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Bro. Greg,
yoke,was not in my heart,...learn [ers] was.

Please forgive,....I don't always make myself very clear.

Bless you,


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Amen sister, the spiritual reality is much more important then the physical act. Though we can not really separate it and the Lord has ordained His Spirit to fill a fleshly temple on this earth.

1 Corinthians 3:16New International Version (NIV)

16 Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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I guess I never can see the point of having a symbol when you can have the real thing though there are some who like to have a 'show in the flesh'.

Like 'feeding on Him with thanksgiving and praise', that is, partaking in His body and blood moment by moment instead of a symbol.

We should not be still in the same state as the disciples, who needed something to remind them of their Lord during the period in which He had left them. He did return to them and now dwells within us (if indeed we are in Christ) and we can find practical ways to help the brethren instead of a 'symbolic' helping that is not needed in our times. It was not a symbol for them it was a real service.

Nothing wrong with symbols though for those who need them. But there is a time to seek the reality behind them.

If anyone approaches me with a bowl and towel I will direct them to jobs they can do in my home for me.

 2016/7/29 4:04

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"Like 'feeding on Him with thanksgiving and praise', that is, partaking in His body and blood moment by moment instead of a symbol."

Sis Brenda,

Are you saying the communion we partake of is just a symbol and unnecessary?

Please elaborate.

In His Love,



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"Foot washing is a symbol of "service" of serving others in the body of Christ. Though there is no yoke to have to practice this, I encourage and am blessed by a brother who see's significance and blessing in it." bro Greg.

I agree with the statement above from brother Greg. Although it may not be an ordinance in the church today, as the communion is, and of course there are many ways of serving one another, both spiritually and practically, great blessing and intimacy can be derived from it as and when the Lord leads us to do it. Often it is more humbling and affectionate to the one receiving than the one serving...

In His Love,



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Yes William, it is my conviction, that of Quakers and the Salvation Army, so a sizable part of the church, that the disciples were given that instruction of remembrance (for the time when the Lord was gone) until the time when He came again to baptise them with the Holy Spirit wherein they would be feeding on His body and blood as a spiritual reality and no more in elements, which was part of the old covenant, replaced by the better and spiritual.

It is a good thing for those who have not yet been baptised in the Spirit to partake as the Corinthians did, but looking forward to the time when their marriage supper would be with Christ the Lamb and outward symbols needed no longer.

 2016/7/29 7:21

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Travis said,

“I can say that it was a time of humility, often repentance, and it seemed the Holy Spirit really attended to the practice I think we would do well to practice this more.”

Neil quoted Forrest and then said,

F - "I believe that it would be very instrumental in maintaining love, humility, and unity among the brethren."

N – “and having been allowed to participate in such a heavenly holy, anointed, and beautiful ordinance JUST ONCE, your words are true. I would testify, but for the truth that my mere human words would not convey in totality, how beautiful this little utilized ministry is.”

From my experience I fully agree with the above statements as well as all that brother Greg has shared on the subject of foot washing. My personal conviction is that there are three ordinances in the church, water baptism, communion, and foot washing.

Brother Neil is the first person whom I have heard outside a small group of believers I have come across that has referred to FW as an ordinance. It wasn’t until I was saved for a little over 10 years that I came across pockets of devoted brethren in Indiana we had begun fellowshipping with and where we ultimately invited a gentleman to come and teach our small home fellowship in Michigan.

As I have shared before, amidst my apprehension as to why we would invite a man to drive nearly 4 hours each way to teach such a small group he accepted and did so weekly for over 6 years. He was a very methodical teacher and before we would come to understand and learn as well as UNLEARN many things, he taught on foot washing in a series regarding ordinances in the church.

Like many things concerning fellowship, witnessing, deliverance, the function and operation of the gifts of the Spirit, communion, and foot washing, etc… He never said we had to do this or that but would clearly layout from scripture Gods heart on such matters.

After he taught on foot washing, he never said “okay, let’s wash one anothers feet” he was a patient and gifted teacher and never primed the pump so to speak. He would give the Holy Spirit time to work the truth down into our hearts. After he would go home we would still have at least two other meetings during the week and would discuss and pray about what the Lord was showing us and we began to ponder and consider this ordinance and believed God wanted us to experience this practice.

Now water baptism, communion, and foot washing can and has become a RITUAL among many professing Christians throughout the ages believing that if they just DO these things it will make them spiritual. Like all of the above anything we do outside of the leading and directing of the Holy Spirit is merely a work of the flesh and profits nothing.

Our small group was clearly convinced we were to partake in such an event and spoke to our brother about it and we scheduled a time to travel to Indiana and link up with another home fellowship and participate in a foot washing service.

It all began like we always began first in prayer, then praise and worship, then an exhortation, and then the foot washing. One of the many, many, lessons this brother taught us over the years was that of seeking Gods divine order and learning to wait upon the Lord in ALL things and when we do we can most assuredly know that we know the Spirit of the Lord will be in our midst.

This particular day I was eager, hungering, and desiring to participate in the exact description brother Neil explained in this ordinance. We separated the men and women in different rooms and my heart was so focused on blessing my brothers and here was the key to this event that made it so amazing was as we would lay hands on the brethren and begin to wash we would pray as the Holy Spirit would lead for that brother.

This Holy Spirit lead prayer would then lead into not only praying down blessing, but also confessing and speaking aloud Gods promises in this brothers life, as well as healing, deliverance, protection, etc..

I washed several brothers feet, deeply desiring to do all, and I tell you brothers and sisters the truth, all that bath water was mixed with tears and was beyond humbling. Like our brother Paul, it is almost too heavenly to describe, as there are no words to truly justify such an experience.

I was so caught up in this experience of washing the others I did not realize that I myself was not submitting to having my own feet washed until a brother came to me with tears and said, “Brother Dave, please sit down, I want to wash your feet”. I was taken aback and I responded with, “No, that’s okay, let me wash your feet” which of course he said no so I removed my shoes and socks and as that brother began to wash my feet and pray for me God showed me my sin and spiritual pride and as brother Travis rightly stated I repented.

A major key and truth we were taught on this subject was it is not in the foot washing alone but also the prayer, intercession, confession, and supplication with both the understanding and in the spirit, for one another.

It has been said here that this is an underutilized event today in the body of Christ and like many other things I also agree. Like I said, this can become a ritual or routine just like the other ordinances. But when the Holy Spirit is involved? Not so.

Great topic Forrest, thanks for sharing brother.

David Fella

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This reminds me of how the Catholic Church is famous for turning the acts and teachings of Christ into rituals and ordinances. They refuse to acknowledge the spiritual reality behind His actions and teachings. The don't want the real thing (Jesus), they just want to appear spiritual to the masses and the masses eat it up. They do this because they don't have Christ and this is how they compensate for not having true spirituality.

Even protestants are being beguiled by their outward religious trappings and feigned spirituality. Catholics replicate Jesus's foot washing into an ordinance and ritual why would I want to ignore the reality of Jesus' true meaning and do the same thing? In many parishes, on " Holy Thursday", foot washing has been incorporated into the Mass.

Protestants seem to be in awe of rituals and religious ordinances but how do they treat their wives, children or their fellow man (including Christians).
When I see that, I will see their true "religion".

Paul was a true follower of Jesus Christ. I am trying to find where he participated in foot washings, but can't seem to find it right now. Can you help me? All I can find is this.

Colossians 2:20-23
Wherefore if ye be dead with Christ from the rudiments of the world, why, as though living in the world, are ye subject to ordinances, (Touch not; taste not; handle not; Which all are to perish with the using;) after the commandments and doctrines of men? Which things have indeed a shew of wisdom in will worship, and humility, and neglecting of the body; not in any honour to the satisfying of the flesh.

 2016/7/29 9:07

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Taking literally the words of Jesus like "eat my flesh and drink my blood" and "this is my body" or "this is my blood" is how we got the abomination of the catholic mass and the doctrine of transubstantiation that has led millions down the road to perdition.

Jesus performed the needed act of foot washing because no one else did it. It was a beautiful act of humility and service.

When he was through and he said "you ought to was each other's feet" he was saying "as my follower serve each other in humility."

I don't believe there is further mention of this in the NT.


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Too true Julius good post.

 2016/7/29 9:19

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