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Joined: 2004/9/21
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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

 Journal of a Journey

[u]Journal of a Journey[/u]

I have recently been challenged to start writing up brief journal entries about what
happens on the street, and then post it online so people can be encouraged and possibly
inspired to get out there and preach the Gospel.

Sometimes I will include photos, of the adventures we have.

Now with these entries I am not looking for the praise of man, but rather I want God to
be glorified out of this.

May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!

God Bless

Josh Williamson

Josh Williamson

 2005/10/3 18:07Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

 Re: Journal of a Journey

[b]Saturday, October, 1 2005[/b]

The day was spent preparing myself for the battle that was to come, there was an
uneasiness in my spirit about something was going to break in the city. This sent me to
the Word, and also to my knees to seek the face of the Almighty.

At 7:30pm, Peter and Tanya Shliahov, plus myself arrived in Brisbane city, we went to
the underground carpark where we park week in and week out. The first tract was placed
in the parking ticket dispenser, and the car behind ours took it, and later we saw them
reading it.

Once we parked the car Tanya got out and started to tract all the cars around about, then
we heard it... It was a sound that we had heard a week before when security had pursued
us through the car park. The same security guard came up to us and was angry at us
tracting cars. So we left the car park to make our way to King George Square.

To get to the Square we had to go through the bus way, so Peter and Tanya tracted all the
people waiting for the buses, while I went and placed a few tracts around the food court.

We got across to the Square about 5 minutes later, and we met up with Josh Michael who
had come out with us for the first time. All of us made our way to a park bench where we
committed the night in prayer, and we had a prayer meeting before kicking off the night.

After about 40 minutes of prayer Peter went to go draw in chalk on the footpath near the
intersection, he drew a cross, and wrote all different sins on the cross, along with the
words ‘Repent or perish -’.

Kevin Bessent arrived with his camera soon after, the plan was to do some filming and
interviewing people. I handed out a few millions to a bunch of homeless people, and one
guy approached us. It turned out that he was formerly a homeless man, but had since
been ‘saved’, so I asked him where he fellowships at? His reply was that he attends the
local ‘Revival centre’ which is a cult that seems to be growing in strength.

This cult teaches that one must speak in tongues to be saved, and also be baptised in the
name of Jesus, otherwise you will be damned. Its this same cult denies the Jesus Christ is

So we asked him if we could interview him on film, he was interested to be filmed so we
started the interview. We walked through what he believed and why he believed it, then
we slowly started to challenge him on certain points. Like the deity of Jesus Christ. We
showed him the scripture, and he seemed stunned and even had the revelation that Jesus
is in fact the Almighty God.

Then I walked with him through the Law, and he said he would go to hell, and that he
needed to be saved. After the interview I sat down and spoke to him a bit more. While
talking to him, a young woman approached and asked what I was doing that night, now I
had no idea who she was, so I asked her the same question. Her reply was, “Well I am
not repenting”, to which I said, “Thats fine you can do what ever want right up to
judgement day, but unless you repent you will perish.”

Kevin then started to walk her through the Law while I spoke to the revival centre cult
member. While we were doing this Peter, Tanya, and Josh were doing tract work, and
one to ones around the area with great success.

There was alot of Christians in the area that night, and we encouraged alot of them, and
they encouraged us. Pray that these Christians will get on fire, and go out and witness.

While this was all going on Kevin was still talking to the young woman, who we found
out was one of the trouble makers the night I got attacked while preaching. She was one
of the people that was stirring up the crowd to attack me, and she still remembered
everything I preached that night, Kevin did a great job ministering to her. Pray for her

Shortly after we headed home, and when we returned I found alot of tracts stuck on my
car by the angry security guard. This guy must really be convicted to behaviour the way
he is. Pray for him.

May the Lord God receive all the Honour and Glory!

Josh Williamson

 2005/10/3 18:09Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Monday, October 3, 2005[/b]

Its one of those days, when you wake up, and all you wish to do is roll over and go back
to sleep. My flesh was screaming that this morning, but my spirit was yelling ‘GET UP’
so I got up really slowly and grabbed the bible to spend some quiet time with God.

During the prayer time, I prayed that God would bring some more preachers along today,
that we can work with in the field.

After my quiet time with God, I went to the train station to catch the train up to Brisbane,
something I have found to be a good outreach is leave tracts everywhere at the station as
alot bored people sit around waiting for the next train.

My train arrived late, and I was the first on bored tracting the seats as I went, then I sat
back and listened to a sermon by Dr. J Edwin Orr on Mp3.

The train trip was uneventful a few people read the tracts, and got angry, some looked

The temperature was 32’C today with around 80% humidity, not the best preaching
whether. I didn’t want to preach or stand in the sun, so I got on the free bus service that
goes around the city, the purpose of this is to tract the bus, and enjoy the air conditioning!

While walking to the bus I noticed alot of gospel tracts lying around, so I knew another
preacher was in the area, and by the type of tracts, I knew it was a brother we have
worked with before.

The bus was nearing the end of its circuit when I spied the brother in the distance
handing out tracts, I got off and chased after him.

I caught him in an area that was full of places to put tracts, so we had a great time in
there. We then made our way up the King George square, where I felt I needed to preach,
something I didn’t want to do.

When I arrived in the square I saw and old man, that looked like a business man standing
in the shade. I thought nothing more about it, and proceeded to set up my soap box. Just
as I was about to step up this old man started yelling, no not yelling but preaching the
gospel of Jesus Christ!

This was great another preacher, just like I had asked for that morning. GOD IS

This brother preached with a fire for about 15 minutes, it was awesome. Not so heavy on
law but lifted up the holiness of God.

Right after he preached I got up, and preached for another 15 minutes, a nice crowd
stopped to listen, one of the people listening ran off after I finished, and came back with a
cold bottle of water as a gift. Then after I finished another brother preached for 5
minutes, then once he finished the first guy preached again. For yet another 10 minutes!
After he stepped off, I went again.

At this time the Lord Mayor of Brisbane city was in the square being filmed for a media
interview, he was not happy that he had to keep moving because I was preaching, but I
was in speakers corner, and I was preaching before he arrived so I kept on.

The camera crews filmed me preaching, which I thought was odd, but kinda cool at the
same time

After the Mayor done his interview he walked near us preaching, so I spoke about sin,
and how it doesn’t matter who you are, you still need to repent, and even called on the
Lord Mayor to repent. This made him really angry. He was mad you could see it. His
aides stopped to listen but he had to call them to keep coming.

I preached all up for about 10 minutes, and kept hammering repentance unto God, while
preaching a worked walked past and shouted out ‘Keep preaching brother!’ This made
me not sure of if it was a heckler or the real deal.

Not long after preaching, we were packing up, when this guy came back, and approached
us. Turns out he is also a preacher on the streets and wants to join us some time. PRAISE

What an awesome day to serve God! Praise unto His name!

Josh Williamson

 2005/10/3 18:10Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Tuesday, October 4, 2005[/b]

I woke up this morning, and my body was hurting. I was so tired, with about four hours
sleep the last thing I wanted to do was get up and preach.

But ‘woe is me if I don’t preach the gospel’, I got up to Brisbane, and I gave my brother
in Texas a call, I spoke to Tommy Bell for a little bit, and it was really encouraging to
speak to my mate from Evangelism Bootcamp in LA.

After speaking to Tommy, I went and tracted up alot of the buses, and took time to talk to
a few people on the bus. The temparture was 35’C with humidity nearing 90%, so it is
hard to preach in this heat.

While on the bus I passed King George Square, and saw a man in speakers corner waving
a bible, so I got off the bus to go listen to another preacher. He was preaching on the
Coming of the King, and how we need to be ready. My first thought was I wonder if this
guy has heard Hells Best Kept Secret, so after the preaching I asked him, and it turns out
that he knows Ray Comfort and has been praying for him.

We exchanged details, and he is interested in coming out and preaching with us, God is
still answering the prayer from yesterday about rising up more preachers. Three new
preachers in 2 days! Plus another GNN seedsower contact, I am meeting with on

After lunch Kevin Bessent came down to do some one to one filming, in the heat it was
hard to stop anyone, and the only people sitting down in the shade were goths. So over
we went to them, and asked if we could interview them, they were friendly, and like the
opportunity to speak about their beliefs, turns out that one of them is an atheist, and the
other two are pagans. So we walked through what they believe then swung it over to the
Law of God, and walked them through the Law, two of them kept justifying themselves,
but one of them was looking convicted, and even started agreeing with me. Pray for these
goths, that the darkness may be broken off them.

It was getting on in the day after this, so I made my way back to the train station. While
at the station I put tracts everywhere, and found a few new holes that hold tracts nicely.

Praise God for a great day, and for His everlasting faithfulness!

Josh Williamson

 2005/10/4 1:58Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Thursday, 6 October, 2005 [/b]

Today was good, I was pumped and full on energy after taking a day off, to recharge the

It was a very hot day up in the city the temperature was hitting 35’C, and high humidity.

My first work of the day was to put tracts on the seats of the train, then sit back and
watch the people sit down and read them, alot of people read the gospel message and put
them back on the seat. It was a great fishing hole, then some guy got on who read it, got
angry, read it again, got really angry, then read it again. Then he snapped, he got up and
took every tract of the seat and ripped them up. A few people saw him coming, and hid
the tract so they could read it.

I met up with about three different preachers in the city, and had a short time of
fellowship, then did alot of tract work. A fair few people wouldn’t take tracts today,
because of the heat.

At 12:30pm I had a meeting with a youth pastor that is interested in learning how to
witness, the meeting went for about a hour and a half, and it was a great meeting. He is
really wanting to come out on the streets, and even get John Legg from Way of the
Master - Australia to come and do some training for his church.

Today was a harder day for witnessing, but from what I was told while I was in meeting
Peter and Kevin Bessent were doing video interviews, and had alot of success.

Praise God for the work He is doing!

Josh Williamson

 2005/10/9 1:32Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Saturday, 8 October, 2005 [/b]

Yet another hot day here, the decision was made that for tonight’s outreach we would
catch the train up to the city, and get a preach or two on the train in before starting the
preaching in Brisbane.

I got on the train, and soon found out that there was yet another delaying the in the tracks
being closed. So they had to bus us around the affected areas. I met with Peter
at Loganlea station, and then when we had to jump on the bus we started to tract
everything. Seats on the bus were tracted, people were tracted, tracts were thrown off
high points and then they floated down to the crowd below.

Once we got bussed around the problem area, we got on another train and we were
convinced that we were going to preach, but to be honest I got scared when about four
big scary looking guys talking about jail time were standing next to us being loud

So feeling really bad we tracted everything from the train station to King George Square.
We had to walk past a church that had a ‘church night-club’ happening, it was such a
good Christian event they had security on the door, so we made sure to tract people all
around there.

At 8:30pm Kevin Bessent met with Peter and I in the square, and we made our way up to
the Queen Street mall to preach. We set up, and Peter preached first it was a short
message but it covered all the basics, then I went and preached for a bit, and got a few
angry hecklers, including one guy that kept yelling at me to name the commandments, so
I kept naming them, and calling him to repent of his sin.

After this we went and got something to eat and drink then made our way back down to
preach again. It was then that Kevin, who very rarely preaches, ended up preaching on
three different occasions, and also Peter had another preach.

In one of Kevin’s open air preach, he got a few angry hecklers that wouldn’t listen to
reason, I dealt with a couple of them on the side, and they got angry and left. Pray for
these guys.

We finally finished the night at about 12:45am, then when we got the to train station
found that the trains had stopped running for the night, so we were stranded in the city.
So after a quick call home, and waking my parents Dad was on his way to pick us up.

All in all it was a great night with alot of people hearing the gospel! PRAISE GOD FOR

Josh Williamson

 2005/10/9 1:33Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Monday, 10 October, 2005 [/b]

Today was a day when to be honest I didn’t want to witness, I was tired, hot, and feeling
sick. But not my will but His will be done.

I arrived up the city after listening to the Revival Hymn on the train, and I was feeling
good, it had pumped me up, and I was ready for preach. So I made my way to King
George square to preach, when I felt God say ‘Do not preach today’ now this kind of
shocked me, as I wanted to preach, and I questioned this, again I felt God say ‘Do not
preach today’ I didn’t understand why, I wanted to preach, I wanted to declare the Word
of the Lord, then it clicked ‘I wanted’ it would have been me preaching, and I would not
have been relying on God.

So I spent the day handing out tracts, and talking to people on the bus, and around the
city. I think I got more out of today being obedient to what God said, than what I would
have got out of it, if I had done my own thing.

Praise God for His wisdom!

Josh Williamson

 2005/10/11 20:28Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Tuesday, 11 October, 2005[/b]

Yet another hot day, the trend seems to be one that is going to be repeated over and over

Today was a day that I wanted to just do tract work and one to one. So in the Square thats
what I set about to do. Not long after starting I ran into Mick who is another street
preacher, so we had a time of fellowship, and just a bit of time having a rest out of the

Kevin arrived about lunch time with his camera to do some interviews, so we went and
spoke to some people.

The first person we spoke to admitted they were going to hell, but couldn’t care less. He
had no desire to live, and wished to die. He even tried suicide by jumping in front of a

While we were filming this bloke, another guy came along and he wanted to be
interviewed because he is a ‘christian’, now if he was a Christian I am the pope. This guy
admitted his sins, even said he created his own god that won’t punish sin, but that is
alright because God loves him.

I got angry at him, and hammered him with the scripture all he could say was that was for
yesterday. Pray hard for this man!

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Wednesday, 12 October, 2005[/b]

Today is the day I take off from going up the streets, so I can spend some time doing
studies, and also writing articles (plus a little sleep in).

But anyway God had a surprise this Wednesday, early in the morning Peter called me to
tell me some exciting news. In the Courier Mail which is the state newspaper, a reporter
had written an article called ‘A Million Reasons to Rediscover God’ and the motive
behind it was from where he had found a tract that I had put out on Monday.

The tracts I was using was the down under million from Living Waters NZ, and this
reporter found the tract and wrote and article about it.

Below is a copy of the article:

A million reasons to rediscover God
“Alas and alack, this note, discovered in the CBD yesterday, is not legal tender. But
while this clever piece of fakery might not allow you to retire to the Bahamas, it might
pay for your way into a more spiritual paradise. On the flipside is a web address which
takes you to something called Australia for Jesus, a very useful website featuring a handy
little questionaire which tells you whether you're going to hell or heaven. For the record,
Queensland Confidential (name of this newspaper section) will burn for eternity. The
website contains links to a whole bunch of sites associated with American evangelist Ray
Comfort. Yep, his real name. Interestingly, Ray is very chummy with former Growing
Pains pin-up boy turned God-spruiker Kirk Cameron.”

I sent the reporter an email explaining the gospel to him, and I got a reply basically
saying he has been there and tried that. Must keep him in prayer!

Josh Williamson

 2005/10/13 9:48Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Thursday, 13 October, 2005[/b]

The day was overcast and looked like rain, but I went up to the city anyway. When I got
there I met with Peter and Mick, then started to do tract work.

As Peter and I walked up
the Queen Street Mall, we saw a large Asian religious movement handing out their
demonic propaganda. So I called the Brisbane city council, to ask about how they can
have a permit and how can I get one.
The council said they don’t have a permit, so I went and spoke to the head of the
movement, and they were able to show me a permit.

This called for a visit to the Council
office. We went and spoke to the council, and they went to shut down the occult
movement. But when they got there it was revealed that the council had no power over
this cult, because they were under Police permits. So we are now applying for the same

While in the Mall a famous radio announcer walked out of a shop in front of me, so I
called him to a stop and got to spoke to him. He was in a hurry so I didn’t get to witness
to him. But he did take a tract!

At lunch time we made our way over to a prayer meeting some local Christian lay people
have. This prayer meeting is a prayer meeting, praying for revival. This went for nearly
an hour, then I had to rush to catch a train home.

Peter and I were sitting on the train, and the carriage was filling with people, we knew we
had to preach on the train. Something we both haven’t done. So I played the ‘Thunder
from Down Under’ compilation (available at ), and a bit of a
silence went over the train.

We waited a few stations, and then Peter started to preach. It was a quick message, and
then we handed out tracts. At the next station we changed carriages so we could preach to
more people. This time I got to preach, the time frame I had was only five minutes, so I
preached repentance unto God.

One guy in the carriage got really angry and ran to another carriage and when we pulled
into station he made a complaint. But Queensland rail said nothing to us.

Praise God for all He is doing!

Josh Williamson

 2005/10/13 9:50Profile

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