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awww... ;-)


 2005/8/12 14:36

Joined: 2005/1/11
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United Kingdom

 Re: Car Tape Experiment

'Something in me just keeps pulling me to the KJV.'
'Me too, for all I have commented here'

I wanna tell a little story....sounds like the opening to Johnny B. Goode. Nah, seriously, I have to express a very loud, AMEN!!! To both you comments.

Some years back I got the NIV audio tape New Testament, and well I travel a lot so I got to listen to the New Testament over and over and over again...It was good, but that was only because I had nothing to compare it with.

Then my sweet neighbour who is getting along in years, somewhere between 70 and 80, she reminds me a little of Corrie Ten Boom mentioned she had the Authorized Version by Alexander Scourby, so I jumped with joy, I cannot tell why, I just did.

Well, I plugged in the Gospel of John, and I think I have listened to this so many times I cannot count, there is just something about the King James that seem to find a much easier entrance to my heart.

Only after that did I come upon the huge school of defence for the King James, so essentially though I do fully support what Prof. Riplinger is doing, my real reason for choosing the King James Version, is because for some reason that Edward F. Hill called the 'common faith' ~ the Holy Spirit seems to like the combination of Himself, the Word of God and my little achy breaky

Make of it what you will, it is the one I am gonna take home with me..lalol

Aeryck by Jesus Christ.

Eric John Sawyer

 2005/8/13 13:50Profile

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Hemel Hempstead

 Re:Stick it

is there any way we could stick this one as bible translations coms up alot!!

Dominic Shiells

 2005/8/20 22:06Profile

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Reading, UK


I think some of the earlier threads have dealt/are dealing with this much more comprehensively. I don't know which one would be the right one to make 'sticky'.

Ron Bailey

 2005/8/21 4:07Profile

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Cleveland, Georgia


Yes. Make it sticky guys!

Hal Bachman

 2005/8/21 4:36Profile

Joined: 2004/8/26
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 Re: Which version of the Bible is closest to exact translation?

Just out of interest, I was in touch with Times Square Church recently, and found out that David Wilkerson recommends -
KJV Life in the Spirit Study Bible .. (Zondervan).

He apparently uses this.

I have since got a copy and found it quite good.

 2005/8/21 5:37Profile

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