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 Please don't get mad at me for this-

This is an honest question regarding a touchy subject these days...

Firstly it's important to note I believe the scriptures to be inerrant and without exception truthful with no willful intent to deceive or mislead the reader regarding the truth of both Gods will and character as well as the recorded events therein.

So with that said, it was recently brought to my attention that either I had a great discrepancy in my understanding of the cosmos or Gods miracle recorded in Joshua 10 is a WAY bigger deal than previously thought.

If the cosmos is as modern science says then the events recorded and witnessed (even siting other sources) technically couldn't have happened the way they're recorded in scripture. However if the model modern science purposes is wrong then it is clearly possible.

So my question is, did the sun "stand still" (meaning it revolves around the earth) or did the earth stop spinning at 1100mph or so and actually reverse course along with the moon for the space of about a day as recorded?

I'm not proposing the earth is flat, but either science is wrong or a recorded and witnessed biblical event is different than what it appears-

I've checked the Hebrew text as well as rereading Genesis creation account and it seems to quite clearly state the earth was created first (before sun and moon) and seems to produce a "geocentric" (earth being the center) model whereas science says the opposite in that it reports a "heliocentric" (sun centered) model.

Has anyone else noticed or been confronted by this discrepancy?

I'll be the first to say, I'm more likely to believe that science got it wrong than to say Holy Spirit was complicit in misleading the reader....

Again please don't be mad at me for bringing this up as this is an honest inquiry and I'm hoping others have some research into this as it's not something I'd noticed before.


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 Re: Please don't get mad at me for this-

That's a good question bro. I sense your sincerity and honesty. Wish I knew the answer.

David Winter

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 Re: Please don't get mad at me for this-

Well honestly, I've thought about it but could not solve the mystery either.

About Genesis: I find it fascinating that God created the Earth before the sun, and that Light was created before the sun and moon and the stars! So it makes me thing... what is light?! And what was that light?

I cannot answer these questions but I find it really amazing. And the record of God is true... we just don't understand how it happened, probably we do not have the devices or the theories and formulas yet that could help understand how it happened.

As for Joshua: I don't know that either :D but I do believe that it happened so.

Perhaps one day we will know...

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Well we know the sun doesn't move. Guys the people that wrote the Old Testament were not supermen. Joshua did not know how the universe worked so when he saw that event and recorded it he did so according to his knowledge. He was wrong. It does not hurt the fact that the Old Testament is inspired by God to think so. It does not deny the miracle at all. It simply shows that God works through men according to the vessel he's working through.

Polycarp used the "Pheonix" as a real example of nature foreshadowing Christ's death and resurrection. It's not a real bird.

The Holy Spirit does not make one infallible like modern evangelical Christianity demands. NOTHING in this world is perfect, it's just the nature of this universe. Even the law (which is spiritual) when brought into this world took on the nature of death. The old testament has life but it is not in the letter it is in the Spirit. The law was given by Moses but Grace and truth came from Christ. The words he spoke are spirit and life, they are not infallible in the letter (the mustard seed is not the smallest seed) but in the Spirit. Hence "he who has ears to hear let them hear"


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About Genesis: I find it fascinating that God created the Earth before the sun, and that Light was created before the sun and moon and the stars! So it makes me thing... what is light?! And what was that light?

I think the order of creation is perfect. Light as an entity has to be created even before a source of light is created. For example Man had to be created even before women who gives birth to man was created. This is my understanding. Science agrees with this as well. Light particles have to exist first.

I do not agree that earth being created first supports an earth centric system. God created earth as an entity and then placed it in the axsis of Sun after the Sun was created.
In fact Big bang theory agrees with Genesis that universe did not exist infinitely. There was a point of existence of universe. Earlier science used to believe that universe was eternal but Big bang theory disagrees.


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Just borrowed this from the Creation Research website. :

When God created "light" in verse 3, the word used connotes the presence of light only, while the word used for "lights" on Day Four is best translated "light bearers," or permanent light sources. Their purpose was not only to give light, but to serve as timekeepers for man once he was created. According to the best stellar creation theory now available, light from stars created anywhere in the universe on Day Four would reach earth in two earth days, and would be useful to Adam on Day Six.

David Keel

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I believe the miracle recorded in Joshua really happened. He described what he thought he saw. God could have kept it light while the battle was being waged. Do I think the earth suddenly stopped on its axis? I am not saying it's 100% impossible- God could have dealt with all the other ramifications of this (essentially the destruction of the entire earth) but I think it just appeared to Joshua that the sun didn't move.


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The Hebrew text regarding the 4th creation day does not demand that the stars were created on Day 4.

Verse 16 can and probably should be translated "had made."

There is no need to come up with some other light source. The stars were there when the earth was created.


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We live in a world of confusion. There's so much division over creation and what God says. If the earth is flat and has a dome, then you can have a world wide flood, and that also says there is a creator and you didn't evolve. Plus, you are then not an insignificant blob in a world of endless planets, stars etc. Then the Sun is not your greatest attraction, God would be.

On the other hand if we live in a globe, a world wide flood is impossible and if we are traveling through space at x miles per hour and as we spin we are just insignificant blobs. Evolution then can become a possibility because there are no absolutes. Science describes it as a matrix. As Bill Nye showed with his demonstration of the boat going on over the hill on the ocean completely out of sight, he said it was following the curve. He forgot that the water should have gone on over the hill as well. Water rolls off mountains into the ocean but when it reaches the ocean it doesn't go down that slope. Amazing! School is teaching our children evolution and a God less society.

I noticed the eyebrows raised when Mr Trump signed papers saying he wanted NASA to return to the moon during his term in office.

It's OK for you and me to be confused, There is an author of confusion. On a flat earth the sun could stand still and even go backward.

God won't condemn you for not knowing either way. he stands in amazement when people believe what he says.

The question of space vacuum has never been answered. Why does the vacuum not suck away the air around the earth?

I believe what God wrote about the sun standing still is true, even going backward.

Yes I am a flat earther, but I don't condemn you if you believe otherwise.

James R Barnes

 2017/7/3 14:15Profile

 Re: Please don't get mad at me for this-

I think the earth is square...

Just kidding...

I have also things in my mind I want an answer, but those will be answer in God's right time...

 2017/7/3 14:34

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