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With production maxed out, the best way for the producers to make money is to drive the prices up

Thats not true... the oil companies all reported record profits for the last quarter. Most of them their profits were up roughly [b]60%[/b] from that previous quarter. They are making money!

Part of the reason gas in Canada is about $4.50 in American has more to do with the exchange rate between the US and Canada. We went to Toronto about 10 years ago to see Phantom of the Opera, and the tickets in Canadian were about $90, but after the exchange rate thing we paid like $57 in US. The exchange rate has more to do with it being so high than anything else. It's probably not far off from what we're paying here after you do the math.


 2005/8/16 10:47


While I'm paying for gas in SC though, they'll probably try to get me to spend what I'm saving on gas on a state lotto ticket.

LOL... yea, I hear ya. Dont worry, they'll have the Lotto going in NC soon. Then you'll be able to help the schools. (yea right... as if Easley could keep his hands out of the cookie jar!)


 2005/8/16 10:51

 Re: Preach

Good posts, Neil... not sure I buy into it all 100%, but I think for the most part you're right on target. I am all for people driving whatever they want... it's a free country. However, I think you'll see people buying SUV's less and less.

I have to drive something bigger than a 4-cylinder. I have four kids. Not safe to cram everyone into a GEO. We have a Chrysler Town & Country mini-van. (Has a great acoustic wave stereo in it!) I drive a 4-wheel drive Jeep Cherokee with a 6 cyliner. I need it because I am constantly going to job sites, and without a 4X4 I would be getting stuck in the mud all the time. I also have a beat up 1981 Ford pickup w/ a straight 6 in it... but I use it about once a month for hauling trash to the dump. Thats it.

But I agree... I see people driving these huge trucks and Escalades... and I wonder why? We looked at SUV's, but they didnt have enough room for our family... yet they weigh much more than our van and use way more gas. I dont understand the attraction. Most are 4X4's, but how much to people actually use the 4X4? Not much, if ever.

I'm not going to condemn people for driving them... but I do wonder why.

both countries imprison more people than any other in the world

Dont know what that means...


 2005/8/16 11:00

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Does the 60 % profit not PROVE my point?? The price will continue to rise, and the profit margin will increase..The exchange rate is getting smaller, and smaller as the Canadian dollar rises in value, but there is still a big diffrence in price, considering it is coming out of my back yard, and being shipped to you all down there, where you buy it cheaper than I can.

lol Greg 8-)


 2005/8/16 20:51Profile


HMG takes about 80% in tax off what is paid at the pump. I see it as a way of getting the nation to spend, without knowing exactly how the money is deployed.

A few years ago, a decision was made to support the steel industry here - to make cars. No-one thought about the on-cost to health, HMG at the time just knew it couldn't afford to have too many people go out of work simultaneously, so it supported employment at the expense of other things - the suburban and rural railway (people had to move house, change job!) and pushed a lot of freight onto the roads.

Quite a few months ago, some protesters blocked access to fuel depots on account of prices and it brought the country to near standstill in less than three days. Succeeded in putting the Chancellor in an arm-lock. :-? Quite satisfying by one measure, but [i]very scary[/i] by another.

 2005/8/16 21:35

 Re: GAS PRICES! re anointing for burial

How can we divine the Mind of God...clearly He MUST be displeased with both countries. True that He is blessing the house church of China, and that he is blessing certain elements of the church in America, but could it be that He is annointing both for burial?

anointing the church in China and the US before He buries it?


This is a glorious word. Thank you for sharing it here, far from gas prices as it seems. It brings a perspective to this whole discussion - as well as the reference to Rev 17 + 18.

Interesting that the anointing for Jesus's burial by Mary, was also associated with a dispute about the distribution of wealth and gave opportunity to show up the thinking in men's hearts. (John 13)

 2005/8/16 23:48


Does the 60 % profit not PROVE my point?? The price will continue to rise, and the profit margin will increase..The exchange rate is getting smaller, and smaller as the Canadian dollar rises in value, but there is still a big diffrence in price, considering it is coming out of my back yard, and being shipped to you all down there, where you buy it cheaper than I can.

Time to move south, eh? (little Canadian humor!) We have a warmer climate here too... just once you get here dont wait as long as Peter Jennings did to become a citizen.


 2005/8/17 7:41

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It cost $40.40 to fill up my Maxima the other day, and i began to praise Him that some 15 years ago Holy Spirit began speaking to me "strongly" concerning "wise stewardship" and getting His/my financial house in order ...

So praise be to God that obedience has put me in a position to afford this, but my heart goes out to all those who can't ... :-o

So much trouble ahead ... so much trouble ... May all our houses be built on Jesus Christ the solid rock, for the sand is surely already shifting ...

Lutz Kleveman, Author
The New Great Game:
Blood and Oil in Central Asia

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The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World


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Iraq Enjoys Some of World's Cheapest Gas

Getty ImagesIraqi women wait their turn at a fuel collection center as an empty container is filled in Baghdad.

More About Gas Prices:
· Tell Us What You Think

More News From Iraq:
· Car Bombers Kill 43 in Baghdad

Talk About It: Post Thoughts

LONDON (Aug. 17) - Motorists struggling with high gas prices in the United States and Europe may be surprised to learn that consumers in Iraq pay as little as 5 cents a gallon, according to the International Monetary Fund's first assessment of the Iraqi economy in 25 years.

Thanks to generous government subsidies on petroleum products -- which the IMF criticized as a threat to the country's fragile economy -- Iraq has some of the cheapest gas in the world.

By contrast, Americans pay about $2.55 a gallon and Britons pay $6.24. Iraqis also pay much less for a gallon of regular gasoline than in nearby countries such as Iran (38 cents), Jordan ($1.89) and Syria ($1.74).

Even the many Iraqis who pay higher, black-market prices at the pump often make money by smuggling gasoline into neighboring countries such as Turkey, according to the International Monetary Fund's 62-page report released Monday.

Iraq's government hasn't been able to fulfill its promise to the IMF to slash the massive subsidies, given how much the country already is suffering from escalating violence by insurgents, high unemployment and inflation, and poor electricity, water and sewage services.

Last month, the Yemeni government agreed to reverse its earlier decision to lift subsidies on oil products after a wave of riots and strikes swept Yemen's major cities.

In 2004, gasoline subsidies alone cost the Iraqi government $3 billion, the IMF said.

Therefore, the IMF said it was cutting its forecast for gross domestic product growth this year from 17 percent to 4 percent. In 2004, the Iraqi GDP was $25.5 billion. This year it is projected to reach $29.3 billion.

The IMF said oil production was likely to reach only 2 million barrels a day over the year, down from its earlier estimate of 2.4 million barrels "because of the continuing sabotage of oil installations and the resulting halting of oil exports from the north."

Before U.S.-led forces defeated Saddam Hussein, whose government also heavily subsidized gas prices for consumers, average annual oil production in Iraq was 2.5 million barrels per day.

The IMF said the government was likely to run short of money in the second half of this year because of lower oil exports and a shortfall in revenue largely caused by the subsidies.

Iraq's proven oil reserves, estimated at about 115 billion barrels, are the world's third largest. The potential development of the oil sector is considerable, given that a large portion of the country remains unexplored.

That's why oil analysts closely watch Iraq's oil production and export figures to see if they will affect the world's skyrocketing oil prices, now hovering at about $66 a barrel.

"Because of the tight situation of the oil market, any increase in Iraqi production will have a positive affect on the supply side," said Muhammad-Ali Zainy, a senior energy economist at the London-based Centre for Global Energy Studies.

Iraq's economy has benefited from today's oil prices. But widespread attacks by insurgents limit its oil exports. Also, the government doesn't have the money it needs to rehabilitate and upgrade an oil industry infrastructure that has fallen apart during two decades of wars, misuse by Saddam Hussein's government and international trade sanctions.

Zainy said few changes are expected in Iraq's current oil exports of about 1.6 million barrels a day, mostly through its southern ports, which have suffered far fewer insurgent attacks than the main pipeline to Turkey in the north.

"The problem is that the Iraqi economy is in a shambles and non-oil income is trivial, so the government is almost completely dependent on oil income and whatever the international community can contribute," Zainy said.

Issam al-Chalabi, who served as Iraq's oil minister in the late 1980s, agreed.

"It's doubtful the government will be able to do anything of significance regarding its oil market this year," al-Chalabi said in a telephone interview from Jordan, where he now works as an oil consultant.

He said the insurgent attacks mean none of the world's major oil companies are willing to invest in the country.

Al-Chalabi said these companies also don't want to sign significant contracts in a country that is currently drafting a new constitution that could affect the oil industry and that plans to elect a new national government later this year.

"BP and Shell are not planning to go into Iraq any time soon. Until you get a new elected government and much better security, forget it," al-Chalabi said.


 2005/8/17 17:14Profile


Iraq Enjoys Some of World's Cheapest Gas

I'm gald someone is benefitting from the war! lol...


 2005/8/18 8:00

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