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There is a Japanese proverb of some sort -- so I was told once by a law practice marketing expert -- that understanding each other is the first objective in any relationship. When asked what the second objective was the wise man in the proverb said "the first objective is the second and third and so on".

It struck me all those years ago when I heard that. What dawned on me was the refusal to rank importance when it comes to doing what is important. In that proverb, understanding people was the core essential. It was part and parcel of all else to follow.

I don't know any more than anyone here about the particulars of what God will or won't do with the church in America. Nor when. Nor how nor by what means. What we all do know is this: love God with everything you are and have and love your neighbor as yourself. That is part and parcel of all that will follow if we are to endure false doctrine, external pressures, divisiveness among believers, persecution, false miracles, etc. It MUST be part and parcel of our walk if we are to walk in the Spirit and witness spontaneously the gospel to an antichrist world. And if we are to be an underground church we better learn that skill and heart above all else.


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Excellent Tim. Agree 100%.


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