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Joined: 2008/9/14
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Pineville, LA

 IMB Vaccine Mandate

So I have been spending months working toward being accepted by the IMB for deployment for the mission field. I finally received approval! However, upon announcing that I had been accepted to the IMB, they added an additional requirement. They said that in order for me to even go to the initial round of interviews to decide where I would go (which occurs prior to official employment), that I must receive the vaccine.

Here is there policy:

I have not spoken on here much about it. But I have told them it violates my conscience to receive the vaccine. They said, and I quote, "We would hate for this to be the reason why you didn't work with us." I am at a loss. I gave up my home, my belongings, and 3 years of my life to live in a dorm room on a college campus as a 34 year old man (part of the requirement to receive scholarships from the school) to get a degree to do this. I am literally bouncing from house to house, working a low-paying job just to make ends meet, because by this point in time, I was supposed to be in training and getting ready to leave the States. And I wasn't trying to be unwise in what I did, I had to make these preparations in order to meet the expected deadlines that they were giving to me. After graduation, shucking even more of my belongs, winding down my financial obligations, etc, they drop this bomb on me.

I take great comfort that the Lord sees the sacrifice I have made to even attempt to be faithful. But still, I am deeply disheartened, as they offer no exception, even though the country I desire to go to doesn't require it.

I just don't understand any of this. I am very, very concenered about the direction of the SBC as of late, and this just finalizes my thoughts.

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 Re: IMB Vaccine Mandate

Dear brother,
My sense is that you remaining true to your convictions and keeping a clear conscience will bear much kingdom fruit in the long run, even though in the short term it seems like a nail in the coffin of your gospel advancing endeavors to not submit to their mandate. Thanks for sharing your testimony. It is encouraging. I also appreciate how you are not railing against people that are taking the vaccine with a clear conscience. This issue seems far more about people seeking God and responding to his voice (as they interpret it), and then continuing to love others, regardless of differences, while standing firm in their own convictions. All the while, remaining open to new information, changes of mind, new revelation. Not hating people who think differently, but also wanting to remain pure in heart before the Lord at all costs. I appreciate your spirit in this, in reading your post.

 2021/9/30 10:13

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Germany NRW

 Re: IMB Vaccine Mandate


I haven't yet heard any scriptural argument against the vaccination, only political arguments. If you have one, tell me, I will listen to any scriptural based argument.

Most of those opposing Covid vaccination have been vaccinated against Polio, Tetanus, Smallpox whatever. All missionaries societies will require their sent out staff to get necessary vaccination against tropical diseases. Covid is no difference. it is nothing new.

Covid vaccination is neither the mark of the beast nor the signing off of your birth right. It is just a vax, period. I do not care what arguments Christians try to pull, if it is not based on sripture. I got the vax and did not start to worship Satan afterwards.

Paul once claimed protection through his Roman citizenship. Rome at that time embraced an institutionalizen satanic state religion. Then he boarded a ship dedicated to Castor and Pollux - all not problem for him because he knew that this did not defile him. Do you think you defile yourself when you get the vax?

Just make sure your Anti-Covid conviction is not stronger than the call of the Lord.

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Joined: 2008/9/14
Posts: 902
Pineville, LA


I will note this: If you are confused and still praying through whether or not you should get the vaccine, what follows are reasons why I am NOT getting it, at least at this time. I have no desire to sway you to my side of thinking, as this specifically deals with an area of my own conscience. Since I have been asked why this is an issue, I will address the reasons. If you want to research, pray, and seek the Lord to make your own decision, don't let me get in the way of that.

Seriously. You probably shouldn't read past this point if you are not sure.

For Real.

Anyhow. So this is a biblical reason, because as of now, I absolutely cannot take the vaccine without violating my own conscience. It would be a sin FOR ME to do so. I will even admit that it is entirely possible that I am what would be termed as "the weaker brother." That's fine. I still have to deal with my own conscience regarding these things. As far as whether or not that reason is Biblical: it absolutely is. Anything not done in faith is sin. After researching and studying this topic, I have determined that due to the following things, I cannot receive the vaccine:

1). The vaccine uses aborted fetal lines in either testing or manufacturing, all of which fall under the category "development." Here's proof:

2). I have natural immunity. I have already had COVID. There is no need for me to get a vaccine. I would only be risking harm to myself in order to satisfy someone else's demands.

3). The fact that this is so politicized makes it extremely difficult to sort through the facts. It is hard to make heads or tails of a lot of the information that is being released. If I were going to buy a house, marry a wife, join a church, or make any other decision that had this much controversy attached, you bet I would put on the brakes and keep searching until I had a clear picture of what I was getting myself into. I think that is wise, not evil or political.

4). These vaccines have skipped animal trials. Which means we are the defacto experiment, and I will absolutely not subject myself to that kind of slavery, if I am a free man, and that's biblical too. Coupled with the fact that every single other SARS vaccine FAILED animal trials, I do not have much reason to believe that skipping animal trials was a good idea and that the vaccine is actually safe.

5). I only know of 1 person who died of COVID that was unvaccinated. They were extremely elderly and already were in hospice. However, I know of many more (Reliably I can account for 13) who were fully vaccinated that have died of pneumonia or other complications after getting COVID either again or the first time. I am not convinced that it is effective or safe.

6). The totality of these things, plus other minor/possible issues that are still unclear to me culminate in me feeling very uneasy about it. There are moral issues tied up in many of these. I have been unable to convince myself that I would be honoring the Lord to even get the vaccine. I have tried. I really, really want to go to the mission field. But I am not willing to violate my conscience to do it. I have given up my whole life for this. But I will die on this hill if it means that I have to sin in some way to go with the IMB.

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Joined: 2011/8/14
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I can readily see your heart ,..the desire you have to go forth and serve The Lord with this particular organization.

I too, have had great desires to do things in my life,.. and was just bent
to do it,... but since we know that God knows the end from the beginning, He has moved my will out of the way, and brought about His will, which was far greater, and was grateful afterwards for it.

Who knows what God has in mind for you ??!!,... if you stay faithful to Him.
He see’s your desire to serve Him.
If we remain ‘in Him, He makes the Way in His Way... and we then can see His miraculous workings,... that the worldly / fleshly people do not get the opportunity to see.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (KJV)
5 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. “

6 “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”



 2021/9/30 21:23Profile

Joined: 2008/10/30
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 Re: IMB

"God not only orders our steps, He orders our stops."
- George Mueller

The International Mission Board is not the only missionary organization.

You have numerous other options.

A list of them all would make this a very lengthy post.

Some years ago I had my heart set upon a certain Bible College. But in God's providence at the last minute I was prevented from going. But God...

I was in such despair and so disappointed I became very depressed. I thought that this was the will of God and that I'd missed it.

Little did I realize that it was all according to His perfect will. Soon after, I was accepted to another Bible College. I went, and the rest is His-Story.

Only in hind-sight can I see the Hand of God weaving His own portrait on the canvas of my life. I had my plans, but God had His. I'll take His over mine anytime.

Proverbs 16:9

We make our own plans, but the LORD decides where we will go.

A man's heart devises his way: but the LORD directs his steps.

You may make your plans, but God directs your actions.

A person may plan his own journey, but the LORD directs his steps.

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It is most important that you have a clear concience before God ! Then the opinions of men are not important anymore. Remember, the majority is usually...wrong ! Moses sent out 12 spies, 10 of them thought they knew better. If you are willing not to compromise then God can use you in mighty ways.
Trust Him, then He can do mighty works through you, without a human organisation . But it would be good if you had a Biblical church that supports you.
Let us know how you are getting on how God is using you. Stay strong and look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith...

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Joined: 2005/1/9
Posts: 1260
Germany NRW


Dear havok20,

though we disagree on the Covid issue, I appreciate that you follow your conscience.

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Joined: 2008/9/14
Posts: 902
Pineville, LA


Thank you all for the encouragement! May the Lord bless His people in this difficult time!

 2021/10/2 19:57Profile

Joined: 2008/8/13
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In the case of IMB what are their scriptural basis to enforce mandatory vaccination?

With the misleading information, censorship, global authoritarian policies, the ethical as well as technological retrofitting of communication technology, mass media, medicine, & science to ensure that these agenda are implemented, where are we heading to.

The mob rule and persecutions that happened in the books of Acts, how did they start?

 2021/10/2 21:27Profile

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