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 Re: Final take

So what is the final take? Now that everything is over?

1. Are they false prophets because what they said did not come to pass?
2. Prophets who did not see clearly and made a minor mistake somewhere?

I would not call anyone true or false prophets, because I personally do not hear such people. I would call them people who have not entered the new covenant life. They themselves do not enter nor do they allow others to enter. Even their listeners are also kept under the old covenant. Such prophecies do not build the church but distract the Church from its primary purpose.

Luke 5:39 - And no one after drinking old wine wants new, for he says, ‘The old is better.’”

People who hear such old covenant prophecies will say that old is good and will not come to a powerful new covenant prophecy that will actually build them into a New Covenant life.


Quote by Zac Poonen :-
The main purpose of new-covenant prophecy is (1) to save God's people from their sins and (2) to build the church. This is what we must proclaim in all the meetings of our churches - because Jesus came for these two purposes: (1) to save His people from all sin (the first promise in the New Testament - Matt.1:21); and (2) to build His church (Matt.16:18).


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Hi Sree,
1 Its not over until its over and this has not run its course.Lazarus was rotting ,Mordecai has a gallows ready for him,and Moses was stuck between a rock and a hard place standing at the red sea before God moved.In sporting terms we are in overtime which is the time God moves
2 The majority of Christians say they hear from God.
A few examples ,
Christians say "I was praying and I got drawn to this or that scripture"
Why should I listen to them ?
Why should I believe them?
Cant the God of all things reveal the future as well as drawing Christians to a scripture?
Every Sunday and the majority SI sermons are based preachers ,pastors and teachers who say things like "I was praying and I asked God what to speak on and he said this or pointed me to this."
Or how many times have we heard "I have a witness to this or that".

Why believe them if the Holy Spirit cant reveal things?

Again Prophesy is for the edification,exhortation and consolation of the Church (new testament)
How can prophesy(true prophesy not charlatans) detract from the primary purpose of the Church if its for edification,exhortation and consolation?

And lastly has God revealed to you that these people have "not entered the new covenant life" and if he has revealed it to you ,how did he do it by a dream,a word of wisdom or by a scripture or scriptures?and why should I believe you?(if the Holy Spirit doesnt reveal things).In the sense that you may have not seen clearly or made a minor mistake somewhere,
urs staff

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Staff when would you consider it over?

If Biden is inaugurated and somehow impeached Trump would not become President again. Even if the DNP admitted now that they committed massive election fraud to elect Biden it is not clear Trump would still be President. There would likely have to be another election if that happened.


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I still dont count it over even after Presidents Trumps speech a few minutes go about a transition to the next administration.Not because of Trump but because of God.
I want to see whether God will move .If its found out at any stage that their was fraud that caused Trump to lose the election like the voting machines etc then thats it Biden will be out no other election.
Lets wait and see until the 20th or maybe beyond and see will there be a miracle ,lets see will it rain for Noah ,will Lazarus be raised for Mary and Martha or will the Red Sea part.
Cant we wait for God?.
This isnt about the imperfect person Donald Trump but about the faithfulness of the Perfect person God our father.
If i may ask a question.
What happens if their is a massive miracle and God pulls it out for Trump?Wont that be a game changer for Christians in the US?Wont that trigger a celebration like we have not seen since VE day.
I want to see the glory of God and I can only see it if everyones efforts has failed except his .I want to Glorify Gods brilliance not Trumps brilliance.
The only thing that crosses my mind in the natural is are the military going to have their say.
urs staff

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 Re: Its not over till GOD says...

It is not over until GOD says...
Do we not walk by Faith and not sight..
Its not over until GOD says..
Timing is everything..
Im standing on what the True Prophets have said..
It is a shaking of the sheep and the goats.
GOD will see who will stand for righteousness or not.
A believer
Sister Frannie


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Hi Sree,TMK
Even if the words of Prophets come to pass regarding the election and that the word of God is in their mouths we still need a massive clean up with the prophetic so that it wont be rejected by the rest of the Church because of crazy behaviour or other antics,urs staff

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Hi Sister Frannie,
Im low today but Im rising in faith this evening and the intent of everyones hearts will be revealed and we will all be humbled including myself first of all.Like you said he is seperating the sheep in our lives from the goats in our lives but its a seperation to Holiness,
I refuse to believe God has had his say yet....,
Thanks for the post ,,,urs staff Im lifted more

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Dothan, Alabama


Question to all:
Who here on SI doesn’t hear from the Lord directly (personally) ?


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