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Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Friday, 14 October, 2005[/b]

RAIN RAIN RAIN! It has been raining since last night, although it is slowly stopping it
is still overcast.

Thats what it was like when I got to the city, rain was threatening all the time which isn’t
good for preaching. I met with Peter at the train station and we started walking to King
George Square, on the way there we have to pass Wesley house, which is apart of the
Uniting Church, but they are very liberal. We knew there was a black board out the front
of the building so Peter pulled out some chalk and gave me some saying ‘First job of the
day’, now I didn’t want to do it, so I looked for an excuse, and I found one! Standing in
front of the black board was a man smoking. So I prayed out loud “God if you want me to
write on that board make that man move now in Jesus name. amen”. As soon as I said
amen, the man moved on still smoking. So I had to write. It was just a short message
about eternity, and death also with

We met with Mick in the square, and we had a quick time of prayer before heading out,
due to the rain we had to keep it to basically only tract work. So Peter and I jumped on a
bus and tracted the seats, then got off caught another bus and done the same thing.

After this we made our way to the mall to tract it up, which we did for a bit, while eating

Once lunch was finished we caught another bus to the train station with the intention of
preaching on the train on the way home. It was about the time school finished so there
was alot of people on the train. Which made us really nervous about preaching.
Eventually I got up and preached a quick gospel message to the crowed carriage. Then
sat down, this is when a atheist decided to give me a ear full. She wasn’t happy about me
forcing my beliefs, and I said I couldn’t do it anymore, so I pointed out to her, that she
was now forcing her beliefs upon me.

She wasn’t to happy but we both had a common background, that of the Australian
Army, so we spoke about the army and parted on friendly terms, with her hearing the

Pray for all those that heard the gospel!

Josh Williamson

 2005/10/14 9:51Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Saturday, 15 October, 2005[/b]

It has been overcast all day, then when it comes to this evening the heavens open up and
down comes the rain. Just as I was getting in the car to drive to the city to preach.

Peter and I arrived at 7:15pm and made our way to King George Square where we were
going to meet Kevin, and also Paul Greenwood. We were standing undercover next to a
building when a guy approached us, he came and said he wanted to smoke. So I gave him
a million dollar tract, and then said “Your now supposed to say ‘Whats the million dollar
question?” So he asked me it, so I was able to go through the law, to repentance with
him. He seemed to acknowledge his sin, but didn’t know what else to do. Please pray for

While I was witnessing Paul Greenwood showed up, so we had a bit of a chat about how
things are going in the world of evangelism both here in Brisbane, and also in his home
of Melbourne. At about 8:30pm Kevin arrived, and we then made our way to the valley
to preach, even though it was raining.

We set up to preach under cover in the valley, which is fairly much the demonic capitol
of Brisbane. Peter laid down to be the ‘dead’ body in a funeral. It was then a bunch of
drunks came up, and wanted to urinate on Peters face, they got to the point of pulling
down their pants.

After this I preached a short message just hammering sin, and repentance to God. It was a
fast moving crowd, and we couldn’t stop anyone. So we had a council of war to see what
to do next.

We decided to go buy train tickets, and travel back and forth preaching on the train. Thats
how we were going to finish the night. Peter was the first to preach, God opened a door
that while Pete was preparing he received a phone call from a wrong number, so he
witnessed to them, loud enough so everyone on the train could hear him.

Once we got off this train, we caught another back into the city, where Pete preached yet
again, and then once he finished I had a go. When we arrived at central we turned around
and caught yet another train. This time Paul Greenwood opened up for his first time as a
‘Train preacher’. We made sure to hand out tracts to everyone on the train when we
finished preaching.

The next train we caught was for Kevin to preach, he got the pick of the bunch. This
carriage was full of hell deserving God haters. So he preached and did they get angry.
One guy was pronouncing curses, another was abusing us. But Kevin preached on, when
he finished Paul had a go at them, when Paul finished I had a go at them. One guy we red
eyes said I would die very soon of a blood clot. So I rebuked him, and pointed out you
can’t kill a dead man, as I am dead to sin, and alive to Christ.

This was the last preach of the night, it was great to have Paul come up from Melbourne,
and I am looking forward to working with him again in Wellington, New Zealand next

Josh Williamson

 2005/10/15 11:46Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Tuesday, 18 October, 2005[/b]

Today I was feeling good about going to the city to witness, I started witnessing as soon
as I got dropped off at the train station. Tracts everywhere, then I sat in a carriage with no
people (no preaching), so I listened to a Mp3 sermon on the train ride in.

Once in the city, I knew Mick was in the area since there were gospel tracts everywhere
(this guy is the tract king). So I put a few tracts out, and made my way to the square.
Where I met up with Mick. We had a bit of a chat for a bit about witnessing, and him
wanting to learn how to better open air, and also wanting me to review a gospel tract he
had written.

At lunch time Mick had a preach for about five minutes, then after him I got up to preach,
just as all the buildings around the square had a fire drill, so that made well over 300
people now standing in the square, well within in gospel preaching range. I preached
close to twenty minutes, on the holiness of God, and mans sin. Then I did something that
I have really felt God pushing me to do, and that is call for people to repent then and
there, and make a choice to reject or accept the gospel, now this isn’t like an altar call but
exhorting people to repent right this second. Instead of telling them to think about it.

While I was preaching a girl with a face painted black came down and sat at my feet,
facing away from me, which I thought was kinda strange, but I kept preaching. Every
now and then she would say something, that I couldn’t understand.

After preaching Kevin came down with his camera to do some filming, so we decided to
do an interview with the girl with black face (Sarah).

We started the interview with Sarah, and from the word go, you could tell this was going
to be a hard interview. One of her first words was about her seeing demons, and angels
all around us. Now I didn’t doubt her, as you could see this girl was mixed up in the

So I quizzed her a bit about her angels, and background. She was really glad to talk about
the angels and demons, and even said they were there to protect her, as soon as she said
this someone threw a lemon at her, hitting her in the side of the head.

Anyway we went through the law and she said she didn’t believe the bible, but she
believed the words of Jesus, so we reasoned with her about the scripture being absolute
truth. Which she accepted, then we reasoned with her about hell, and she was visible
distraught. It was then her face went pale, and she said the angel just told her not to trust
what we were saying, and that she was in fact a good person.

It was then I believed it was time to speak directly to these ‘angels’, it was a rebuke of
them, and she said that they had walked away, along with the spirits. So we ministered to
her, but she kept talking about these angels that are her friend. Then she said something
that was scary. She stated that the angel is now in her. By this stage Kevin had to leave,
so Mick and I asked if we could pray for her, she gladly accepted the offer for prayer, and
while praying she started saying “ITS LEAVING!! ITS LEAVING!! A DEMON JUST
CAME OUT, ITS RUNNING REALLY FAST!!” Her eyeballs were sticking out, and she
broke down in tears.

Now I would love to say she repented, but she didn’t. Please pray that she will bow the
knee before the Holy God!

She took a bible off us, as well as gospel tract and Save yourself some pain.

Josh Williamson

 2005/10/18 9:34Profile

Joined: 2005/1/14
Posts: 2164


Thats awesome! I love reading your posts! I sometimes catch them here and other times on openairoutreach. I will be praying! If her house is cleaned out I hope she fills it with Jesus.. or she will be worse than what she was.

Josh Parsley

 2005/10/18 9:52Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Friday, 21 October, 2005[/b]

5am wake up! Mate that is to early after working the late shift at work. The reasoning
behind getting up this early was so that we could get to the city by 7am, and then preach
to thousands of people catching the trains to work.

We arrived at 7am, and there were four of us that prepared to preach, Derek, Kevin,
Mick, and myself. We had positioned ourselves in ANZAC square, as that is where
everyone that catches the train walks through in order to get to their job.

The first train load arrived at about 7:30am, and Derek was the first to open up to this fast
moving crowd. The object was to do 30 second gospel messages, and just keep going
over and over til the crowd passed.

We did this for nearly 90 mins of non stop preaching, and Derek thinks a minimum
amount of people that would have heard the gospel was about 4000 people. Now I have
no idea of numbers, just that there was alot of people, that needed Jesus.

Things got exciting when a RSL (Returned Services League) man, came up and had a bit
of a rant at us for preaching, he then said he paid the rent for the square, so we had to
leave, or be arrested for trespass.

We refused to leave, so he went and called the cops numerous times, and each time the
cops wouldn’t come out! So this guy came back and tried to bluff us into leaving or we
would be arrested, of course we kept preaching.

After the crowds left we decided it was time for a nice warm breakfast, so we packed up,
the moment we did this guy came running over abusing us, asking how we are qualified
to preach the gospel. Do we have a degree in preaching? Myself and Derek are both
former Bible students, so we told him what level of academic studies we had completed.
But he wanted a special degree for open air preaching, when we said “Our open air
authority comes from God” He started yelling that we aren’t qualified and told us to
leave. - Pray for this man!

Today alot of people heard the gospel!


Josh Williamson

 2005/10/21 17:03Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Saturday, 22 October, 2005[/b]

Today was the day that we headed down the Gold Coast for the big Indy champ car race.
We had 6000 tracts that we had printed to off load.

We were supposed to meet another team at 10 am, but they didn’t show up so that was
really disappointing. That just left Derek and I.

After this we made our way to near one of the gates and started handing out tracts, at
about 11 am Kyosti came down from Brisbane to help out for an hour. Which was a great

It was a hard crowd with alot of people not taking tracts, so we decided to move, and that
is when the council decided to try and stop us. Two council workers came up to Derek
and I, told us to stop handing out tracts or get a $375 fine each. So I reached for the
Australian Constitution, and pointed out that we had legal freedom to hand out tracts
here. Their reply was “Yes, we know about that, and we will openly brake that law, now
you move off public property”. So we moved, about 1 ft back, and stood in the garden of
a resort, as that is now private property, and council can’t touch us.

We handed out a few more tracts, then started the long trip home. We only got rid of
about 5000 tracts, so we have a few left over.

Pray for all of those that got the gospel!

Josh Williamson

 2005/10/23 21:01Profile

Joined: 2004/10/13
Posts: 2132


Their reply was “Yes, we know about that, and we will openly brake that law, now
you move off public property

It's been amazing to me to see how brazen the heathen are in thier defience of any law period.


 2005/10/23 23:19Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Friday, October, 28 2005[/b]

I met with Mick and Derek in King George square at about 11 am, from there we walked
over to ANZAC square for a preach to the lunch time crowd. Derek had his two boys
there aged 8 & 9, and both of them wanted hand out tracts. So I gave them some Smart
Cards to hand out, and they set to it. Within an hour they handed out over 150 tracts!
These kids are great for tract work, nearly everyone takes tracts from the boys!

Derek had to leave at 12:30pm, so it left Mick and I to preach the gospel, now to be
honest I didn’t really want to preach in ANZAC it was hot and I was making excuses on
why I should probably not preach.

Finally I preached, just doing a short message for about 10 mins going through the Law
of God, and then repentance unto God, there were about 200 people in the square eating
lunch, and they clapped me when I finished preaching (probably glad I stopped). Mick
went around all the people handing out tracts to people, and most people took tracts. So
Praise God!

After preaching in ANZAC we made our way to King George to preach in speakers
corner. Mick preached first and delivered a good message, then I really felt to do a quick
preach on the Wrath of God, so I gave a 4min preach on the wrath of God, and why it
abides upon sinners. The square erupted, people were yelling and scream from all over
the square. One professing Christian told her friend not to listen to me, since God is all
loving, and not angry.

Never have I seen that many angry people in the square at lunch time. After I preached
Mick had another preach. Alot of people heard the life saving gospel. Pray for them!

Josh Williamson

 2005/10/28 9:26Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Saturday, 29 October, 2005[/b]

Tanya and I arrived in the city at 7:30pm, and met with Nathan in King George square,
after a bit of a chat we had a prayer meeting. Once we finished Tanya went around the
square witnessing to alot of people, while a German tourist came and sat next to Nathan
and I. So we gave him a tract and swung it around to the things of God. Basically he
couldn’t care less about eternity.

At about 8:30pm Josh arrived, then around 9:15pm Kevin and a few other guys showed
up. We made our way to the train station for a train preach. Kevin was the first to open up
to a crowded carriage, alot listened.

We changed trains at South bank, and then I preached back into the city. I got about three
hecklers on the train, but only having a short time to preach, I ignored them, and kept

Once back in Central station, we turned around and made our way back to South bank.
This time Joel preached, and did very well. While we were at South Bank, Josh said he
wanted to preach for the first time. So we planned it on the next train he would speak.

The train arrived so we walked on to the carriage, and security followed us, and stood
behind us. I was thinking that rules out the preaching. So I turned to Josh, and asked very
loudly, “Have you seen these ten commandments on my cell phone?” Then I read them
out loud, expounding on the commandments. One of the security guards, asked if I was
training to be a preacher, I just replied with “I’m merely reading the ten commandments
off my phone”. Josh then said, “Mate what would happen if I broke the commandments?”
So this led to me reading from Revelation 21:8. Then Josh asked ‘how can I be saved?’
So I gave the grace message. The whole carriage was listening.

After this Josh went through the train giving out millions, and the security even wanted
some, they were laughing at the tracts, but didn’t stop us. PRAISE GOD FOR

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

 Re: Journal of a Journey

[b]Tuesday, 1 November, 2005[/b]

There was a buzz around the city today, and no doubt around the nation, the horse race
that stop the nation was due to run, the Melbourne Cup! This provided no end of
witnessing encounters on the Greatest Gamble.

I met with Mick and Derek in King George square at 11am, and our preaching corner was
taken by some big old organ on wheels, so that ruled out preaching in King George.
While we were sitting there, the organ started playing ‘Amazing Grace’ so all three of us
jumped up, and started singing along to the great Hymn.

After this we made our way down to ANZAC square for a preach, it had been decided
that Derek would open up reading from 1 John 3:1-11, then preaching from that text.
After he finished I was to preach.

Derek started off with a bang, and delivered a hot message for 10 minutes, revealing sin,
and calling sinners to repentance. The crowd formed, people walking by were like they
were frozen to the ground, and they stopped to listen to the gospel.

After Derek preached, he went and had a conversation with two young tourists about the
things of God, while he was still speaking I opened aired.

Then the enemy launched his attack, within minutes a council worker came along and
shut me down for preaching, after reasoning with him, and showing him that legally we
had right to preach. He said we can continue til further notice, and that notice would
come this afternoon.

I preached for about 15mins, talking about the greatest gamble, that being gambling our
life for our sin. Again people came from everywhere, and stopped to listen to the gospel,
including a Christian couple that were calling out support while preaching.

After the preaching Mick went and handed out alot of tracts to the people that had
listened and we rushed back to King George Square to meet Kevin for some one to one

We started by getting a young communist girl who was protesting the government, so we
shared with her. She was an atheist with a catholic background. So we spoke to her, and
broke down her beliefs then mentioned sin, and repentance, she was cut to the heart, and
got really angry. They decided to pack up their protest, and go home!

I thought that was the end of the day, but the enemy launched one more attack, Brisbane
city council has decided that if we witness, preach or hand out a tract we will face up to a
$5000 fine!

This goes for al areas of Brisbane, except for a small part of King George square, we
have decided we will fight this, as it is a violation of our freedom as Australians. Please
keep the coming battle in prayer!

Josh Williamson

 2005/11/1 4:59Profile

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