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I started reading this thread, and I was so thankful for the labor of Love that was put into it. Hell and Everlasting Punishment, part 1: ABIDING WRATH .....

I have a desire to put the Gospel into visual language, and I was so inspired - The abiding wrath of God poured out on every single part of the Universe, except for those hidden in the Ark. I was moved with the fear of God in considering the eternal loss of those outside the Ark, and wondering what I was doing to save them. Then along came Todd and Taco …….

Now we are discussing whether God is Eternal, or just unto the ages of ages ……

Quote: The strongest Scripture word used with reference to the existence of God, is- "unto the ages of ages," which does not literally mean eternally. Let us, however, remember that the self-same word, which is thus used in connection with the existence of God, is also applied to the loss of the human soul.

J Kruger

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