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So when we speak of our 'humbled' body are we talking about our bodies being in a state of inutility as is the rest of creation? I'm thinking out loud here. If that is so then what we have here is a body that is not sinful but at the same time is not physically able to carry out the will of God as our glorified bodies will be.

Hi Robert
wherever you are going with this ;-) we have to be sure that what you say about the 'body' also applies to Christ's body. The angelic beings perfectly fulfill the expressed will of the Father. He, of course (you know your Finney ;-) ) would only command what is possible to them. Likewise His earthly servants will only ever receive commands which are 'possible to them', He does not expect us to move with angelic velocity. (incidentally, they 'go AND return' as a flash of lighting, which has them moving at twice the speed of light! For a human that would give them more than infinite mass, if Einstein was right. Angels, of course, have no mass.) He does however expect us to move at maximum human 'utility'. The 'human-ness' of Christ's body was never a hindrance to the will of God, and neither need ours be. Psa. 103:14 For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust. (Oh, what a blessed comfort this verse has been to me over the years. I sometimes 'forget' and frustration is the inevitable result; He remembers and there is peace.) He sat 'wearied' (John 4:6) at the well but even here He knew how to find sustenance in 'meat' they knew not of; "my meat is to do the will of Him that sent me, and to finish his work". There IS time and energy and enabling enough to do all that He requires of me today. We cannot match the angels in speed but we can in obedience.

So can we say that when God put the body in inutility to slow the progress of sin after the fall it also 'handicapped' our ability to walk in instant obedience?

Only if it had the same effect on His body. ;-)

Ron Bailey

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Only if it had the same effect on His body.

Yeah. I like the way you flipped Finney's arguments around to debunk this theory. What was I thinking? :-?

I pondered this quite a bit more and wonder what it is about us that is keeping us from coming under the law since we have been born again? It seems reasonable that if we have been born again and are now spiritual then we should be able to come under that 'spiritual' law. I suppose I have over the many months taken jab after jab at why this is and even condemned innocent aspects of our humanity (body, etc.). I know you probably have thought this through and I appreciate the challenge of being led to think and study this out on my own. You are truly a professor in this regard. Yet, is there any glimpse of understanding you would share on this?

God Bless,


Robert Wurtz II

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