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 What is an agenda?

What is an agenda?
When looked up in the dictionary many things come up, but none of these meanings cover in my opinion the meaning this word has on a Christian forum.
Here when a Christian says to an other: "Brother, you have an agenda" it could mean one thing (imo): "Brother, watch out, you are operating in the flesh and not in the Spirit, you are not seeking God`s glory but your own or some other gods, repent and seek God, humble yourself before him." Excessive posting or disobedience to leaders may be symptoms of an agenda but not necessarily is an agenda since the person might have an important message according to Gods will and he might not be in disobedience to God. The symptoms of being in the flesh (aka. having an agenda) are sins like arrogance, disrespect, contempt, unrepenting spirit, pide, any sin that start with "self", such as self love, self will, etc., unlovingness, lying, and all together dishonest conversation, quarreling not theological debate but selfish power struggle. To say to someone that he has an agenda without the evidence of these sins is judging his intentions. Being told that he has an agenda induces self examination in a true Christian when he seeks to align his will to Gods and if God convicts him in this process repents.
Would you agree with my definition of "agenda"?
God bless you,
Sister :) Zsuzsanna

 2016/11/19 14:24

 Re: What is an agenda?

Agenda in religion is cloaked in religious sounding terms to further an agenda. For example in this forum some are trying to spread the preterist heresy on an ongoing basis, Some depart but others of the same spirit take the mantle and try to run with it until Greg puts a stop to it. It raises its ungodly head from time to time in various forms usually tying it into the God is finished with the Jews heresy agenda.

 2016/11/19 16:34


God loves the Jews and He wants them to belive in Jesus today so they can have salvation.
I apologize for the confusion I caused by editing out the original post here it was a question. "What is the preterist agenda" but later realized the answer was in the previous post and I somehow missed it at first reading. I did not know when deleing that it was already answered in the next post.

 2016/11/19 16:37


It's what you do continually in spite of the moderators wish that this topic does not continue at SI. But because you cannot further your agenda here you are putting up smokescreens with this last post so that perhaps some inroads could be made to further your agenda by discussing agendas. That is your secondary agenda,

 2016/11/19 16:43


Do I in your opinion operate in the flesh and am I in rebellion to God when giving preterist interpretations of some scriptures?

 2016/11/19 16:48

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 Re: What is an agenda?

Much of your OP on an agenda is true.

The one who has no agenda has no fear of opening the Scriptures like a good Berean. Not only did the apostles commend such a spirit, but encouraged it.

Historically, Pharisees and Rome, are famous for taking away the key of knowledge and for censorship of the Scriptures.

But the Spirit of God will lead and guide, as has been seen throughout history. Men are still intent upon building their Babels, until God intervenes and stops their progress.

I'd encourage all of those who are His, to go into the closet and make it as comfortable as you've made your living room.

And there you will find that your prayer is effectual,as your soul is warmed by such praying. You will meet with Christ there, who is your righteousness, and bowing to His will (which true prayer is), you'll find that you availed much by that time spent there.

Bless the Lord!

 2016/11/19 17:15Profile

 Re: Toszo

Only God knows your heart motives. I don't think the issue is how you interpret the scriptures as more respect for moderator suthority.

There are some who interpret the scriptures from a Reformed Calvinistic prospective. Yet Greg has has asked that Calvinism not be a topic of discussion on this forum as it has generated much controversy in the past. The same can be said for conspiracy theories. One may hold to these views as a matter of personal conviction. But if the moderator has said to please not discuss these issues in the Forum as it breeds controversy and contention. Then we need to respect the wishes of the moderator or moderators. This is simply the Christian thing to do.

Sister you know the praeterist controversy has been a source of much contention in this forum. I would urge you gently to let these matters be a matter of personal conviction to you. But don't keep bringing them up in the forum. Again this is respect for what they forum administrator wishes.

After my two controversial threads on Donald Trump. I've decided to try to post more things that edify instead of dividing. Sister let me exhort you to do the same. I know you know the word and love the word. Why not ask God to give you something out of the word to post that would build up the saints.

Again simply my thoughts in response to your question.


 2016/11/19 17:15


Bear, thanks for the friendly words, they do make complete sense, and are comforting. You are telling me how things are on the forums, and they are so. I am certainly not the one who is going to change them.

 2016/11/19 17:24


savannah I agree with your post.
Christians by definition can not have various agendas (as people in the world do), Christians only have one agenda: The Kingdom of God. This is why Christians can debate differences but can not fight against each other as enemies. It is wrong to see those Christians who have a different view as enemies.

 2016/11/19 18:37

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In my mind an agenda on a forum is generally more dangerous if it is hidden.

If a person is posting openly about their pet end times view, the agenda is obvious. But it possible their hidden agenda is to sit back and watch other posters freak out. This could be true of any topic open to dispute. In that case a person is not being sincere; they are merely trolling.

I have been involved in discussions of controversial topics on another forum that generally seemed to go much better than here. This forum is better in other areas.


 2016/11/20 8:13Profile

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