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 Nutritional Thread

Sorry about hijacking the Sipping Saints thread, but I felt after a couple responses to my pomegranate juice, maybe we should touch on some nutrition. I never have eat a lot of junk food, but after the triple bypass I'm more concerned about my diet. Right now 90% of what I eat is home cooking, Fish, "cod and salmon" Chicken, "baked or broiled". I love steak but probably only had two this year, at salt-grass Steak House. I also eat oatmeal with berries and cinnamon and flax-seed in the morning with a bottle of ensure "enlive". I'm looking for some pretty simple Nutritional plates since I'm 64 and single,and work most all day in the Texas 110° heat in my A/C business, sorry God's A/C Business. :-)


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 Re: Nutritional Thread

Hello brother

I am up for having a discussion about good nutrition, having alieviated quite a few of my symptoms from two serious conditions - untreated (long story) Lyme Disease and Hashimotos, both of which threaten to destroy my mind and body at age 66.

So I am into organic grass fed and *finished* beef and lamb, which incidently have far less omega 6 than chicken, for heart disease sufferers, loads of steamed organic greens, no dairy, no seeds grains or legumes, no nightshade vegetables, ghee and animal fats and only berries for fruit, AND OF COURSE NO SUGAR OR ALCOHOL! so basically a paleo diet, but with lots of fish especially raw oysters which are the most nutrient dense food known to man.

For breakfast I just steam a pan full of greens and have whatever meat or fish like steamed wild salmon that is around all cut up small. I don't cook proper meals so much now.

I cured my diabetes this way and lowered my blood pressure. My brain has improved greatly and also the heart symptoms I was having ie arrythmia and pain.

I have huge platefulls of salad which I love and sometimes make a dinner with a gravy made from kuzu root for thickening, and I make a bread from plantains.

It really is the ultimate healing program from a Dr Jack Kruse who is a neurosurgeon and longevity guru. I believe that Christians should be treating their bodies as though they were athletes and live as long as they can because it takes years to train a good wise saint.

I also make sure I get sun on my body, cut out blue lights at night, switch of my hifi at night and rise and go to bed with the sun.

Jeff I would like to know more about alkaline water.

 2016/8/12 5:47

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Bill, with you being single, you might consider getting a slow cooker (crock pot). I make stew or stroganoff in it. Nothing difficult. Put everything in right before you go to bed, turn it on low, and it will be ready to eat the next day. Also, chicken and sausage gumbo is great. If you make it just go ahead an buy pre-made roux in the jar from the store. A rice steamer is great to have for making delicious rice for your gumbo. I love my slow cooker.


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I can say that drinking a cup of earl grey tea per day and taking a niacin pill before bed brought my cholesterol and triglycerides into normal ranges with no change in diet or exercise habits. The oil of bergamot in earl grey tea lowers lipid levels.

I try to avoid most snacks - except for chips and good salsa- can't avoid that.

My big weakness is candy- particularly sour patch kids and hot tamales. Never gotten over the sweet tooth.

I think moderation is key. Eat more poultry and fish than beef; eat fresh vegetables and fruit daily.

Bill- your morning oatmeal is how I make mine but I find it hard to eat oatmeal in the summer. I eat it all winter however.


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Joined: 2005/2/24
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Wow! awesome responses! Daniel, I have a 4 qt slow cooker I make my gumbo in that's a great idea, do you just buy raw chicken and cut it up, are if there some special kind that you use? I already have the roux and sausage here. Brenda, that's awesome you beat diabetes, and lowered your bp, the doc has had me on 10 mg. Lisinopril since the heart attack. You know from the moment I was released from the hospital, I said I'm not getting on any meds, I'm going to eat right and pray over my recovery, well I ended up back in the hospital with bp of 205/110 and the doc was awful upset I was not on my meds.So now I'm on a bp med and it's helped a lot, it's keep me out of the hospital.

Todd, you're right! it's been hard for me to eat oatmeal every morning, and work in this heat, so sometimes I just eat a Clif bar and drink a Ensure "enlive" and that mix don't seem to bother me. I think my real issue is right now is, I'm getting burnt out on just chicken and fish, but I do love both and I think it's just a mental thing. I do love steak, but I've heard so much bad about red meat. It's funny since I cook at home so much now, I went with my son to Whataburger the other evening to grab a burger, and it did not taste that good anymore, and I use to love them.

With this now 103° temps in Houston, I lack energy, so good natural energy foods are what I need now, I also realize I'm not 30 anymore, so some slowdown is expected, but I'm probably 5' 10" and weigh 180# and in pretty good shape, but it's still a struggle in this heat to make it through the day. I do ask the Lord to give me his strength every morning, and I know that helps a lot, I could not make it through the day without his strength.


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You cannot just stop taking meds - you have to correct the condition then taper off them preferably with a doc supervising. I just never took meds for my conditions though the doc is dying to get me on statins, but my next test should show that I no longer need them.

You should do your own research on the new advice for heart conditions and see that the old advice has done nothing to help.

They have been actively lowering cholesterol with statins in the US for 50 years and heart disease is still the number one killer. Go figure.

The new trials have shown that sugar is very bad, all processed food, vegetable oils, carbohydrates and especially low fat are bad. We need fats but they must be good fats. Meat from conventional methods is not good it needs to be grass fed and finished not fed grains. Grains and vegetable oils have been brought in because they were a cheap means of feeding the hoards. See the result healthwise.

On this diet I am the best I have been foor many years and gaining energy and strength all of the time.

 2016/8/12 11:55

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 Re: Crock Pot Recipes

Hi Bill - Nice thread! Blessedchild here (used to be Fatherschild but had to change name re: technical issues). Here is a pdf link for some good looking crockpot recipes. There are a plethora of pdf links for downloading in this area.

Personally I love my dutch oven so do my slow cooking and braising in it.

God bless you and your palate as you embrace some slow cooking.


 2016/8/12 12:01Profile


Green smoothie. It works for me, keeps full and stabilizes mood, healthy and tasty.
Blend in a blender:
- green leaves (1-2 leaves of kale, or collard green, swiss chard, spinach or other)
- 1 banana
- 1/2 apple (I use green)
- 1 pear or 1/2 mango or strawberries, any fruit
- 1 big cup of spring water

Use organic if you can and use very ripe fruit. (I ripen them on the counter top)
Enjoy for breakfast or as many times as you want. :)

 2016/8/13 4:12

Joined: 2005/2/24
Posts: 3311


This morning I broke a little tradition, I had an Ensure "enlive" and a Clif bar, and feel pretty good.


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Great thread. The Paleo diet sounds good, Brenda. I have a family member who has Hashimoto's. Is it curable? Seems like it is linked to Lyme disease. I have heard Lyme disease called "The Great Pretender", because so many other diseases find their root cause in Lyme Disease.

For instance, Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Lyme 3 years prior to being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. They should have treated the Lyme disease for him but instead they treat the Parkinson's.

30 million undiagnosed cases of Lyme in America, so when someone tells me they have hypo or hyper thyroid or Hashimoto's I tell them to go get a Lyme blood test (Igenex or Western Blot).

Also, how much of our food supply is being tainted with chemicals, drugs, GMO's?

Finally, gluten seems to be real bad for people and many don't know it. How do you test if you have a gluten intolerance?

So glad you are getting better health, Brenda. The Lord is good!

 2016/8/13 11:41

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