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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Car Trouble

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I will pray that the LORD would provide you with a dependable vehicle.

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 Re: Car Trouble

Maybe I can help. I am familiar with most car problems.

If you aren't loosing any antifreeze from radiator overflow the usual suspect is radiator is somewhat plugged. As you are driving down the road and it begins to overheat, turn your heater on and fan full blast and see if the temperature drops. Usually that's an indicator the radiator needs cleaning. The extra heater radiator gave extra capacity.
However, a stuck thermostat will usually cause complete boil over soon after starting the engine. I know you are you are looking at some money on a repair either way.

Look it up up on youtube. Search for "mY XYZ overheats easily". Maybe someone has another hint. If you think it's the thermostat, search for "How to replace the thermostat on XYZ"

You can flush the radiator out to some extent on your vehicle by removing the bottom hose and catching the fluid, then run a hosepipe with water into the top of the radiator and see if it flushes brownish stuff from the radiator.

If you need radiator repair, check the price of a new one from Rock Auto. They usually are held in by 4 bolts and are fairly easy to change. Hope this helps

James R Barnes

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