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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : Revival is coming Prophetic word from Kenneth Hagin

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The prosperity gospel and the charlatans who teach it will be weighed and found wanting. I am thankful I read SI make a clear statement there is no endorsement of such a person and the raising awareness over concern of heresy.

Simple Servant

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 Re: Revival is coming Prophetic word from Kenneth Hagin

Brothers and sisters in Jesus
As i read these posts i am saddened that you are so so together that u can criticize a brother in Christ
Kenneth Hagin was a powerful man of GOD. Did He make mistakes im sure He did. Do u make mistakes Im sure you do we all do.
As I see this plague the Corona virus i see the Lord allowed it for the church. Seems the churches were closed and most everything else was not. Some are still closed. Perhaps God is trying to get peoples attentions.. Why because GOD is speaking.
Want revival.?? your way or GODS..?? Many want it but want their opinions and programs more. Greg sorry I don't believe he was not on.
I guess you feel that way about Katherine Kuhlman also.. Im saddened to read some of these comments. The enemy sure is working here in these divisive comments. Rev 12:11 they overcome him with the BLOOD OF THE LAMB AND THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY.. THE enemy accuses..
Can u not see Jesus in Kenneth Hagin.? Can you not see Jesus in me.?? My bible tells me to see JESUS in you..
But thats what the Holy Spirit has taught me..
I must wonder will you support a revival if the lord breaks your religious boxes.?? He will and He is continuing to..
Im happy i have discernment to take the meat out of the bones and to discern what is GOD and what is not. Are you going to throw the whole baby out with the bath water. Who is perfect?? I believe the wORD SAYS aLL HAVE SINNED AND FALLEN SHORT Romans 3:23.
I pray each person looks at their own hearts. I pray each person repents..
I do agree we need to test the spirits Blaine always warned me of the narrow-mindedness of this forum. Do we want revival? Mans way or God's way.?
It will be Gods way when men/women get out of the way with their agendas. Greg feel free to tell me to stop posting on here.. I have discernment and so does Sid Roth he spoke and posted this and I was encouraged and will continue to wait and pray for a GOD sent revival that will break all the denominational religious walls and people will be saved. People with tattoos, ear rings in their noses.. Thats who God will minister to and by you better hold on to your hat ... and I cant wait ..
Seems Jesus had problems with the pharisees also.. I pray for Mercy for each person on this forum and in the church and for all who cannot take the meat and spit out the bones. Perfect churches perfect forum.. It just became imperfect when I arrived and You..
A daughter of the King and a member of the body of Christ.
An imperfect vessel wanting to love and saved by HIS Grace and Mercy.
God Bless you all.
In Jesus


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You will never pour cold water in me because I will not let you nor will the LORD.. You are entitled to your opinion I agree to disagree
Bless u


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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Want revival.?? your way or GODS..?? Many want it but want their opinions and programs more. Greg sorry I don't believe he was not on.
I guess you feel that way about Katherine Kuhlman also..

Dear sister,

Thankful for your heart for revival and God's working in the Church. You are right none of us have the corner on revival or how God works. We all must stay humble, see God working where we don't expect it and realize the greatest thing that hinders God's work is pride and self-sufficiency, especially a religious self-sufficiency.

I do have Kathyrn Kuhlman's sermons on SermonIndex, when I was a young Christian I was influenced by Benny Hinn and he pointed to Kathryn Kuhlman. I agree sister those who are mature can eat the meat and spit out the bones. Also God's servants have never been perfect as you alluded to.

Within all of this there is also a place for godly discerment by the Holy Spirit.

Your heart for revival sister is nothing I wanted to discourage by my comments. May God bless you.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Word of Faith: A Powerful New Revelation, The True Gospel with Errors, Or Not the Gospel At All?

From "The Line of Fire" radio broadcast

By Michael Brown

I would encourage all those that are not sure of whether the Word of Faith teachers are teaching truth or error or a mixture to listen to this discussion. This balanced teaching will prove to be helpful to you.


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im, not indorsing Hagin, in posting this, because honestly, i don't know enough about him, but I want to encourage others to do a study on revival manifestation of the past, the welsh revival, and the first and second great awakening, remembering that the gifts of the spirit were not common in those days and people never as paul said in 1cor desired these gifts because they were taught then they ended with the canonization of the bible. So the gift of discerning of spirits was not being exercised, in any real way, and people never learned nor was it taught to cast out unclean spirits, which created a combination of spiritual manifestation, which can look real bad or confusing. . !cor12 10 to another the working of miracles, to another c prophecy, to another d the ability to distinguish between spirits, Don't think for one minute will be able to properly discern different spirits without this gift,so encourage all to seek this gift out in pray till you receive it, so that you will judge right.... please dont assume you have this gift,be 100 percent sure ..i repost..... because God has started his move the early stages of the revival have started this is been prophesied for many years god layed this on my heart about 10 years ago that there was a great awakening coming, and it is to first go down a small stream ,a small tributary , and that he would anoint only a small proportion of the greater church to pray for this great awakening and decree and declare its coming, it's about to come many Christians are going to reject this move of God because it doesn't fit their theological pattern of the way they think God should work and this has happened in every revival the goes back to the day of Pentecost gods not going to move the way most of us think he's , many people are going to call this heresy when it comes don't be one of those people and grieve the holy spirit and stand in judgement against the move of God that's about to come, study the revivals of the past look who was rejecting them there are always church members and denominations that stood against the moves of God because of what they saw is demonic manifestations which were taking place which always take place when God moves his spirit upon people don't be fooled into thinking revival doesn't have manifestations of unclean spirits,its very hard to deal with when so much of the holy spirit moving around, read Jonathan Edwards, John Wesley read their accounts , see what was happening when they preached. They weren't sure what was going on and why there was so many people falling over and there are so many outcries and weeping and wailing and don't be fooled into thinking revivals going to be a gentle move of the spirit, God will be doing his own deliverance ministry, without the help of man, this will be one of the greatest moves of the spirit and it's going to push out at every demon and unclean spirit on a massive scale don't let your theology and your doctrine get in the road of being a part of what's about to come. Don't be so rigid and denominational, gods spirit always works across denominational lines in anyone who's willing to receive his spirit and doesn't want to put gods spirit into a box , God does new things and I think every revival that's came before has always created wonder and signs and confusion, this one will be the same and too many people have labelled the moves of the holy spirit as moves of the Devil I was guilty of doing that myself being partly a calvinist, pray for the gift of the spirit of discernment so that when this move comes you won't reject it and suffer the chastisement and the pain that comes along with grieving and quenching God spirit it's coming very soon study revival now while you have the chance go back through the old books study the the journal of John Wesley study see what was happening is always going to be a mixture of the demonic and the spirit of God in one setting, and when there's a big move of God like that is very hard to control, gods spirit will be in control of casting out demons himself ,spirit of God will make these manifestations common and then people will label the whole move of God as a demonic, don't do it , judge with righteous judgement and make sure you've pulled that plank out of your own eye so that you'll be able to see clear of what's about to come to pass .

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