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How would you feel ,telling some one about mother threasa, and then finding out they joined the catholic church , and got raptured up in all the heracy and that remaind there end ,so ti speak all becasuee we planted a weed for a seed

Or because many unsaved no of the hipocracy and child abuses and muders that the catholic church as comited in the name of god ,,they see us or hear us promote some of the sayings of the catholic so called saints, they then become resisent of the true gosple ... Another stumbling block

The bible says we should give no ocasion to stumble jew or gentile .......

We promote christ and him crusafied , and the bible , I f they stumble at the stubeling stone,the rock of offence ,then that is ment to be ....

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Thanks brother Gary,

I agree with you 100%.
I think that some of the classical authors from long ago who were brought up and remained within the Catholic church were nonetheless critical of certain things in the Catholic Church and sought to serve the Lord faithfully under the circumstances. You and I won't know because we were not there :)
Remember where Martin Luther etc came from.

Just threw the question in here because I know we may have different points of view from the forum members.

I would like to hear from some more members, just to get their thoughts. I promise I will not judge you members!:)

Then I would stand in judgement of a whole lot of respected protestant authors


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I don't shop at Costco. If I want to go to a wholesale store, I go to Sam's Club.

I don't look to Catholicism for truth. If I want truth, I look to Christ and His Word.

If Costco was the only place I could find something and it made sense in the market to go there, I would pop in and buy and say, "I appreciate it. Why don't y'all do this with everything?" If Catholicism happened to be the only place I could readily find a recitation of truth and it makes sense in light of all I can pray, study, read and know from God and His Word, then I would pop in and say, "I appreciate this. Now y'all get saved."


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