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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Matthew 5:32

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philologos wrote:
Fornication was usually defined as pre-marital sexual intercourse, and adultery as post-marital sexual intercourse.

this is completely UNTRUE....lets look to even an early church father who saw them as one and the same...

Even these fathers knew fornication is not simply premarital sex but whoredom in general by anyone, married or not.

fornication (whoredom) is not necessary "adultery" (if neither is married to another) but Adultery is, by the act of [b]ILLICIT[/b] (unlawful) sexual intercourse, 'fornication' (whoredom).


 2006/5/28 11:45

 Re: Matthew 5:32

When philologos wrote the above quote, he was referring to the limitations of a dictionary definition, no matter how old, and not endorsing them at all, as adequate sources for biblical theology. Later in the thread, he gently disputed an oversimplification of the definition of adultery, saying

While there is a case for arguing that 'fornication' (as used biblically) may include all sexual immorality inside or outside of marriage, 'adultery' would always mean the betraying of the marriage bond and hence really only applicable to someone within a marriage. So 'adultery' would be a sin 'within' marriage but 'fornication' could well include sin 'within and outside' of a marriage union.

As I re-interpret this, he is agreeing with you, that [b]fornication includes sexual sin committed by a married person[/b] - whereas adultery alludes to the breaking of the marriage bond ONLY (whether with another married, or an unmarried person).

Is this clearer?

I note that at this stage in this thread, we had not disucussed what Jesus had to say about adultery being a sin of the heart only, in some guilty of it - in the same way as He said calling one's brother a fool made one guilty of murder.

 2006/5/28 22:15


thanks for the clarification, linn.

I guess Ive become a stickler for detail....a conditioned response due to too many evenings spent in discussion with overzealous legalists...

 2006/5/28 22:49

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