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Hi Aeryck...!

Remember to "test" this book too. The material contained in it needs to be scrutinized by both the Word of God and history. Thus, I recommend research, even for the books that offer "expert advice" on such subjects.

The book is from Chick Publications, which is notoriously "KJV-only." While Chick publishes alot of wonderful tracts, don't forget that they are the same company that published the controversial and flawed [i]Alberto[/i] series, as well as the doctrinally flawed [i]He Came to Set the Captives Free[/i]. Mrs. Giplinger is quite militantly prejudiced against all other translations. Yet a simple Google search reveals that there are many who do not "buy" her argument:

Like always, the key remains to "test everything...and hold onto the good."



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My, my, brother Krispy. Why are you so defensive? What is it that you fear? You are constantly on the defense as if everyone is judging you, all the while critizing everyone and everything else.

I didnt think I was being defensive. Who have I critisized here? Arent you judging me by your last sentence? I havent critisized anyone!

Let me share a little secret with you: only Jesus is perfect; only God is good. This means everything else is corrupt. Yes, indeed, Metzger is corrupt. The bible says that all men are bad. This includes all the apostles who wrote the bible, all the translators who translated the bible, and even Tyndale. And yet, God has chosen to use these bad/corrupt men to deliver His word. Why? God is greater than men. He can use evil to bring about good.

Everything I stated about Metzger is a fact. I'll not go to someone who does not believe the Bible is literal to learn about the Bible. Thats a [b]FACT[/b], not a critizism.

Do not fret over evil. God is in control and He is in charge. He does not need you to fight His battles. He does not need you to keep the world in check. He does things according to His will.

Now you're talking down to me.

Do not be so afraid of evil. Rather, be filled with the Holy Spirit and let Jesus direct and guide your life.

You're judging me again...

We are followers of Christ. Let us do just that and follow Christ. Everytime we look away at sin and evil, we lose our focus. When we are filled with Christ, we are filled with peace, love, and joy.

So then I suppose your are suggesting we ignore scripture when Paul exhorts us to earnestly contend for the faith? Or to mark and avoid false teachers? Or to correct a brother when he is error?

The marshmellow pop-psych brand of Christianity you apparently promote is a danger. Of all the things worth contending for, the Word of God is on the top of the list.

I'm not afraid of evil... that is not why I contend for truth. I contend for truth because the Word of God tell me to.

Before you consider this a personal attack, it is not intended to be one. I wrestle not against flesh and blood. But you have leveled judgements on me while accusing me of being judgemental. You know nothing about me. This ought not to be. You are not debating the issue here... you are coming after me personally. This happens often when one can not defend their own position in light of the facts.

So please... stay focussed on the issue, and not on me.


PS... if you'd like, when I have time I would be happy to send you a ton of documented information on Bruce Metzger. If after reading it you still think he's the bomb, then we really dont anything more to discuss on this topic. It's ok to discuss people who claim to be experts (as long as it's factual, and not gossip!). Thats called being a Berean, my friend.

 2005/8/12 6:19

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 Partially True or Common Faith

Hi Chris,

This book is being promoted by Jack Chick, but it was released by AV Publications, and is written by Professor Gail Riplinger. Obviously, one would have to read the book to draw a firm conclusion as to whether her argument was valid or not. Much the same as Rick Warren's book the 'Purpose Driven Life', is it a lie or truth, can only be determined by reading it, not simply by a few cheap shots from the google search engine, the first link which is anti-kjv onlyism, which Prof. Riplinger's work is not.

I am happy to say that I have heard Prof. Riplinger in direct conference with the oppossers, and well let's just say they did not fare very well. She was calm, splendid, and right on target.

You have got to remember that we are talking about severe butchering of the texts by the practitioners of Higher Criticism, who treated the Bible merely as a book of litreture.

God the Holy Spirit has revealed by Jesus Christ in John 10:35, that the Scipture, which is the Word of God, cannot be broken!

Truthfully, I have no problem with a brother or sister, reading whatever bible they want, but when it comes to the issue of autheniticity, I would not touch a bible that has the route traced back through Nestle and to Westcott and Hort, and to the Duo Rheims and back through Clement, Origen and Jerome, these are practitioners of false doctrine and those who have applied a means of analysis, to the Scriptures that is what a person might do if they came to a book by someone else and changed major sections to fit in with their own ideas. Let's just say that the Textus Receptus did not experience such a degree of butchering, and as such is a far superior text, having it's root to the original autographs of the New Testament and as much as the Old Testament is concerned well, that is even clearer.
Higher Criticism has done much to cut and chip away at what already was regared at the onstet as being something quite inappropriate in at least the eyes. Of Dean John Burgon, who stood firmly against a Revision, this revision was done, and it was based on a flawed revision by Westcott and Hort, so if one is to choose, I would advise strongly against bibles that attack the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is what seems to have been the criteria of those who were happy to adopt the Alexandrian texts, namely the Aleph and B and P75 AND P66, I am saddened that such ignorance has permeated through to our time, but this is the problem time, has erroded our sensibility on such serious matters.

I have tried to explain the position and maybe I have gone on a bit, but it is not because I wish to argue merely to express that their needs to be considerably more research into this matter before one becomes linky monstrous and endeavours to sweep away a legitimate challenge to the blindness that has allowed, the Modern Critical Textual Critics to gain supremacy over the 'common faith' which was how the Holy Spirit guided the early church into all truth.

In Jesus Christ,


Eric John Sawyer

 2005/8/12 7:39Profile

 Re: Partially True or Common Faith

I like Gail Riplinger, she really can articulate well. I've heard her being interviewed a number of times. I recommend her highly.


 2005/8/12 7:41

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Tennessee, USA


My dear Krispy,

I am not judging you. I am encouraging you. I am asking you to follow Jesus. Jesus commanded that we love God, love our neighbor, and love our enemy. It was Jesus who promoted this "marshmellow pop-psych brand of Christianity." He commanded us to complete submission by saying that we should take up our cross daily. If we truly sacrifice ourselves to Jesus Christ, then we will not fight against the world, we will not fear it or the evil's within, rather, we will love it, for there is nothing but love radiating from God.

Why do you judge Metzger? Whether it is fact or not, why are prosecuting him? Is it loving to hold him under such harsh light?

I am not perfect either. I am sure you could criticize me just the same. You could pick me apart how I don't obey every command or follow every rule. And I have no doubt I could do the same with you. Yes, these errors in us would be fact. We are human. We are not God. However, God's grace is suffucient even for you, me, and Metzger.

I believe with all my heart that your passion is due to a deep passion for Christ. However, passion easily turns into fear. And fear brings about judgement, critism, and close-mindedness. Don't you think we should be accepting of our brother's and sister's despite thier flaws?

It is true what Paul has said. Jesus also said that we should approach a brother in private if he sins against us. There is a difference between telling the whole world of another's sin and approaching that person in private. It is up to that person to confess thier sins. It is more loving to respect thier decision not to do so and give them time to repent. When we point out faults in others, we are prosecuting them much like a lawyer in a courtroom. Jesus did not do this. He could have easily judged the world. Rather, He loved it.

The bible does not command us to go therefore into the world and point out the wrongs in everyone. Paul says to beware of false teachers. He does not say, "Go and warn your brother's and sister's if you think someone is a wolf in sheep's clothing." Do you not think that I have Christ in me? Do you not think Christ will protect me? Do you not believe God is in control? I do not need you to warn and protect me of wolves. Christ is my shepard. Not you.

Jesus is all that matters. Let us follow Jesus. Let us be a light admist darkness. Jesus said that our strongest testimony will be our love for one another. And so, out of love for one another, let us encourage and build each other up. Let us not be quick to point out faults and errs.

You seek truth. There is but one truth: Jesus Christ. Follow Him and you will contend with truth.

This is all that I am saying: follow Jesus.

Blake Kidney

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 Re: Which version of the Bible is closest to exact translation?


After reading all these posts....

I'm not sure what to believe.


For what it's worth, I rely on the KJV most of the time, but I use the E-sword bible software also to compare other versions.

Something in me just keeps pulling me to the KJV.

God bless all of you!

In Christ,



 2005/8/12 8:02Profile


Why do you judge Metzger? Whether it is fact or not, why are prosecuting him? Is it loving to hold him under such harsh light?

Sorry, friend... I'm not even going to reply to this. Or any of the rest of your post. Not trying to be mean. Just not going to get into it with you.

One more thing... you said:

Jesus is all that matters.

Truth is what matters. And Jesus is Truth.


 2005/8/12 8:41

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 Re:beenblake your comments to Krispy

This is not a free for all site.

This is Jesus, that you are talking about.

Jesus who is holy, who is seated on the throne.

We have to show respect for members and this Site, that allows us entry into the Forum.

If you did not know, you now will know.
This site is for the edification of our walk with God, being subject to God, for what we do or say on this Site.

Be careful of spoken words.

James 1:26
If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain.


 2005/8/12 8:45Profile


Thank you Ellie...

I would recommend that anyone who is new here (beenblake) take time to understand where people are coming from here. There are thousands and thousands of posts on this site that people have written. It's dangerous to show up on a forum and start comment on people who have been here for awhile.

All of my thoughts on this subject are available. Just look 'em up.

Enough of the smoke screen... lets stop talking about me, and talk about the topic of this thread. If you want to talk about me, start a new thread instead de-railing this one.


 2005/8/12 9:02

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Something in me just keeps pulling me to the KJV.

me too, for all I have commented here. :-)

Ron Bailey

 2005/8/12 9:03Profile

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