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Dear Saint, Your precaution is to wear masks etc and to follow CDC guidelines and guidelines the world tells you to do, Our PRECAUTION is to be careful not to offend God with unbelief, fear and Mistrust. And especially NOT to defame his character as the God who is unable to protect his people from plagues as they worship him together. God forbid. That is not our God. His truly obedient children Faith filled children will not catch plagues as they obey to gather and worship him. If you believe otherwise,its your choice but be it unto each one according to their faith. And another PRECAUTION is to LISTEN keenly to WHAT GOD is saying to do in these days. What God says..that is wisdom and life. To use the words stupid, silly etc to describe saints position of faith you disagree with only sounds like worldly carnality and anger and needs to be repented of brother. I will not say you are carnal, let God judge but your words sound, carnal, and angry and attacking. thereby not edifying or profitable to anyone. Does Not sound like it's truth coming from a heart filled with love and gentleness. May God open all our eyes. May repentance come.

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 Re: HOW CHristians TALK TO SAINTS/WOMEN or Men or even children

Thank you Brother Bill. Praise God. I pray all my life and testimony will be submissive to these scriptures. I pray God continues to give me grace to take heed and be obedient to these scriptures all my life. As for receiving these right now, Jesus speaks truth but a bruised reed will he not break. I was just really wondering where are all the true Christlike men/brothers when a brother is using words like stink stupid etc to talk to a sister. Do you see that as right brother? Were you grieved by it? Did you address the brother with truth and warnings?It is one matter to correct a wrong doctrine of your think its wrong which in this case cannot be proven wrong biblically, but using words like stink stupid silly etc with a sister was not necessary or like Christ. I hope saints do not speak like that to our wives or children when we do not agree? This was my first experience to hear a christian brother who claims to be spiritual and able to judge christian doctrine or attitudes speak that way to a sister and I was shocked and my heart was wounded (for a few minutes though I will not get offended, since Psalm 119:165 is true, also Christs words of healing through some other saints brought peace and health) It truly was just someone abusing or belittling/bullying/dismissing a sister with no evidence and truly no excuse. It was not done in the right spirit nor influenced by right spirits. Correction in love is what Christ does when saints are wrong. Using words like stink stupid are what worldly unsaved liberals do to make people cower submit to their worldly liberal socialist etc beliefs. Im surprised only 1 or 2 brothers here saw anything wrong with a brother talking like that to a sister and to speak the truth that transforms to him? Well Praise God for brother Caleb. I know Joshua our Jesus and Caleb did so praise God. Did you our dear brother Bill see anything wrong with that? Are these scriptures meant only for the weaker vessels or for both? Again I do not understand why I only was addressed here brother but thank you for the scriptures. Let us not err or judge from appearances but make righteous judgements led by Gods Spirit, CHristian love and truth. I appreciate your concern and scriptures. I will always humble myself where truth of scriptures are presented, not just opinions.

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 Re: Praise God

Thank you Sister. Testimony was a blessing. Thank you also for reminding us about the personal losses of many. Deeply feel the pain of true members of Christ. Praying for Alan and Dina now and comfort and grace for those mourning in his body in these days. You are loved in HIm as is every other blood bought saint. Sincerely, your sister, M.

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Maybe God is using this virus to shake up those who have been playing games, not really born again. The fact that they are fearful is evidence that they know not God! Giving them time to repent and give their life to Him before it is too late. May we have ears to hear for time is short and this is just the start to the shakings we are all about to see come upon the earth.

Amen Brother. Yes. Its time to get truly saved/born again if death is still so fearful and if backslidden its time to repent and return to our loving heavenly father who will in no wise cast us out while we are still alive. God give me/ grace us all grace to do so these last days.. Bless you Brother Steve.

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 RE: The effect of righteousness is Peace / Minnesota

Thank you brother. You shall know saints by their fruits. Your grace truth and love in Christ and peacemaking grace brought healing and grace."And the work of righteousness shall be peace, and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance forever." Isaiah 32:17

Also, after looking more closely, I realize I may have been confused. Is Sis Maggie who Greg’s OP references the same as sister Margie who posted in the thread twice thereafter?

Yes brother it is me.

Brother do you live in Minnesota? If you still do I thank God. We need saints of God there so glad you are there praying. May God save Minnesota. its quickly become a muslim stronghold. May God save many there and pour out his spirit there.

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Sister Margie-

I do apologize for coming on too strong. It is nothing personal. I just very strongly disagree with your position and the theology behind it.

Just to be clear and to save everyone having to go back and look for it- I never called you stupid or silly or absurd etc- I am referencing a theological position not you personally.

Your statements like this are what I take strong objection to:

"If weaker Christians in faith feel they need masks in church there is no condemnation."

Don't you see how that sounds? You are essentially saying that people who decide to wear a mask in public places, based on their best judgment and hopefully with prayerful consideration, are weak Christians. Don't you see how condescending THAT sounds? You may think I sound condescending and I admit sometimes I can sound that way, but your statement takes the cake in that regard.

Might I submit that very STRONG Spirit-filled Christians may decide to wear a mask in public? And that the Lord may be 100% okay with their decision?

You seem to be suggesting this is not possible. You suggest that strong Christians would never wear a mask because to do so is offensive to God. I would say that is very presumptuous indeed.

How about we just let people do what they think is best, and not condemn them for it?


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 Re: Some scriptural Reasons Christians should not wear masks in church services or st

Dear Sister Margie, I think you need to calm down a bit.

Masks protect the other person, not so much you.

In our church we had people who did not want to come because we mandated masks and others would not come if we did not mandate masks!

I gladly wear a mask if it helps to set my brother at ease and he will attend our fellowship for that reason.

Did you not read what brother Alan shared? Did he get the bug because of lack of faith? He risked his life caring for his father! Should he have stood in the pulpit preaching despite of the virus he caught and endanger his fellowship?

Joseph and Mary were caught up in the Roman census and had to give birth at a very inconvenient time. Of course, one may argue, the census was totally pointless and King David was judged by God for this very reason.
Imagine Mary had refused to be registered by stating that she carried the Son of God in her womb, who was the King of Kings and not subject to the pagan Roman authority?

Why not bear a little inconvenience for the sake of my brothers health. Why make liberty and freedom an idol?

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 Re: SisterMargie

The scriptures I posted were for all. I just saw a lot of "I's" in one of your posts, as it appeared to me there was a lot of puffing up going on. Remember, we're ALL equal in God's eye's, and our works will never get us into Heaven, by Grace we get there. I'm personally grateful for all you're doing for the kingdom of God. Our testimony's should be more about what we were doing, before we ask Christ into our lives, not what we are doing now. The lost sheep need to know that once we were lost, if not more lost than they are. Yes, it's ok to bring up "some" of the things we are doing for Christ, to maybe help others with a direction, but ultimately, we should allow God to lead us. As for as me commenting on your question, is it right for a Brother to speak this way, I'm not going to answer that, why? because as a sinner, I don't cast stones, Prayer works better for me, and the person/persons I pray for.


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Maybe God is using this virus to shake up those who have been playing games, not really born again.


We all have strong opinions in these times where great pressures are being put on all peoples worldwide. What is certain is many of these pressures are man-made and to control people. Any saint who is discerning can see through alot of the facade.

I am not denying there is not a real virus called Covid-19. But what I am advocating is that we consider these pressures are not from God and are causing Churches and Christians to literally "close" their mouths and not testify for the Lord or share the gospel.

I feel it is a "muzzle" on the body of Christ.

Think of Daniel where the ungodly men passed laws for the entire land but their only goal in the end was to capture Daniel. I see the same thing at play here where churches are being shut and controlled greatly. Untold amount of believers are discouraged, falling into sins, and not testifying of the Lord.

We need to be bold in our day. What can a virus do but kill our body, but God can kill the soul in hell., So therefore we fear God and obey Him.

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 Re: brother Greg

Yes Amen 🙏🏻

What’s the point of making this a legal issue amongst ourselves, the body of Christ ?
This can be, and should be by believers, taken as a matter of faith not law. As a matter of conscience, if the spirit of the living God is leading you and this is your testimony in these matters, then who are we to judge another mans servant ? We too are servants in the same house with both a common foundation and master. (For me) we could be better utilized by the Lord if we simply keep our lamps lit, at the ready and be available to share what’s been shared with us, the Kingdom, serving to also provide margin by standing in the gap between the living God and a (spiritually) dead people, going both before Him on their behalf and to them on His behalf. For this we need mercy to be given to us to that we can give it to others. (In my experience) the more mercy we give to others, the more we receive from the Lord.
I’ve caught myself doling out mercy based on what (I believe) is due... but I should be giving it based on how much is available and not on how much I think they deserve. This is a very dangerous and subtle sin that has escaped me for years but now I’ve seen it in myself and the light of truth, His presence, convicts me and repentance follows. Now with new (heart) eyes to see, my desire is to go all in on every opportunity the He allows, the alabaster jar not jus poured out,... but broken at His feet and wasting it all on Him. Not presuming I have anything of worth to offer anyone save that which my savior gave me.
“Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have I give thee”
That is the Kingdom of God in action, and I believe it’s just as available to us as the man Peter quoted above. In some ways even more so and it’s because people like Cephas became persons like Peter. When he (Cephas) became a son he became Peter :)

This same transformation awaits all who consent to it, the Spirit and the Bride say “Come” !

Romans 8:19
For all creation is waiting eagerly for that future day when God will reveal who his children really are.

The creation waits in eager expectation for the revelation of the sons of God.

For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.

In fact, all creation is eagerly waiting for God to show who his children are.

Shouldn’t we stir up the gift within us, trim our wicks and be ready in and out of season to answer His call to joyfully share with others that which has so bountifully been given to us?
Not struggling over the hurdles of “taste not, touch not’ regulatory agents, rather we are to fellowship in the spirit, not being carnal but spiritual with our ONLY committed position being to do the will of our Father, and in this way we can “walk in the light as He is in the light” and have fellowship through the blood 🙏🏻


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