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But it still illustrates for us that this is a quite rare occurance, so that we cannot declare we have the authority and gifting to go around raising the dead as Jesus did or as the Apostles in the first century did. But praise God when He does do this.

I know from other posts you accept that there are false manifestations of the gifts as well as genuine. This is what I believe, but I think in the day in which we live there is far more false than true and this ix what I am trying folk to consider and be honest about.

I would say that we in ourselves have no authority to do anything. I cannot heal a gnat, nor can I raise anyone from the dead. However, as a believer, I do not act in my own authority. I act under the authority and headship of God through communion with the Holy Spirit. As a result, I have been given His authority over sickness, disease, and death.

However, like any ambassador, the authority that I have been given is not mine to use as I please, but rather to use as He wills me to use it. If I am listening to Him, I will hear Him instruct me to minister to someone and with obedience to that instruction will come the authority and power to accomplish His will in that situation, whether it be healing, raising the dead, casting out demons, or whatever He calls me to do. When I am obedient to the command found in His written word, I also experience the same delegated authority and power flowing through me.

Of course, as a man living in flesh, I do not always do this perfectly. I am human after all. However, I am growing in this ability to hear, obey, and see His power manifest through me to minister to another person.


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Joined: 2009/4/5
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Joplin, Missouri


dspks: If we take, "It is appointed to man once to die and then the judgment", as an absolute statement that says, "Every man that ever lived will absolutely die, and a man cannot be raised from the dead because he can only die once.", then we must ignore a host of other Biblical scriptures and examples.

Lazarus was raised from the dead. Abraham was shown in a vision by God that Jesus would be raised from the dead and had faith to believe that Isaac could also. Elijah never died. Neither did Enoch.

25 Nor yet that he should offer himself often, as the high priest entereth into the holy place every year with blood of others;
26 For then must he often have suffered since the foundation of the world: but now once in the end of the world hath he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.
27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:
28 So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.

I think the context of Hebrews here is that Jesus does not have to die many, many times for each and every sin of each and every man. Instead, He only had to die once for all sins. This does not preclude the possibility of being raised from the dead, but excludes the necessity of many, many sacrifices for our sin.


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Joined: 2009/4/5
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Joplin, Missouri


I have no doubt about the Holy Spirit's ability to raise the dead but why would a saint want to be raised from the dead? If you believe a saint has gone to be with the LORD, why would a person want to bring back someone else who has to deal with the ugliness that characterizes modern life? Now, if the person is an unbeliever, I would wish to have them raised so they could repent, but then that may not happen either.

I am with you on that sentiment Sandra. But then I remember Paul saying that he really wanted to get out of here, but because he was still needed, he guessed he could bear with staying a bit longer.

Just a question here. Is it possible that a sinner could be raised from the dead? I mean, are miracles, healings, etc., confined only to believers, or can God use them to move the heart of an unbeliever?


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 Re: Raised from the dead

I went to the cemetery
And what did I see
A bunch of dead bones
Staring at me

I walked up to a stone
And looked it in the eye
Didn't know what to say
So I looked up to the sky

I'd like to see these bones live
But I don't have anything to give
How to do this I don't know
So I decided just to go

I stopped on by the hospital
But the mission seemed impossible
So many lay there sick and dying
So finally I just gave up trying

It so saddened me the situation
As I thought about our generation
Saturated in the love of death
So many young ones hooked on meth

I'd like to see the dead be raised
But would the multitudes be phased
Jesus said if this were so
They still would not believe you know

To love God and neighbor too
Is mostly what He asks of you
To preach His Gospel to everyone
Is how His will on earth is done

We were raised from death to life
When He laid His life down for His wife
Because He lives we'll never die
To go to that sweet by and by

The dead come forth by His call
Reversed is the effect of Adams fall
At this the devils don't rejoice
Cause long ago they made their choice

Alive again forever more
Of this truth we can be sure
So come forth one and all
Eternal life is not something small

To raise the dead you go ahead
But by His Spirit I'll be led
When sinners I do see repent
I and angels are content

God may do just as He pleases
All for the glory of His Son Jesus
So do good works while it is day
And in this hour fervently pray

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