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Charlotte, NC



It is indeed insane, and there is no doubt some greed involved behind this. It costs the Saudi's $4 to make one barrel of oil, yet they sell it for $50+. I'm feeling a great pinch myself. I never paid too great attention to gas prices until last year about this time when I started to date my girlfriend who lives about 45 miles up the road. About a year ago, I was paying about $1.60 +/- .10. Now, gas here in Charlotte is about $2.55 a gal. Off the top of my head, that's probably about the 60% profit you mentioned for the one company. I'm spending at LEAST $200 a month in gas, which is nearly one entire paycheck for me (I work part-time at Target). Depending on what comes up each month, I might spend as much as $300 in gas. That's a car payment! I remember when I thought $2 per/gal was a curse... now if that were the price it would be a blessing! I know in the last week alone I've seen the gas rise probably about .20 at the pump. God forbid when the winter season comes how much more gas prices will be.

I think if we have any prayer teams at our churches, perhaps we should put on the list of things to pray for regularly is the price of the gas. I'm no economist, but it seems that if gas prices go up, then it costs more for stores to keep the shelves stocked, which also turns around and hits us as we have to pay the gas of the truck drivers who deliver the goods for the goods we buy. So, it surely effects us all really really good. All this is probably fueled by companies who feel pressure to keep the same profit margin's each year, and have a bigger and bigger nest egg to sit on. Perhaps we need more John Wesley's when it comes to preaching on financial matters these days.

Jimmy H

 2005/8/15 13:58Profile


Depending on where you are in Charlotte, it doesnt take much to run over to South Carolina to get gas. They are usually 10 cents less down there. My sister and her husband live out near the airport, not far from Carowinds, and he's been buying his gas in SC for about a year and a half.

But you're on the north end of town, right? Huntersville? It probably wouldnt be worth it for you to do that from Huntersville.


 2005/8/15 14:06


Preach it, PreachParsly !!! :-)

"Rumor" has it, we may be up to 7 or 8 a gal within two years.

When I heard that, I thought, well, it may just be an intentional misinformation thing, but thought again that,,, hey, we 'should' in our hearts be prepared for 'anything', so that we don't FREAK out when this stuff happens.

I hear all sorts of speculations about 'where we are' in Revelations. Never realised just how many "views" there were on it, till I got a computer. Phew !

And views of the meaning of the 4 Horses. Some say the white or first horse is antiChrist ... we're all entitled to our 'opinion' and I guess I may be too ... till God shows us/me otherwise.
But I don't believe it necessarily is, though it's connected to the 'source' from where he'll come out of, fer shur.

You're verse is about the 3rd or Black Horse.

How I studied Eschatology, is somewhat different I've found, than how most have I guess.
I try not to read what others say about the last days, but try to ask the Lord to help me understand and keep up with international news and such. I pray He'll lead and I know He's faithful, but I must be too.

There's verses in Daniel 7, that says that the Four Beasts, that rise up, will rise up in the Last days, "while" the Saints of the Most High are here and they with the Lord will deal with them at His Coming ...

Dan 7:17-18 These great beasts, which are four, are four kings, which [u]shall[/u] arise out of the earth. [u]But[/u] the saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom forever, even forever and ever.

Which would make us and those kingdoms concurrent.

That they "rise up" in the last days and are 'not' Ancient Kingdoms of old, but prototypes. They are Modern day kingdoms, since the forming of Israel as a nation.
There are other verses scattered that confirm this, but to each their own, for now, I guess.

I also believe these 4 beasts are the same as the 4 Horses.

I don't think the white horse is 'the' antiChrist, just his place of origin raising up (genealogically speaking), but I do think we're now under the time of the white horse.... so you may not far off there ... because that would put us, not far from the 3rd.

The second will bring war and take peace from the 'whole' earth, so that would be a good reason why the third horse, would raise gas prices and everything else goes up after that happens or because of that, maybe.

(Yeeesh ~ all'a that, just outta "gas prices")

Sorry, just got going on. :-( again.


 2005/8/15 14:17

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Albany, GA


I remember at my grandfather funeral back in Jan of 96 my parents complaining about gas going up to $.98 a gallon. Now I would give my right arm to have it like that again. We also are a one income home and military at that. Currently we live in GA and gas is 2.30 a gallon. But come Oct we are being transfered to Jacksonville, NC and I am scared to go up there now. It sounds like I am going to have to go out and get a job just to be able to afford to go from place to place.


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I remember at my grandfather funeral back in Jan of 96 my parents complaining about gas going up to $.98 a gallon. Now I would give my right arm to have it like that again. We also are a one income home and military at that. Currently we live in GA and gas is 2.30 a gallon. But come Oct we are being transfered to Jacksonville, NC and I am scared to go up there now. It sounds like I am going to have to go out and get a job just to be able to afford to go from place to place.

Hey... if you think gas is bad here in NC, be glad you're not being transfered to Cali or New England!


 2005/8/15 16:49


This subject, energy prices, is one of the few things I'm conversant on. Please allow me to speak of the markets themselves, then to address something that has been bothering me about energy policy, and then to speak of where the Spirit leads me via Scripture.

What you are seeing now in the energy markets now, particularly crude oil, issomething called "Peak Oil". What this means is that right now, worldwide we pump around 83 million barrels a day. No matter how hard we drill and explore, we have reached the Peak of production. The market's function now is to "ration" supplies by marking up the price. It's a dispassionate "animal", this free market in New York. It doesn't care if one drives a Prius or a Hummer, doesn't care who works at Target, or at Chase Manhattan.

I'll post a monthly chart so you can see the climb in price.

The tragedy I feel is that post 9/11, we did NOT institute fleet mileage requirements, in our automobiles. trucks, and unfortunatley SUV's. After all, it's war, and the way I was led to believe war entails sacrifice. Hence I'm baffled why so many gas guzzlers tool thruout this land, while our boys are in harms way securing America's energy supplies.

To me, the SUV is an insult, wasteful. I remember seeing the gas lines as a boy and pledged that i would never drive anything above a four cylinder.

Back in 2000, the day this bull market started, was the day the USS Cole was bombed, and the PLO dumped those two Israeli intelligence
operatives out of a window in hebron. My projections for crude oil have been 70 dollars first stop, then the market relaxes, then 120 in a few years. My analysis is simple, overlay 1972-1980 with today.

back then Oil went from 2 to 7...then 14 to 40.

Gasoline will trade upward's to $10 a gallon.

One of the other causes for the bull in the energies has been China. China manufactures all the "things" we like to buy. To make "things" you need oil. a country that makes "things", and makes money off of 'things", likes to buy "things" itself and have a good time. China has a new found appettite for crude, and its already clashing with our apettite.

and countries that compete for dwindling energy supplies sooner or later will go to war.

It will be China vs the US. and tens, if not hundreds of millions will die.

Whats interesting is that both countries worship money and wealth, both countries imprison more people than any other in the world, and that both countries kill more babies than any other in the world.

How can we divine the Mind of God...clearly He MUST be displeased with both countries. True that He is blessing the house church of China, and that he is blessing certain elements of the church in America, but could it be that He is annointing both for burial?

anointing the church in China and the US before He buries it?

The Spirit tell me that the "Whore of Babylon" is a world system of wealth that is tied to cheap petroleum, and this day is drawing nigh, drawing to a close.

that day will come like a thief in the night.

 2005/8/15 18:15

Joined: 2003/5/8
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Charlotte, NC



Yeah, Huntersville is in the northern part of the town. However, in a few weeks I will be starting seminary at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, which is by Carowinds, just a few miles pass the SC border. While I'm paying for gas in SC though, they'll probably try to get me to spend what I'm saving on gas on a state lotto ticket.

Jimmy H

 2005/8/15 18:15Profile

 weekly crude oil


 2005/8/15 18:19

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I'm on the road for 30k miles a year, you know I'm feeling it! Ouch is the only words that describe my thoughts every time I stop at the pump!


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Edmonton Alberta Cda.


Hello gang
Here in Edmonton Alberta Canada( within 250 miles of the biggest reserve of oil (IN THE WORLD) the price went up to 97.9 cents a liter last week. Roughly speaking about $4.50 per US gallon..With production maxed out, the best way for the producers to make money is to drive the prices up..Hold on, it will get rough..
lol Greg :-(


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