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I teach that Jesus is Lord. Is this teaching wrong or not? Should I continue to teach that Jesus is Lord, or should I stop?

So? The Mormons, the JW's and the Roman Catholic Church teach that Jesus is Lord. So does Reverend Moon. That prooves nothing.

You ARE playing word games, whether you want to admit it or not.


 2005/8/26 14:06


[b]Have fun Blake... I'm not going to contribute any furthing to this thread... it needs to get buried in the heap of archived threads.[/b]


 2005/8/26 14:08

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You say that my teachings are faulty. I teach that Jesus is Lord. Jesus is supreme. He is greater than the bible. He is greater than anything known or unknown. He is The Word of God turned flesh. Jesus is Lord.

You have been so bold to say my teachings are faulty and erred. Do you believe my teachings are faulty and erred, or not?


Blake Kidney

 2005/8/26 14:37Profile


I've been watching this thread with some consternation, as I think the most damage was done to your 'case' beenblake, (bb) by the title you gave your first post. However, I believe I know what you're getting at, partly from my own experience of not being able to understand scripture once upon a day, (even though I came from a Christian background).

I believe Acts 8 elucidates both what you are attempting to communicate (bb), what those who took particular exception to the [i]thread title[/i] (which gives the impression you are [i]minimising[/i] both the [u]validity[/u] [i]and[/i] the [u]importance[/u] of the written word) are saying. I won't say 'trying to say'. beenblake has expounded and qualified his position clearly. I don't 'see' it contridicting the written word, invalidating the written word or even slightly suggesting that the written word is not true.

He has said that [u]without the Holy Spirit's illumination[/u], it is meaningless to the reader, no matter how often or sincerely it is read. [b]How can we not [i]all[/i] agree with this statement?[/b]

In an old book called 'Fair Sunshine' (documents lives of some Covenanters in Scotland), there is a clear account of a Christian man operating the gift of prophecy [i]against[/i] a person. (Sorry I can't remember the exact details; they don't affect my meaning.) This prophecy about the person's death, happened exactly how and when the prophecy said it would. But, you won't find that prophecy in the Bible.

It could not be proved by the Bible, except to confirm there is such a thing as 'the word of God' which comes through the operation of several of the gifts (including prophecy). To the person prophesying (exercising their gift) and to the person whose behaviour attracted such a fatal prediction from the heart of God, His word, delivered faithfully, in that situation was accomplished. This ties in completely with any statement about the word of God coming to pass, or, enduring for ever.

beenblake claims some people (or a person) here have/has made an idol of the written word. Does it matter whether he was sent by God to ask this? [u]This is a valid question[/u].

If this applies, have you answered honestly before God and transferred your primary allegiance to the Lord Himself, or have you been able to slip away into the depths of cyberspace, rather than own up, leaving bb to take the flack that's flying?

I don't think bb cares for hassle he's having, but, he'll survive.

 2005/8/26 14:43

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I feel like I am having to take care of kindergarden kids... come brothers! lets discuss things soberly with godly reverence and self-control. There is not need for half the posts in this thread and especially the ones the speak against others.

THIS FORUM IS LOCKED and also this discussion needs not to continue amongst the parties that have kept it going.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2005/8/26 14:44Profile

 Re: The written word of God

We have had threads [i]recently[/i] where 'religion' has been pointed up as the biggest 'enemy' to faith.... the biggest culprit for hypocrisy. Idolatry is a sin which has the potential to separate so totally from the heart of God and His meaning, that it is mentioned 3 times by Paul and once by Luke, 'idolater' is mentioned 7 times (by Paul and John) and 'idol' 22 times, without including the many times other idolatrous behaviour is named (in the New Testament).

I am not specially looking for answers to my post, but, I need some of you to understand that the written word really doesn't make sense to everyone, even after it's explained sometimes. The Lord needs to speak from it into the reader's understanding. (I think you all know this.) Also, there are and have been always Christians who knew the Lord without ever having held or owned a Bible, who were willing to die for their faith - Jesus and His life - His living word to their spirit - was so real to them.

There is one main thing I'm trying to say: within the Body (of Christ) it is possible to be called to know the word, study the word, be able to explain the word, be totally conversant with the written word and not to be so, would for that person so called, be a tragedy, (if not, a 'sin') but, it is the use of the written word in the hands of those inspired to share it as the Holy Spirit gives them utterance, which is the [i]living word[/i] to those who hear.

Communication is at the heart of every relationship and through it (communication) God enlivens His spoken word such that it engenders faith in the hearer. You who listen to sermons on SI - isn't this true? You are not listening to the Bible being read out (although sometimes this itself brings a specific word of God to your heart). You are listening to the written word being [i]processed[/i] through the mind, understanding, and (should be also) the life of the preacher. God Himself makes this make sense to you (or not).

Finally, if beenblake happens to be blind and has never actually 'seen' the written word, and 'hears' it by listening rather than reading, would/could, those of you who posted counter to his points, have posted as you did?

(What I mean is, would your posts have made the same sense to you as they do when you think he holds a book in his hand?)

And, would those of you who stooped uncharacteristically to [i]mockery[/i] of bb's thesis, have been so brave?

This is not to say the discussion has not been an opportunity to learn (I speak for myself).

My next post is from Acts 8.

 2005/8/26 14:51

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Hi blake...

"Let me ask it again, do you believe Jesus is Lord?"

Jesus [u]is[/u] Lord! Philippians 2:5-11
Scripture [u]is[/u] inspired! 2 Timothy 3:16
Jesus [u]is[/u] the Word! John 1:1-5
The Bible is [u]not[/u] God, nor is it to be worshipped in any way. Exodus 20:4-6
You can [u]destroy[/u] a Bible, but you can [u]never[/u] destroy the Word of God. "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall never pass away." Matthew 24:35

Jesus is the inspiration for the written Word of God -- perfect in every way, even when the translations can be (and sometimes are) flawed.

To my feeble mind, this seems quite clear.



 2005/8/26 14:52Profile

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