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 Re: Frank

Just listened to this brother. Very beautiful. Speak so much of the love of God.

Bro Blaine

 2017/3/11 20:44


Indeed Staff, I know a few women from my home town in Greenock, Scotland who are anointed and I have been privileged for them to have sung some of my songs. One is Mary, the singer of this song and another is Aileen Gilchrist of whom Denny Keniston once said that she was " God's little songbird." Carter Conlon said of her " wherever she was leading worship, I would be attending that church." ...........bro Frank

 2017/3/12 0:18

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He will only love the elect forever!

 2017/3/12 0:25Profile

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Hi Frank,
Thats high praise,Love both their voices must be a privilage to hear them live in Church,.I guess its the seeming lack of effort in their singing .They sing like talking to you and me.I thought Wales was meant to be the home of singing!!
On the other hand you cant sing without a song and thats where the songwriter comes in,
Yours Staff

 2017/3/12 8:03Profile


Yes Staff, as you know, our Welsh brothers and sisters love to sing and we found that out a wee bit when we had the revival conference in Wales, but of course I am slightly bias when it comes to picking a country who sings best :) On a serious note, these women have certainly been anointed to sing the praises of God..............bro Frank

 2017/3/12 11:20


Dont worry RB, I am not a universalist, this song is not about theology, its about a child of God talking to His Lord and His God and God answering him/her............bro Frank

 2017/3/12 11:22


Hi Staff,

Thought you might like to see the next project. I have no heard the melody yet but Aileen Gilchrist wrote the melody and will sing it. I am excited to hear it and will share it with you when she is done..............bro Frank

I saw there, Golden wheat fields
Resplendent in the sun
And as the Spirit moved on them
They seemed to move as one

The fields went on forever
As far as the eye could see
They rolled like the waves of the ocean
Tossed upon a golden sea

But as I looked yet closer
These grains of wheat were saints
They worshiped unashamedly
For there were no restraints

The wind of the Spirit blew on them
And there they moved as one
Giving glory to the King of Kings
Rejoicing in the Son

They sang the song of Moses there
And glory to the Lamb
Upon a swaying glassy sea
And in that sea I swam

This sea it was eternal
It gathered round the throne
And each and every one of us
Would never be alone

We were one as He is one
Father Son and Spirit too
It all began when we were born
When we were born again anew

 2017/3/13 14:21

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Hi Frank,
I come at Christian Music/Songs from a different perspective and make music for the world whereas you make this mainly for the Church and Church Visitors whether they come on a Sunday morning Or Wednesday evening or maybe even visit a webpage.
The Lyrics of this song especially verse 1 and Verse 3 and 5 give me goose bumps and are just excellent,
This is your best Lyrical Composition yet.We concentrate naturally enough on things on Earth so much but forget what a glory their is to come.What I like here is that you describe the glory so well and make the exitment of the future over shadow the workings of our every day life.
Put another way I want to be part of the Wheat Field now,right now....
I would say that sometimes when the singer actually goes out to sing a song like this that they sometimes come back and say I cant sing that bit can you reword or this sings better rather than this and thats where the songwriters flexibility and ability comes into play.
I think that these words you've written should encourage many to "look up your glorious redemption is near" and their is nothing wrong with or no harm in giving yourself a Pat on the back ,your half way there the melody is next ,
Well done these words are from the Spirit,
Yours Staff

 2017/3/13 20:27Profile


HI bro,

Thank you for your kind words. I think the reason this song is so vivid is because it was a vision that I had. I was sharing the vision with Aileen and she told me I should write a song about it. I sat down and wrote it in about 20 mins.

I have been surprised just how much some of these singers want and react to direction. I have found myself giving direction and thinking in the back of my mind " who am I to give direction to anyone, I dont know anything about music." I suppose all I know is what moves me, what sounds right to me and that is of course so subjective. But then, that is how I have always written I guess. Only twice have I written poems upon request. One time a lady wanted a verse to put on her sons gravestone. So we spoke about how she felt and who he was and I wrote a poem and asked her to pick one of the verses herself. She picked what I would have picked. Having lost a son myself I had something to draw from. The other was a poem for the Iranian pastor in prison. I ended up writing that about all who suffer for Christ. Anyway brother, I definately love the process and it would be a dream of mine to simply work on projects that speak to people. I wrote a poem one time and it has over 40,000 hits. I like it but it is probably the least favorite of all my poems because it is secular and is about growing up in my home town of Greenock. There is irony in that for me. Anyway, it is good to converse with you bro since you create as well. I copied your comments on the song " I will love you forever," and sent it to the producer who is not a Christian but was well chuffed, encouraged by your words. I think if I were back in Scotland I would definately come over to Ireland and hang out with you a wee bit. God bless yo bro,.................bro Frank

 2017/3/14 0:30

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Hi Frank,
Vivid thats the word and God has away of looking at something old(we all know we are going to worship God in Heaven)and putting a fresh perspective on it,just when you thought it wasnt possible.Another thing I was thinking about the lyrics/poem is this that the harvest on earth is still the same harvest except its now in heaven.
Looking forward to the end result,Yours staff

 2017/3/14 20:47Profile

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