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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Will the walls of denomination be torn down?

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"I really wished Greg would do like a lot of other forums I belong to, warn everyone to please stay "ON TOPIC", if he or the other mods would do this, SI would be a more constructive place to come to and post, as I really only mostly read anymore, due to some many threads going off topic, and my thread pretty much proves this."

You are so right MrBill.
I think the problem is that we are self centered and think our opinions matter most, instead of trying to "build each other up" , respect the posters questions and wishes and keep to the topic !

Blessings, Markus

 2021/9/23 15:39Profile

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Going back to the original post and after thinking about "the walls" I would like to add this.
The walls wont matter in the end as we will (all who are in Christ) come out from behind the walls and as I said before go out to the wilderness.Anyone who trys to bring out denominational rules and structures will be likened to the Pharisees or brood of vipers who tried to bring their "walls" or "rules" or "control mechanisms" with them when they saw that their congregations were going out to hear the true preaching,
urs staff

 2021/9/24 13:57Profile

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