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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : The good and bad of Billy Graham

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Joined: 2005/7/1
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 The good and bad of Billy Graham

Billy has been used of the Lord to spread the Gospel, but his latest words are distrubing to me. Larry King asked him if God loved the Devil, he said"I imagine He does". My response was ,WHAT?????
And his statement in front of Bill and Hilary" Bill should be an evangelist and Hilary should run the world", again, I`m like WHAT?????? So what do peoples think??????


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 Re: The good and bad of Billy Graham

I hear you Crossman! What's up with that, and what's up with this man called Darby, why in the world would he go back to this thing called gomer, or whatever her name is.

Honestly Zuzieq :-(

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I havent heard of the Darby situation, yet

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Cleveland, Georgia

 Re: The good and bad of Billy Graham

I can't remember if I have ever heard a complete message from Graham. My grandparents and my wife's grandmother thought he was great. I have heard that his gospel message is intact, but I know that he is wrong on creation. I have also heard that the Masons claim him, although this doesn't mean much as they often do this with prominent figure heads. I have also heard that he is turning questioning Catholics back to the Pope.

Billy was converted at a Mordecai Ham meeting. Ham's gospel sure was intact, just listen to "What Do You Offer God?" on this website.

I cannot believe anything else, besides the fact that is Satanic influence. Preachers are under tremendous public and politicol pressures, and it is easy to let the fires die down a little as to not be labeled a fanatic.

For whatever it is worth, Billy said in an interview that he didn't think he would hear, "Well done thou good and faithful servant." He needs prayer just like us, and he will answer to a Holy God just like us. I would like to see him take a stand, though.

The problem is that the more a man stands for truth, the less popular he gets. Look what happened to our Saviour.

Hal Bachman

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


I live in Ethiopia but more often watch CNN. I happned to be at home and watch when Larry interviewed Billy Graham. I really love Billy Graham and envy him sometimes. In my opinion he is the last generation on the trend of the Likes of Finney and Wesley. He came to Ethiopia also with the gospel message where many were converted.(This was about 30 years ago when I was a child but elderly people told me the report)

But When Larry asked him “do you believe that homosexuality is a choice?” he said “No” then Larry said “ then if it isn’t a choice it isn’t a sin” then Billy answered “I don’t know who is a sinner or not only God knows” I felt my inside turning to a liquid and really lost my appetite to eat that whole day. I was grieved very much and I hardly couldn’t believe what I heard. (If anyone heard this interview please correct me if what I heard was wrong) Billy is still not dead we all can pray for him (God forbid that I judge another's servant) but Please let’s pray for the restoration of the damage that is done to the cause of God. I really didn't want to discuss this until now but this is serious.

Your sis Mek

Mekdes Tsige

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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Billy Graham

He is gotten older and feel that he ought to command our deepest respect and giving thanks to God for all these years of giving of himself to the Lords work.

Certainly understand the concerns that can come forth from these things and can't but help wonder what may be happening now with his health declining;

Referring to the recent event in New York:

"Correspondents say Mr Graham, who is 86 and has prostate cancer, was upbeat."

"He looked frail as he spoke to the crowds, but made light of his afflictions, which include cancer, fluid on the brain and Parkinson's disease."


To take a step back in time:
[url=]10//58 - "Heart Disease"[/url]

Just some perspective, it won't be long before he comes home to stay. If anything that has stuck from Billy Graham is the sincerity and forcefulness of...

"You come and receive Christ tonight."

Mike Balog

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Joined: 2005/2/24
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Certainly understand the concerns that can come forth from these things and can't but help wonder what may be happening now with his health declining;

This is a good-hearted statement Mike. I share your gratitude and respect for someone who has been like a spiritual patriarch to this country.

Pie Jesu, merciful Jesus...


Mike Compton

 2005/7/2 11:57Profile

Joined: 2005/5/2
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 Re: times of testing for the shepherds

what may be happening now with his health declining

Perhaps there is some truth in this, however I suspect we are witnessing a time of intense testing for our leaders. Many are already falling away. What happened to King Uzziah in the Old Testament can easily happen today - and is.

We must all learn that having been close to the Lord yesterday does not guarentee that we will not backslide today or down the road.
Carter Conlon has some very gripping sermons on this issue. ex: [url=]How the Strong Can Backslide[/url]

I believe that God has another important lesson for us all: We must not rely on any man, no matter how spirutal he is or was. We follow only Jesus Christ. Christians must move on to maturity - moving from an over-dependency on man to a reliance on the Lord - learning to be guided by his Spirit.


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I believe that God has another important lesson for us all: We must not rely on any man, no matter how spirutal he is or was.

This is good Diane. Any man, no matter how spiritual, will let us down. I too have concerns about his ministry, but my question would be, "Are we praying for him that Christ would be formed in him?" Not that we shouldn't voice our concerns, we should, but let's also labor in prayer.

Jeremy Hulsey

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Edmonton Alberta Cda.

 Re: spiritual leaders

Who are the next generation of spiritual leaders?
I am aware that our focus has to be on Jesus, and Holy Spirit, but God has always had men to mentor and lead.. Who is coming up through the ranks to lead, or is God going to intensify His remnants focus on Holy Spirit. I am not looking for a long drawn out debate, just some thoughts...



 2005/7/3 2:08Profile

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