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Thanks for the answer JFW. I had a similar experience, from a well defined hour and minute on, it is as if I received boldness in understanding the word of God, and a strong desire to follow Jesus. But this happened when I supposedly had the baptism of the HS for years, (my church said i received the baptism when I started to speak in tongues) so I am not sure this was the baptism or just an other infilling. And it also coincided with my return from lukewarmness/backsliding.

 I think sometimes there is differing verbiage assigned to the same thing by peoples in different times or cultures...

This is a comforting statement, I think so too.
How Finney describes being filled is a very accurate depiction of my own experience of being baptized with the spirit.

Same here, and to avoid the cultural differences: it is a very accurate depiction of how we are with the Holy Spirit.
God bless you,

 2016/9/2 18:37

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 Re: On being filled with the Spirit

You can find all of Finney's Lectures on Revival here on SI at the following link;

There was some audio recordings done by Robert Wurtz of the lectures also but I'm not sure where their located.

In Christ,

Ron Halverson

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There is a very good little pamphlet called "Holiness the Key to Revival" free online, by Patricia Knowles, a Pentecostal who's husband had been reading the literature on past revivals. They began to see that the teaching they had received on Spirit baptism was not the same thing as what they were reading about and that the past revivals equated Spirit baptism to holiness or entire sanctification and not "power" and "tongues" and what they and their peers in the denomination had was not a patch on the witnesses they found.

In fact there was a huge debate about this in the 19th century and holiness people separated themselves from this new definition of the term Spirit baptism, as a post conversion event, and since then the true meaning has gone out of fashion and the church has plummeted into a very dark place, like where it was before the Wesley revivals which brought back the true meaning of it.

If we are baptised by the HOLY Spirit then the sign is that we have become holy. Pure and simple.

The writers of the pamphlet ares till seeking for entire sanctification and preaching it wherever they can.

 2016/9/3 3:35

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Thanks Brenda,

I will certainly check it out. We can always learn more about this.

My own experience and learning was a bit different and when I have a bit more time I will attempt to describe it and line it up with God's Word.(Understanding that I cannot make my experience the rule :)
Hopefully this will be unto edification to my brothers and sisters.



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 Re: Holiness the Key to Revival


I can not find this can you email me the link or post it?

 2016/9/3 5:57


Most of it:

 2016/9/3 5:59

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Sister Brenda wrote; "If we are baptised by the HOLY Spirit then the sign is that we have become holy. Pure and simple."

Yes and Amen!!!!
Speaking in tongues was not evidenced with me so while I have at times prayed in tongues it's not a common practice for me.

Brother Keith Danieis has an excellent sermon on SI on the difference of having the spirit indwelling and being filled with the spirit.

If my memory serves me correctly, one of the text he uses is Matthew 5:6 and goes into the dif between "imputed" and "imparted" if I'm not mistaken but I could be mixing two of his sermons together.

Brother K. Daniels seems to ask for repeated "refillings" and often while praying before commencing with a sermon will ask to be filled afresh and washed afresh... These terms used as he does, I must admit, are foreign to me but they prove quite effective for this brother as he is a quite effective instrument in the Lords hands.

I have heard it taught that being filled/baptized with the spirit was specifically to equip a saint for ministry, an anointing if you will- this seems a possibility to me as I've never met a person who has experienced it that didn't minister most of the time. It's like they got "switched on" and they're generally far more concerned about the cause of Christ than anything else and this is sometimes sharply contrasted with person who, tho learned, isn't filled... There's just no denying the difference but I can honestly say I personally don't know that many people who are filled/baptized with the holy spirit, but I kno allot of people who know allot about Him.


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To be fair to Greg and the sermons he has on this site, I will start by going through the ones on here to be start of my list and will listen to Keith Daniels who I am not sure about, but will be clear about where I think he is off track..

 2016/9/3 7:07


There is a fashion in some circles, of admiring preachers who shout and bang, thinking that it makes them sound more authentic and holy, just as a backlash to the 'soft' preaching that has been heard. It however does not make them more spiritual.

Keith Daniels, is not preaching Holiness doctrine. The gospel he preaches is that which denies the necessity of a second blessing.

What this position denies is that a man can be converted and still struggle with sin. Internal sin that is like fear and doubt. It is not realistic.

It is not the true gospel of Holiness.

 2016/9/3 7:35

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