more to Jes, as she had alot of questions, you could see she was
convicted. They are both 15, and are ‘emo’. Jes asked if she could have a bible, and
Amber also wanted one. So we gave them both a New Testament, and they started
reading it nearly right away. The promised that next time they are in the city they will
come and see us again.

Please pray for the salvation of:
The young Maori guy,
The young man from Tonga.
Also for all those that heard the gospel.

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Friday, 10 February, 2006 [/b]

A good sized team went out on the streets today. There was Mick, Josh Michael, Peter,
and myself. We had a time of prayer in King George Square before heading out into the
heat of the day to preach the gospel.

We made our way down to the ‘Edward Street Pulpit’ to preach to people as they cross
the road. We had about sixty seconds to preach the full gospel to people crossing the
road. It is a great area to preach as in a few minutes you can impact hundreds of people
with the gospel.

The down side is, that it is in full sun! It was a very hot day, and high humidity. So it was
really draining standing out there preaching. So after preaching for about forty minutes,
we decided to jump on the free red bus loop to cool down in the air conditioning, and
tract the bus up.

After doing this for a few minutes, we then went back to ‘Edward Street Pulpit’ to preach
a couple more times.

It was a great day of preaching, and we are starting to get more people we have spoken
to, coming back for more information.

Keep us in prayer as we fight in Brisbane.

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 11 February, 2006 [/b]

Derek, Tanya and I arrived in King George Square just before 7:30pm, so while we
waited for the other members of the team to come, we went about witnessing.

I sat down, and watched for the others when a man approached me, and handed me a nice
bit of paper with a big love heart on it saying “Jesus Loves You!” So he started telling me
about how no church has the truth. So I questioned him a bit using the bible, and he kept
telling me to stop quoting the bible. Now I found this odd, he then stopped. Acted like he
heard a voice and said “The Holy Spirit just told me, you aren’t saved, and have a
religious spirit” then he started laughing at me. All this time I was sitting down and he
was leaning over me.

So again questioned using the scripture as my support, and I was told to stop being so
religious, and cease quoting the bible. He then said “I have debated many a intellectual,
and I have always won, so I will wipe the floor with you”. Then started laughing and
pointing at me.

So I quoted James 4:6 “God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble.” Then said
that he was full of pride. He then started laughing again, and rambling on about

He then started talking about how we should mention sin, and that someone doesn’t have
to have a knowledge of sin for them to be saved. So I asked ‘how one could repent (turn
from sin) if they don’t have that knowledge?’

His reply was to quote Romans 10:13 then start dancing around saying “na na na na nah”
This is a man of about 40 years old, who is supposedly in his right mind. In the end he
left yelling that ‘God told him I was not saved’.

After this little encounter we made our way over to the prayer meeting. It was the most
awesome prayer meeting that we have ever had as a team. It was as if the presence of
God had descended into the meeting.

The time of prayer went on longer than normal but it was an amazing time, and in the end
we all started singing ‘Amazing Grace’.

Once the prayer time finished we made our way up to the Queen Street Mall. Derek and
Tanya stopped to talk to some people while Josh Michael, Kevin, and I walked up to our
preaching location.

When we got there one of our regular hecklers was sitting on the seat next to where we
preach, he is an atheist and was none to impressed to see us. So I spoke to him about
general things, and he left before the preaching started.

Normally I don’t like to be the first preacher up, but I felt that I was to go first. So I
started by opening my bible to Exodus 20, and just started preaching on each
commandment as a individual.

When I got to the commandment dealing with the Sabbath. A bunch of Seventh Day
Adventist started to heckle, including one who said I was going hell, for going to church
on a Sunday. So in addressing their questions I referred them to Romans 14:5, and
Colossians 2:16. Then pointed out that if you are worshipping God only one day a week
something is wrong. As God is to be worshipped all the time.

One heckler draws many more hecklers, we had alot of atheists. I addressed about three
or four of them all at once, as they kept shooting off questions. The questions were good,
and each time it was brought back to the cross which is what they hated.

While this was happening, a Witch doctor from Papua New Guinea came in behind me,
and yelled out “Are you the chosen one!” I said that I was one of the elect of God. She
then started chanting, and saying these curses. So I turned and rebuked her in the name of
the Lord Jesus. Then went back to preaching. She kept chanting and started throwing
some water around the area.

I ignored her but a few members of the team went over, and started to pray, she said to
them “Jesus is dead”, and Derek replied about the blood of Jesus never losing power. The
witch doctor started to retreat up the mall, with three of the team praying and following

During the preaching a decent crowd gathered, and a few people stayed to listen to the
whole thing. It turned out the preaching went for 55 minutes, which has become my
longest open air sermon.

When I got down of the soap box, I could hardly stand I was just exhausted. So I sat
down, while Josh Michael opened up. He preached for a good 20 minutes hammering sin,
and magnifying the holiness of God!

Then Tanya jumped up for a preach, she pulled a 10 minute sermon. Talking about mans
fallen condition. Right after her Peter got up, and preached on abortion, and how people
care more about animals than the aborted children.

Then Kevin followed Peter. It has been a few months since Kevin has open air preached,
and he said he was rusty, but the message he preached was the best I have ever heard him

As soon as Kev finished, Tanya was up there again. There is no stopping her once she
gets going. Finally Derek jumped up and started preaching.

He went for about 30 minutes, and had a big angry crowd. But Praise God they heard the

It was right at the end, that a young man named Shaun went and saw some of the team
members, and asked how he could be saved! He had been listening to us preach for a
couple of weeks, but felt it was time to get right with God!

While team members were dealing with him, Josh and I went to go see Corey which is
one of our regular hecklers. He was originally really angry, but now is friendly, and
asked for a bible off us. He is a homeless man, and his friend Stuart have been heckling
for a bit now. But it appears that God is softening their hearts!

Please pray for the Salvation of:
Tim (Evolutionist)
Anthony (Atheist )
Zen (Truth rejecter)
Mayor Cambell Newman (Brisbane Mayor)
Shaun (new convert)

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Evangelism Bootcamp - Christchurch, New Zealand
February 15-20, 2006[/b]


I had a late flight to Christchurch from Brisbane city, my flight was to leave at 5pm, but
due to a connecting flight it was delayed by 30 minutes.
Once we took, off I started some small talk with the man next to me, and just general chit
chat about what he does for a living etc. He then asked what I do, my reply was
‘Preacher’, and that ended the conversation right there.
So I decided that sine he didn’t want to hear it, I wasn’t going to push it. So I just listened
to some music on my iPod. About one hour from New Zealand, I turned off my iPod, as
soon as I did. The man next to me turned and asked more questions about preaching.
So I was able to relate to me, and he informed me that he was involved with a cult called
‘camp David’ but had since left. So I started to talk about the holiness of God, and gave
him an Aussie million, he was surprised at this, since before he left New Zealand, his
father had given him a Kiwi million, so he was now prepared to listen.
I explained the goodness of God, and how He requires perfection, and we were talking
about facing God as the aeroplane landed. So he gave me his business card, and asked me
to email him when I got back to Australia.
Because of the delay, I got into the airport at 11:50pm, and Glenn was there waiting to
pick me up, to take me back to his place to crash.


After Glenn finished his morning meetings we went across to a big second had Christian
bookstore where I was able to pick up some cheap copies of books by J Edwin Orr,
concerning revival.

From there we went to Victoria park to meet with a couple of the girls who were also
going to Bootcamp. When we arrived in the park I noticed that there were a few people
sitting around, so Glenn handed out tracts while I preached.

A few angry hecklers arose, and started to oppose the gospel, but I kept preaching, and a
few people stayed to listen to the whole thing. It was a short message of about 10

After this Glenn took us for a drive to do a bit of sight seeing before heading across to the

Once we arrived at camp it was a meeting of old friends, and also a time of making new
ones. We hadn’t been at camp long before it was time to head into the city for dinner.
Once in the city we had a time of introductions, and just a time of fellowship.

After dinner we went out to the carpark, and while we were waiting for Ben Day, I
suggested to one of the new bootcampers that he practice open preach to the group, he
was nervous, and didn’t want to do it. But someone else suggested if he did it loud
enough the workers from a club would hear him, while they are on a break out the back.

So he started preaching, not to us, but to the workers. The first official open air of the

[i] Friday[/i]

First full day on the street, the day started in a time of awesome prayer, with every
camper present, and all crying out to God for the salvation of the city.

After the preaching it was into the vans to head to the University of Canterbury. The
mission was to go around handing out tracts, and just witnessing one to one. It was
orientation week there so there were a few student groups out and about.

I got to speak to about 5 or 6 young men about there salvation, 2 were Christians the
others weren’t interested. Then making our way back I saw Ben get up with a amp, and
start to preach to a long line of students.

He preached for about 1 hr and the crowd was really dead, with very few hecklers. So
Ben just presented the full counsel of God.

While I was on Campus, I got to speak to a young man named Ming from Communist
China. He was an atheist, so I reasoned with him, about the existence of God. He
backslid and became a ‘agnostic’, but took some gospel literature.

After preaching on Campus we made our way into Cathedral Square to preach in the city.
A few people started to share their faith in the open air, but the hardest thing for me is
sitting there waiting to preach. I get the ‘preachers itch’ and just want to break out in the
open air.

Finally it was my time to preach, so I spoke about how everything is open and naked
before God, and how He has seen the thought life. From there I went into God’s
Holiness, and our fallen condition, and then the good news of the gospel, of how Christ
can give life.

Overall it was about a 25 minute sermon. A few people stood around listening, but it was
fairly hot so I was paying much attention to them.

The sermon took alot of me, and I felt drained after preaching, so I decided to take a bit
of a break, and just witness to a few people.

Later in the afternoon we made our way back to the vans to head back to the camp for
some dinner, and to relax before the nights battle.

When we got back into the city, I preached in the mall, and I must say it was the most
boring sermon I have ever done, and nearly put myself to sleep!

After that I spent the rest of the night handing out tracts, and talking to people. A little
later of Glenn started to do a light show, and got a decent crowd, and one angry heckler.
Who was a ‘drunk christian witch’, Glenn kept avoiding her, and preached the gospel.
After he finished I was able to talk to the witch, first in the open air environment, and
then one to one.

While I was speaking to her a bunch of Ywam’ers came up, and started to rebuke me.
Saying I was a Pharisee. So I defended my position from the bible, and they told me to
stop quoting the bible. Then they left and made a big show of praying for me in a group.


Another day in the city. I started off by handing out tracts while some bootcampers where open air preaching for the first time. They all did very well!

I got to have a few interesting conversations as well, but mostly focused on tract work.
After all this it was a lunch break, and then back to the square for more preaching, some
how I lost the rest of the team, so I set up my soap box and preached anyway. A few
people sat down to listen, as I spoke on how our life is but a vapour.

It was a 30 minute message, and I got a round of a applause from the crowd after I had
finished. Then Ben came along, and I asked him if he wanted to preach, using the
Brisbane soapbox, I also joked around about it having the Brisbane ‘anointing’.
Ben got up to speak, and he preached away doing very well, and then some hecklers rose up, and it turned into what we normally get in Brisbane! He had hecklers talking about Rome, the pope, eternal salvation, and general stuff trying to stop the preaching of the gospel. Ben busted out on them for about 1 hr before finishing up.

After the open air preaching, Grant and I teamed up to do some double team with pink
and blue tracts. One of us would stop them with the tract, and then the other would swing
to the spiritual, and start a witness encounter.

We had one guy who was under deep conviction of sin, and saw his state before a Holy
God, and I would not be surprised if that man repented later on that day.

That night there was a big concert in the city, so we were given orders to tract it up. I got rid of over 300 tracts in about 1 hr, and had the joy of running out of tracts!


The final day of the Bootcamp, the plan today was to head to the malls, and witness to
people, and also to catch the bus and talk to people on public transport.

This mission was a great success with alot of people hearing the gospel.

In one mall, I took my iPod with FM transmitter to the audio department, and played the
1 minute gospel audio so people in the store could hear. A fair few people would have
heard that message. Hopefully some will get saved.

Then in Riccarton Mall, the final mall of the day. I was waiting for Grant to get a coffee,
so I sat down on the seat, and a young Asian man named Tao, sat next to me. As soon as he sat down his girlfriend put alot of her bags on top of him, so he could not escape.
I started a general conversation with him, about where he is from. It was then he told me he was from China and a final year student at university. I am still not sure how the
conversation got to the topic of God, but he just started talking about how he was taught
that is no God, but after looking at the world he says there must be a maker.
So from there I spoke about what happens after death, and God’s standards. Tao listened to everything, and then asked if he could ask God to save him. Tao prayed and repented of his sin.

I was able to give him a bible, and a gospel tract since he wanted to give it to his
girlfriend, so she wouldn’t go to hell.

He exchanged numbers with Grant, and they are going to stay in touch.

Praise God for an Awesome Bootcamp!

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Saturday, 25 February, 2006 [/b]

Things were chaotic tonight, first I went to pick Peter, and Tanya up, and when I got to
their house, I got a phone call from home informing me that I had left the street preaching
permit behind. So this made us over 15 minutes late!

After this we picked Derek up, and made our way to the city, when we arrived Josh
Michael, and Clint were in King George Square witnessing to some people, so we went
off and started the prayer meeting.

While we were praying one of our regular hecklers (Jes) came and listened to the prayers.
She was respectful, and didn’t interrupt. God is really working on her heart.

After this as we were preparing to head up to the Queen Street Mall, I saw Amber
(another heckler) in the distance, so I called her over, and she introduced me to her
friend, so we had another person to share the gospel to. She has come along way since we
first met her, she used to be vile and hating, but now she is really friendly, and listens to
the gospel.

Once up the mall, Josh Michael was the first to Open up. While he was preaching a good
sized crowd stop to listen to him preach, and I noticed one young woman standing
listening. Something inside me told me that we should witness to her after the open air,
and stress the importance of repenting now. But when the preaching had ended all the
team got tied up witnessing, and she just left.

Josh and I prayed for her, that she would return, so we could speak to her.

During this time, Tanya was talking to a man named Mark. He was a church attendee,
and he knew he wasn’t saved. So Tanya had the privilege of leading him to the Saviour, it
was the first repentance of the night!

After Josh preached, I got up and preached on Proverbs 20:1 which is my booze sermon.
As I was preaching, I noticed the young woman that we had seen before come back to
listen. I also noticed that Derek had worked his way beside her so that he could speak to

While preaching, and very angry heckler came up, and started yelling. He was drunk, so I
hammered his drunkenness. By this stage a big crowd had gathered, and a fair few
hecklers were starting to shout things out.

Each heckler tried to get the topic off the cross, but in each answer I had to keep bringing
it back to the cross of Christ.

Then the crowd got spooked as two police officers arrived and stood in the crowd. Upon
seeing them half the crowd left, but the police remained. So I used them as an illustration.
So the good part of it was that the police also got to hear the full gospel!

After the police left another crowd formed, and they started listening, now there were a
few people in the crowd that were with me up until someone asked the question “What
about Catholics?”, so I answered and informed them that the church of Rome is not a
Christian church. It was at that point that about 5 Catholics came out of the crowd, and
started yelling. The sad part was they didn’t know their own churches doctrine, so they
were unable to defend their beliefs.

I wrapped up after this, and went to get a drink. While I was buying a drink from a local
shop the guy that served me, had been listening to the preaching and he liked it, so I got
the chance to witness to him.

During this time Derek was talking to the young lady that had been listening. Derek then
called me over to introduce me to Gillian, who had just repented and put her trust in Jesus
Christ! This was the second known repentance of the night!!

Gillian told her story of how she was agnostic, and about when she was walking across
the bridge she called out to God, “Where are you, and Who are you??” she then kept
walking, when she heard us preaching, so she stopped. She believed that God was trying
to tell her something, and I have to agree.

Josh Michael got her contact details, and hooked her up with the church he attends. So
Praise God there is joy in Heaven tonight!

After this, Kevin, Tanya, Peter, Derek all open air preached. It was a very fruitful night
with many hearing the Word of God.

Praise God for His Faithfulness! To GOD BE THE GLORY!

Please pray for:

Andrew (Evolutionist)
Gavin (Amber's friend)
Luke (Catholic)
Matt (seeker)
Telesa (Lost youth)

Mark (False convert now saved)
Gillian (New convert!!!)

Josh Williamson

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