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 Re: Latest text from bro Frank

Hey Blaine, everything is fine and I should be out of here real soon. Thanks so much for posting that and for your prayers.

Brothers and sisters Praise God. Based on the above text it appears our brother is safe and well. But do continue to keep him in your prayers so that they'll be no lingering effects of the accident.

Brother Frank thanks you all for your prayers. Will post with any more updates.

 2016/8/17 13:44


Lord Jesus we give you all praise!!! We praise your marvelous name that you have protected our brother!!! All praise be to the Lamb that was slain!!!

My God and King thank you that you have heard our prayers and delivered her brother. Again all glory honor and praise go to you!!! God we magnify your name!!! Lord Jesus Christ we exalt your name!!!

Thank you that you have kept our brother Frank safe!!! All glory and praise go to you are marvelous God and King!!!

For I offer this in you're great and marvelous thing!!! Amen!!!

 2016/8/17 13:51

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Canton, Michigan


Praying for brother Frank as well, thanks for sharing this Blaine.

David Fella

 2016/8/17 13:53Profile

 Re: Urgent Prayer Request for Brother Frank... Apolous

Praying for healing and strength for brother Frank and for the other driver as well...for an open door to share the gospel, that our Lord will be glorified through this. Amen

 2016/8/17 14:03

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Bearmaster is so excited that spelling errors abound in his post ;)

Glad to hear Frank is safe.

 2016/8/17 14:05Profile

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Praying for Brother Frank, may God grant him a fast recovery, and also the folks in the other vehicle as well.


 2016/8/17 14:36Profile


Thank you so much saints for all your prayers. I feel fine, quite a bit sore, but praying this will pass and not develop. I have three bulging discs anyway, two in the neck and one in the lower spine, and they have been rattled :) I had a lot of compassion for the young man who hit me. He seemed very relieved that I was not angry or anything, nice young fella.

I am touched by the prayers of the saints, really touched. God bless all of you guys and thank you brother Blaine for relaying this...............bro Frank

 2016/8/17 14:56


Just logged on and saw this. Lord bless you with a speedy & thorough recovery!

 2016/8/17 18:03

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Praise God brother.

Praying for you that there will be limited if any bad effects in the coming days from this.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2016/8/17 18:05Profile


Praying for complete healing.

 2016/8/17 23:33

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