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 Re: Another quote by Pope Francis concerning homosexuals

On that occasion I said this: If a person is gay and seeks out the Lord and is willing, who am I to judge that person?”

Saints this is the man who says that Jews Muslims and Christians worship the same deity. This is the man who says that basically the Koran and the Bible are are the same in their teaching. And he appears to give support the homosexual lifestyle.

Both Rick Warren is calling Francis his Pope. Kenneth Hagin thanks there's nothing wrong and acknowledging the pope as a Christian brother.

And then you wonder why I question Francis Chan praying with the Pope for revival???

Are we forgetting that the pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church that martyred many of our evangelical brothers and sisters in times past for opposing Catholic teachings.

Brethren I make no apologies. But there is something wrong with this picture. What I see occurring in Washington DC is simply a step toward the universal religion.

If you judge me for that. Then I am guilty as charged.

Brother Blaine

 2016/7/14 17:21

 Re: Forrest

Brother if you Google Pope Invites Religious Leaders to Vatican. Several different web sites come up. I cannot tell you which are credible. But many of them reporting that Francis does have open hands toward other religious leaders such as the Dalai Lama and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

His statements appear to reflect a broader ecumenicalism toward other world religions worshipping one Supreme Being. Whatever that Supreme Being may be called.

Again we must be careful of the deception. For it appears we are headed toward the one world religion of Babylon.

Simply my thoughts.

 2016/7/14 17:43

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 Re: More quotes by Pope Francis

Doesn't it bother you that you may have accused a man of saying what he didn't say? If those alleged quotes you posted are an outright fabrication, don't you find it appropriate to retract your claim that the Pope said them? The specific quotes you posted seem to only appear in the National Review fake news article:

~ Forrest

 2016/7/14 17:56Profile

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Gary's comment, I believe, was made with tongue firmly in cheek.

I am no fan of the Pope or the RCC and I have posted of its evils many times. But I am a fan of people like Francis Chan trying to do something positive.

How do you know it is not his goal to influence the Pope vs. allowing the Pope to influence him?

I think we are all smart enough not to be deceived by any Popic rhetoric that Muslims and Jews and Christians are all one big happy ecumenical family. So I take all such comments with a huge grain of salt.

I do however respect Francis Chan and I have no choice but to trust his motives and involvement. We should pray the Lord will give him supernatural wisdom. If the Pastor of my church was invited I am sure he would go. But his goal would be to glorify and be a witness for the true Jesus Christ.


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Bruceton TN

 Re: LInk

at 17.20 he mentions the desire for communion. At 18:00 he begins the speech on Joseph and money

James R Barnes

 2016/7/14 18:14Profile

 Re: Francis Chan, Hillsong United, Pope Francis Will Pray for Revival This Saturday

Someone asked for legitimate info concerning the Pope. This comes straight from the Vatican. I sincerely hope the intentions are true for revival, but the Lord did warn us that there would be deception in the last days. He alone knows the hearts of man, we can only know by the fruit produced.

Hoping the link works.

 2016/7/14 18:17

 Re: Papal Address To World Religious Leaders

Church \ Church in Africa
Address of Pope Francis to religious leaders
Pope Francis addresses leaders after arriving in Nairobi Wednesday, including Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta. - EPA
Pope Francis addresses leaders after arriving in Nairobi Wednesday, including Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta. - EPA

26/11/2015 07:08SHARE:
Pope Francis met Thursday with the leaders of various fairth groups in Nairobi as part of his pastoral visit to Africa.
Please find below the full English text of the address which was delivered in Italian:
Address of His Holiness Pope Francis
at the Ecumenical and Interreligious Meeting
Apostolic Nunciature, Nairobi
Thursday 26 November 2015

Dear Friends,

I am grateful for your presence this morning and for the opportunity to share these moments of reflection with you. In a particular way, I wish to thank Archbishop Wabukala and Professor El-Busaidy for their words of welcome offered on your behalf, and on behalf of their communities. It is always important to me that, when I come to visit the Catholic faithful of a local Church, I have an occasion to meet the leaders of OTHER CHRIATIAN COMMUNITIES AND REIGIOUS TRADITIONS It is my hope that our time together may be a sign of the Church’s ESTEEN FOR THE FOLLOWERS OF ALL REKIGIONS; may it strengthen the bonds of friendship which we already enjoy.
To be honest, this relationship is challenging; it makes demands of us. Yet ecumenical and interreligious dialogue is not a luxury. It is not something extra or optional, but essential, something which our world, wounded by conflict and division, increasingly needs.
Indeed, religious beliefs and practice condition who we are and how we understand the world around us. They are for us a source of enlightenment, wisdom and solidarity, and thus enrich the societies in which we live. By caring for the spiritual growth of our communities, by forming minds and hearts in the truths and values taught by our religious traditions, we become a blessing to the communities in which our people live. In democratic and pluralistic societies like Kenya, cooperation between religious leaders and communities becomes an important service to the common good.
In this light, and in an increasingly interdependent world, we see ever more clearly the need for interreligious understanding, friendship and collaboration in defending the God-given dignity of individuals and peoples, and their right to live in freedom and happiness. By upholding respect for that dignity and those rights, the religions play an essential role in forming consciences, instilling in the young the profound spiritual values of our respective traditions, and training good citizens, capable of infusing civil society with honesty, integrity and a world view which values the human person over power and material gain.

Above English text of papal message certainly conveys Hart of Pope Francis.

 2016/7/14 18:48

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Bear- what exactly, and i mean exactly, do you find objectionable in the above statement in the context it is given. Quote that portion that troubles you.

All he seems to be saying is that religion, at its finest, can help improve society. I think it is a pipe dream, but that seems to be what he was saying.

Let me put it this way- is it better to hate hindus and muslims or to love them? would it be better if all muslims got along, or is it better that we have shiites and sunnis killing each other?

Saying we should try to get a along with them and that they should try to get along with each other is different than saying their beliefs are 100% correct.


 2016/7/14 19:09Profile

 Re: Todd

Bro I feel you and a few others in the forum are falling under the spell of Francis. There's no denying that he comes across as a chrismatic, nice man. And he says nice things.

But we must remember that he is the head of the Roman Catholic Church. The RCC has martyred many of the evangelical brethren in the past centuries. There are those in this forum that have come out of a Catholic background that will attest to this.

The RCC has never acknowledged justification by
faith alone in Jesus Christ. Their stance is they are still the obe true church. And any who do not belong to such church will not enter heaven.

Thus I do not know why you and others are defending Francis. But then maybe these are the changing times we are living in.


 2016/7/14 20:11


As much as folks love Francis Chan, and there are other who love Kenneth Copeland and there are many who love Rick Warren and folks like Mike Bickle, they are deceived. To share a stage with the Pope is to legitimize the Pope. To share a stage with Catholic priests is to legitimize the Catholic church which in turn gives false hope to well over a billion people worldwide. Only the truth can set a man free. A departure from the truth is an accommodation to the world. Once the enemy gets your accommodation he has established a stronghold which he will not give up. Humanism, it is all humanism to share the stage with such a man. Maybe our so called beloved evangelical favorites need to listen to " Ten Shekels and a Shirt." There is a great whore church coming saints and the Catholic church will be leaders of it. That old enemy of every saint that formerly hunted them down in every corner of the world and dragged them to the pyre will rise again. And many foolish evangelicals will merely follow behind like the children who followed the pied piper. I despair at the lack of discernment in these men in particular and the evangelical world in general. That is why my hope and my loyalties lie with the remnant, who will not relent to the hurricane force cultural winds that have begun to blow........bro Frank

 2016/7/14 20:43

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