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I bought a portable MP3 player (it's a CD player that plays MP3 files) and a holder for it that wraps around my waist. A good deal for $45 and I play either the word or some sermons.

Ed Pugh

 2005/12/7 10:08Profile

 Re: Thanks

Thanks for all the suggestions on MP3 players. I ended up getting a Creative Labs Zen Nano Plus 1 gb. Thus far I really like it. This is totally new for me but now I don't have to lug around my laptop to listen to sermons. :-P
If there are any other MP3 player novices out there (like me) shopping I recommend this one. It was a little over $100.


 2006/2/17 21:24

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 Re: MP3 player/help

Hello HopeinChrist...

I recently purchased an iPod Nano. It was only $149. It is extremely compact, durable and has a great hard drive for the price. Plus, the screen helps alot with navigation.

But as preachparsley stated, there are even cheaper models available at TigerDirect.


Here are a few moderately priced choices ($149 and less):

Hope this helps...


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 Re: MP3 player/help

Today I bought a Sony NW-507 in order to listen to sermons on the go... I would have to say that I was totally let down! It wouldn't play any of Keith Green's messages or half of the Leonard Ravenhill messages I downloaded... It wouldn't even play any of the messages from Ravi Zacharias' page! I definitely wouldn't recommend that player if you want to listen to sermons, it's very picky about music downloaded from the web... It doesn't seem like anyone is having any trouble with Apple Ipods, I'll see if those will work better next.

Ian Smith

 2006/3/26 0:36Profile

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Will wrote:
Oh that's good you can fast-forward, but still when a sermon is an hour long, how long does it take to fast-forward? I mean I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the iPod Shuffle it's just I own a similar kind of mp3 player and I find it very annoying to listen to sermons.

Say I want to listen to the 2nd half of a particular sermon, well I can't. If there was an mp3 player on the market where you could do drag and drop style fast-forwarding then it would be ideal for listening to sermons.

Hey Will, this is a long time after your post date, but if you're are still interested in getting your question answer I have an aswer for you:) i've got a normal old ipod but you can fast forward in a split second by clicking and draging the little diamond to where you want it and it tells you where in the sermon you are(timewise). it listens to sermons beautifully. If you got this i hope it helps you:) lis:)


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