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Brother JFW,
Thank you for sharing that story. If someone wants to argue theology for the sake of words & being right, they certainly are welcome to do so, but honestly, that story spoke more than words. Thanks again for sharing man.
God Bless,

 2016/7/29 21:14


by forrests on 2016/7/29 13:30:59

Was Jesus "making a public show" of His humility?

Jesus is the Master Teacher and was clearly instructing His disciples and teaching them something about the heart. I did not think people that performed foot washing were teaching as much as observing the ordinance they mistakenly thought Jesus was instituting.

I have no problem with someone like JFW doing it because the Lord commanded them to. How could I? I just don't agree with anyone trying to make it into a "thus saith the Lord" ordinance for all Christians. And we know this has been done with other things.

I'm not taking an either/or stance, just saying it is not an ordinance. Regarding the either/or stance, I do remember a conversation about headcoverings not too long ago where it was pretty dogmatic in one way, only. No grace for any other views.

 2016/7/29 21:55

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 Re: JFW

Amen, thank you so much for sharing. What a blessed testimony of Jesus Christ!

~ Forrest

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Beautiful testimony, brother.

Illustrates the point very well.

In His Love,


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Woah, brother JFW!
That was awesome! Isn't the Lord good?!
He sure knows how to brand His own with His peculiar kind of love that's totally foreign to we offspring of Adam.
Still in awe of Jesus in that testimony.....

And thank you, brother Forrests, for opening up this thread. The Lord bless and keep you.


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Edifying story thanks for sharing.

 2016/7/30 7:30

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I believe footwashing is primarily about humility toward our brothers, and it is true that we can show humility in other ways as well. It is about being a servant to our brothers, and we can be a servant in other ways as well. It is absolutely true that the issue is the heart of a man and not his outward actions. It is also true, and it should grieve our hearts, that man has taken the outward action and used it as a cloak to convince those watching that they possess what is actually lacking in their heart. It is true that there are those who are sadly deceived and have been made to think that performing the ritual is somehow substantial. I have heard all of these sentiments on this thread, and they are all 100% true.

But, Jesus gave us a command to partake of communion in a particular way. He gave us a command to observe water baptism. He gave us a command to wash one another's feet I have to ask, why did Jesus not gird himself and wash Peter's donkey, or why did He not gird himself and clean Matthew's house? The observance of the symbol is not the substance, I understand that. But does that mean the observance of the symbol is not important? Does God not visit us with the power of His Holy Spirit when we simply do in obedience to Him?

In 37 years of following the Lord I would estimate I have been in about five footwashing services, and I have seen amazing things happen in the hearts of the people. I have seen God do amazing works of healing and reconciliation. I have seen God change hearts and knit brethren together in an powerful way.

I am not sure how many of you have ever taken part in a footwashing. If you have not, you should. You see, God often works in our lives simply from our obedience. There is a spiritual reality that accompanies the physical observance that we cannot break into until we do what He told us to do.


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That's good Travis. Well put. Something to think on & pray about there I believe for sure.

 2016/7/30 9:22

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Wonderful testimony Travis.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Foot Washing

I am late in commenting on this issue of feet washing. Actually I did not see the thread until now.

We belong to a fellowship that practices feet washing whenever we have communion that celebrates the sacrificial death of Jesus and his subsequent resurrection.

All I can say about it is that it is a blessing and provides one a context in which to learn what servant-hood is about. It is true it can become routine and therefore meaningless, but God knew about this beforehand but still gave the command to keep it. Consider all the other commands God gave - they can become meaningless if one resorts to obedience to gain brownie points with God but this will not negate the original instruction to the Believer.

If one meditates on Jesus' washing of his disciples feet - who he was (the Creator who could with a slight of hand clean anyone's feet and be done with it), his purpose/mission - and only then can one learn to appreciate this command - wash feet.

God I have to go help my 89 YO mom who is battling shingles.


Sandra Miller

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