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Joined: 2004/9/21
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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Thursday, 4 November, 2005[/b]

Today I awoke to the news that my dad was having bad chest pains at work. Still I felt
that I was to go out on the streets. Before I left the news came through that Dad was
coming home from work to rest, as the pain was bad.

I arrived up at the city at around 11am, and I met with Peter in King George Square, it
was then I decided to call home to see how things are going. I found out that Dad had
been rushed to hospital suffering a heart attack. I felt completely at peace, trusting in the
God of my salvation, that He was in control.

I handed out a few tracts, and decided to do a couple of one to ones, before the revival
prayer meeting. I spoke to one guy who was convinced he was a good Australian, and
that he had kept all the commandments. So I walked through them, and he was humbled
before God, and asked for tracts.

While I was doing this Peter was also doing some one to one. At midday Kevin came
down with his camera so we could do some interviews, I spotted a person on the other
side of the square with a sign saying ‘Activate your natural positive feeling’ so we went
across and asked if we could interview her, it was then we realised she was a he!

We got him to explain about the sign, and then spoke about sin and judgement, he was
not humbled so, we didn’t give grace. Just hit him with sin, and repentance, and left him
with a tract.

At 1pm we went to the prayer meeting, and spent a couple of hours there having
fellowship, and praying.

Praise God that He is in Control!

Josh Williamson

 2005/11/3 9:58Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Saturday, 5 November 2005[/b]

Peter, Tanya, Derek, and I all arrived at King George square, at 7:30pm, we spent a time
in prayer seeking the favour of God for the night, and that He would draw crowds to hear
the gospel.

While we were sitting there two goths came over and introduced themselves to us, and
started to talk to us, so we swung it around the spiritual, and were able to share Christ
with them.

After this Tanya went around the Square witnessing to people sitting down, and Pete
went off and did pink and blue of some people sitting on the steps. It was then I found out
that there was a cultic group preaching in the area of the mall we had a permit for, now
last time we preached after these guys, the crowds were angry, because this cult had
stirred them up.

Kevin arrived at 8:30pm, and we went up to the mall to prepare to preach, the part of the
mall we had a permit for was right in the centre, at the most busiest position. So I went up
and spoke to the Police who were on duty in the mall, and they were not impressed at the
idea of us preaching, and they got angry.

So we set up, and I preached first basing my sermon off Revelation 6:17. I was amazed
out of all the time we have preached in the Queen st. Mall, I have never seen crowds to
the size we had. People stopped everywhere, and they stayed and listened to the whole
message, it was amazing. It was like glue was on there feet, and they couldn’t move.

After I preached Derek got up and read from Psalm 1, and then preached from it, he got a
few young guys sit down, and started to heckle him, Derek went well, except he got
mixed up in a intellectual argument. The cops came and shut him down, as they said it
was a public nuisance issue.

So I preached again this time from Luke 13:3, and why we need to repent. Again a crowd
gathered, it was amazing. Every person that preached that night all six of us got big
crowds of people stopping to hear the gospel.

I do have to say I was most impressed with a first time preacher named Amanda, she
wanted open air for the first time, so she got up and preached. By far the best first timer I
have ever seen, in fact she was better than alot of regular preachers!

All up we preached from 8:30pm - close on midnight it was great night. Praise God for
all the people that heard the gospel.

Josh Williamson

 2005/11/5 22:26Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Tuesday, 8 November 2005[/b]

The day started off spending time with God, which was really needed. I have been
finding that God has been deepening my prayer life, and the benefits are showing.

When I arrived in King George Square today, there were alot of tents, and a stage set up,
the Lions club was having some event in which the Lord Mayor of Brisbane was
attending. While I was waiting for Mick, I went into City hall to find out about any
chance to get a permit to preach on the street, they said there wasn’t, but will get back to

After walking out the front door of City hall, I saw Mick give the Lord Mayor a gospel
tract which he accepted. Then he did a media interview. Mick and I both prayed if God
wanted us to speak to the Lord Mayor, He would have to bring him to us. The Mayor
finished his interview, and started to walk away, when he stopped, turned and walked to
us. So we spoke to him, about the freedom of speech issue, which he was interested in,
and asked us to send him a letter about it, and he will look into it.

We then went and met with Peter. Mick went into the malls to hand out tracts, Peter and I
got on a bus and tracted it up. Then I preached on the bus, via cell phone evangelism. The
people on the bus stopped and listened.

After this we met Kevin at 1pm in the square, and we did some video filming, and we
spoke to two young ladies from Bristol, in the UK. They were both ‘christian’ but never
were lost in sin. So we spoke to them about how all have sinned, and fallen short of the
Glory of God.

After this we were about to leave, when we heard the sound of drums, and singing. The
Hare Krishna’s were on the war path, so we filmed then, since if we did anything like
that, we would get a $5000 fine. Then a council worker walked past, so we stopped him,
and asked why he didn’t fine them. To which he said there is no law against it. So it
appears that the Brisbane Council is just anti Christian.

Josh Williamson

 2005/11/8 1:58Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Friday, 11 November 2005[/b]

Today is remembrance day, the day in which we remember the soldiers that died in
service of this nation.

Last night, I had a call from Mick, and he had decided that we shouldn’t fight the council,
but rather just submit to the council law prohibiting preaching. I met with Mick just after
11pm, and we spoke about the issue at hand. He saw that the council was infringing on
our beliefs, so we decided to go to city hall, and get the law in writing. Thats when God
stepped in...

Once in city hall we contacted the customer call centre, and they said we had complete
freedom to hand out gospel tracts in Brisbane city, and also informed us that the area we
were banned from preaching in, is in fact not council land, but State land. Then the city
hall staff said, we couldn’t hand out tracts, so now the council is fighting each other.

But Glory to God, we found a loop hole in the law, that allows us to hand out gospel
tracts in the city malls. This has always been banned, but the council showed us the law
that stated we could in fact hand out tracts in Brisbane’s busiest malls through the day.

So that is what we did, we handed out alot of tracts in a few minutes with no opposition!

Praise God that He is in Control!

New Score: God - 1
Brisbane City Council - 0

Josh Williamson

 2005/11/11 9:11Profile

Joined: 2005/1/14
Posts: 2164


That is awesome ! Yeah!

Josh Parsley

 2005/11/11 9:24Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Saturday, 12 November 2005[/b]

Tonight we had the permit to preach in the centre of Queen Street mall again, we arrived
and the brethren were preaching in our area, so I went to speak to them, it turns out the
council had double booked the mall. Now these brethren guys are very legalistic, you
must agree with their doctrine or burn for all eternity. But this one old brethren asked me
if I would like to preach after they finished, as they only speak for one hour. I accepted,
and it worked nicely.

I preached first off, and got some angry guy, who I thought was going to hit me because
of my preaching, but he walked off after I ignored him. But tonight it was strange, I
started losing my voice, which rarely happens, so while Tanya, and Josh preached, I went
and rested my voice, plus prayed alot.

Josh preached for the first time, on the meaning of life, and how we are to love God, and
keep His commandments. This guy has a good set of lungs, he was nice and loud, and
delivered a very good message.

After he preached I went again, and a bit of a crowd assembled, another angry heckler
approached and started screaming at me, so I ignored him, and he walked off, then he
came back, hand another go, then left, and returned. He was a yo yo heckler. In the end, I
turned to him and addressed him in the words of Christ “REPENT OR PERISH!”.

He was one angry heckler, but after the rebuke he left. After I preached Tanya went
again, then followed by Kevin. Following the trend of Kevin’s preaching he got
intellectual hecklers, he always gets them. They came and attacked from all sides, but
Kevin got the better of them, and they didn’t like that.

Then Josh went for his second open air, and he started with the evolution of the coke can,
this got a decent crowd, and he blew apart evolution, and then nailed them all with the
Law of God.

After this Kevin’s hecklers came back, and one took on Josh, and I, over evolution,
atheism etc. Now Josh’s special subject is evolution / atheism, the heckler got nailed, he
didn’t know what to do but wouldn’t listen to reason. So we exchanged emails in the
hope of continuing contact.

Praise God that people heard the Word tonight!

Josh Williamson

 2005/11/13 0:43Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Monday, 14 November 2005[/b]

It was a slower day in the city, there were four of us out and about on the streets today,
Mick, Tanya, Peter, and Myself.

We made our way up to the Queen street mall to hand out tracts, and alot of people were
stonewalling us, they weren’t interested in talking or taking tracts. I think it was one of
the hardest witnessing times I have ever had. After this I had to go request another permit
for preaching in the mall on Saturday night, so we had a chance to give tracts to council

At lunch time we made our way over to King George Square as we were going to do
some filming, but down came the rain, and wrecked everything, people wouldn’t take
tracts, no one would talk, and to to top it off the city’s public transport system was
stopped due to a terrorist threat.

But all in all some people got the gospel, which makes it worth while. If only one person
gets the seed of the gospel, then everything that happens is for a purpose.

Praise the King!

Josh Williamson

 2005/11/14 6:59Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Tuesday, 15 November 2005[/b]

I nearly cancelled going to the city today due to the rain, but after talking it over it was
decided to go up and witness no matter what. Once in the city I was to meet with Derek,
and Mick, while I was waiting for them, a council worker approached me to inform me of
some information.

A few days ago we found a loop hole in the law that allowed us to hand out tracts in the
city. But since that loop hole has been found, the Brisbane city council has passed law
forbidding it, thus closing the loop hole (they must really hate the gospel).

So now it is at the point of no matter what we do we will be breaking the law. So we have
decided to do what the Apostles did when they were ordered to stop preaching, they
refused and continued. So now officially we are law breakers according to the council
because we take the time to hand out a gospel tract to a person who is on their way to

Derek and I got some ‘Funny one liner’ tracts, and went to the bus way, and handed
tracts to all the people getting on the bus or waiting to get onto the buses, not one single
person refused and tract, and alot of people thanked us for them.

After running out of tracts we made our way to King George Square, where I
encountered a communist handing out political flyers, so I spoke to him, about justice
and how we all demand it, then swung it to the spiritual. He was an atheist, and also
believed in evolution. But when faced with his sin, he started to justify himself. We
exchanged emails, and he wants to stay in contact, in case he has more questions. Please
pray for him.

Alot of seed sown today. Praise God for His wisdom in the situation at hand!

Josh Williamson

 2005/11/15 9:19Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

 Re: Journal of a Journey

[b]Saturday, 19 November 2005[/b]

We met in the city at 7:30pm for a time of prayer before the battle started. We were only
going to have a smaller team tonight, which was good. We prayed in King George Square
for sometime, then Tanya disappeared and started witnessing one to one with people
sitting around.

While she was doing this Peter, Derek, and I were getting ready for the open air preach in
the Queen st mall. As per our agreement with the Exclusive Brethren, we will let them
preach til 9pm, then we will take over since the council has double booked the preaching

At 9pm we set up, and then I realised I could not find the permit that we needed to show
the police before preaching. I looked everywhere, and couldn’t find it. I was starting to
think we weren’t going to be preaching since we had no permit, when I said a quick
prayer of “God help”, within seconds the permit was found.

The police were friendly, and said that we could preach. So Tanya started off. She
preached a message on why God doesn’t answer your prayers, and then nailed the crowd
with sin.

After this Peter preached, and spoke about how we can’t claim ignorance, as we have the
law written on our hearts. Things were moving along nicely, we had decent sized crowds,
and the people weren’t really hostile.

Derek then preached on the Lion from Narnia, and used it to bring it around to Christ,
and he had a fair few people stop to listen to the gospel. He powered on for some time,
and kept hitting sin, and repentance.

Then my turn came around to preaching, I go up and spoke about how as Australians we
are all being stalked by someone, and used the analogy of a stalker that is following us
even now, and the name of the stalker was death. I spoke for about 12 mins covering sin,
repentance, and then finished off by talking about eternity.

After preaching a Muslim came up and started abusing me, and cursing me out. Saying
he doesn’t know why we stand there and preach, as we are not allowed to declare this
message. Now I replied in a way that made him mad, I said “You may not understand,
just like I don’t understand why Muslims fly aeroplanes into buildings.” This set him off,
he was screaming at me, so I nailed him with his sin, and he got so mad he ran off.

We all rotated preaching, all night, and alot of people heard the gospel. Josh M came and
done his evolution preach, and got alot of people stopping to listen to him disprove the
evolution theory.

I didn’t real want to preach again, but I felt that I needed to, so I got up and spoke on
“Are you a good Australian” and to my surprise, alot of people gathered around, and it
was a crowd that was interacting with the preaching, one young woman named Lana
came forth and said she was good, so I walked her through the law.

Normally people will walk away when you mention the name of Christ, but no one
moved. Not one person moved. They stayed there and listened, then the hecklers started.
Asking all these questions trying to create a rabbit trail, but I kept bringing it back to
their personal state before God. A couple of the hecklers came up, and thanked us for
preaching, as it made them think, they also promised to come back later to listen again.

Just like they promised they did come back, and they listened for a good while, they had
questions about atheism and evolution which Josh M dealt with, and they were agreeing.
I then spoke to them off to the side after the preaching, and he said something that was
awesome he said: “Tonight you have shaken my beliefs you have rattled my foundations,
but yours isn’t moved. I have alot to think about, thank you”

Praise God! Pray for all of those that heard the gospel!

Also this will be my last post on the journal for a little while, since I will be in New
Zealand preaching at an Evangelism Bootcamp (, and then
a four day tour of the north island after

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Evangelism Bootcamp New Zealand - Wellington and NZ North Island tour
22/11/05 - 1/12/05[/b]

[b]Tuesday 22/11[/b]

The flight from Brisbane to Wellington was to eventful. Except for the fact that we
handed out alot of tracts before the flight, and while we were on the flight. God be
praised that even in the air, people cannot escape the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

[b]Wednesday 23/11[/b]

Ben Day, picked Peter, Paul and myself up early in the morning, and we had to go pick
up the vans for the Bootcamp. Shortly after we picked up the vans, we stopped in town
for ten minutes, and we all ran around handing out tracts, and witnessing to people in the
city. This was only a short window of opportunity, but like the scripture says we have to
redeem the time.

Later in the afternoon we made our way down to McDonalds for some lunch while, we
were there every person got a tract, and we also were able to get alot of tracts to the
people outside.

Then we had to go to Lower Hutt so Ben Day, could get some things for the camp, while
he was off doing the things he needed to do. About six of us, went around Lower Hutt
witnessing. A fair few good one to ones happened, and 90% of people on the streets
would have got gospel tracts.

[b]Thursday 24/11[/b]

The first official day of the Bootcamp. We started off by heading to Upper Hutt to
witness. 34 bootcampers armed to the teeth with gospel tracts, went out and preached the
gospel. Within a few minutes people were repenting on the streets, as God granted them
repentance. There was alot of seed was sown, God only knows how many people got
saved this day.

After this we went to Pouria which is a lower class area, and we witnessed around the
shopping centre. One of the team members got announced over the loud speaker that he
was looking for people that were lost called “Repent or Perish”, which the people happily
announced to all in the shopping centre.

Just before we were due to leave, Peter, and I stood up and preached a quick message in
the shopping centre. This got them calling security. But Praise God people heard the

We then made our way to Cuba Mall in Wellington City, where Ben Day open air

Then alot of bootcampers followed, John Botha did a stirring open air, which I preached
right after. I have never seen so many people open preach in a row, it was great and alot
of people could not escape the gospel.

It was a really cold day, and I froze!

[b]Friday 25/11[/b]

The day was a hard day. It was yet another cold, windy day in Wellington. We spent the
day witnessing in and around Wellington City. Which was a good.

I got to preach in Cuba Mall, and while I was preaching, a young guy stopped to listen
then walked off after I finished. A little later he came back, and I was able to speak to
him. It turned out that he was a Pastor’s kid, who wasn’t saved, so I was able to witness
to him, and he saw his sin before God, and he bowed his head in repentance.

Alot of seed was sown, and alot of people heard the gospel!

[b]Saturday 26/11[/b]

Yet another day witnessing in Wellington, we spent alot of the day witnessing around the
city, then later in the after noon we went to Hutt to witness at a big Christmas parade.
Thousands of tracts were handed out, and I was able to preach at a bus stop after the

Late that night, a small team went to preach down Cuba mall, and it went off, a large
crowd gathered, and alot of people stopped to listen and heckle. It was tag team
preaching, one preacher after another for one hour (audio available at ) .

[b]Monday 28/11[/b]

Peter and I started our tour today of the North Island, we left Wellington early in the
morning, with the plan of driving to Taupo.

It was a long days drive, and it took about 5 hours to reach Taupo, right away we went
about witnessing to the backpackers and the staff.

[b]Tuesday 29/11[/b]

We left Taupo to drive to Rotorua to play tourist, and also preach. We got up there, and
we got to preach on the lake side to a decent sized crowd, and also got to hand out a fair
few tracts. We then decided to drive to Hamilton to stay for the night, but when we got to
the town, there was no accommodation, so we continued to drive to Auckland. The first
night in Auckland we handed out a alot of tracts, and witnessed to alot of backpackers.

[b]Wednesday 30/11[/b]

We met with Jared, and Tony in Auckland at lunch time with the intention to preach in
the square. I started off by preaching a twenty minute message, and then right after Tony
preached a ten minute message.

Because we were tired we went to see a movie, and after the movie, Peter got up and
spoke to the whole cinema. Everyone sat there and listened to a 5 minute gospel message.

Together we handed out over 800 tracts this day, and even got to hand tracts to the cast
and crew of the Narnia movie.

That night we went to Jared’s churches bible study.

[b]Thursday 1/12[/b]

Last day in Auckland, was a day that again we went to preach in the Square. Peter first
preached, then Jared preached. After this I had a go.

Jared did very well for the second time he preached.

While I would have loved to spend a few more days in Auckland, we had to grab a flight
back to Brisbane.

Praise God for all He has done over the past few days!

All the Glory to Him!

Josh Williamson

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