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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Christians in Russia Refuse to Stop Sharing the Gospel Despite Putin's Ban on Evangelism

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The Russian church has a history of persecution. Russian believers have suffered under the likes of Lennon, Stalin, Kruchev, Brezhnev, and others. And the Russian believers have prevailed.

Thus the older believers would probably look at at Putin and say bring it on. We paid the price under your predecessors and have been sent to jail and the gulags for sharing our faith in Christ. We are prepared to do it again.

It will have to be the younger generation of believers who will have to be instructed on how to endure the persecution that will come if they share their faith in Christ. But none the less I do believe the Russian church will prevail in this.

As of yet we in America do not have such a history of persecution to fall back on. When persecution does intensify here. We will have to get our training on the run. Literally.

Simply my thoughts.

 2016/9/4 22:04

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