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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Prayer Needed Please

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That's silly.

John Wesley was a great supporter and teacher regarding natural methods of healing though herbs etc. He even advised electric therapy and it was not until recently that we find out that electric currents passed through the body kill parasites.

God made our bodies to obey the rules of biology and nature and often all that is required for us to heal from diseases is to obey the rules that He set forth and eat as He intended for our bodies.

It is not about salvation, that is another issue but finding help for addictions , which is a biochemical problem though sin may have started the process, is something that does not interfere with the need for a Saviour. Many start to take drugs because they are desperate and start to self medicate, then get consumed by it. Some of these people are not law breakers and rebels but ordinary weak people who are in a lot of pain etc and have certain genetic defects which makes them unable to find help for their problems. Some like me cannot take medications.

There are many believers that reject all natural means of healing and go to doctors who are really just drug pushers, of substances that do not heal the body but only mask symptoms and keep the person a cash cow for the pharma industry.

These people eventually develop degenerative diseases like cancer but really they have brought it on by themselves and by not obeying God's natural laws. The carry on consulting doctors and get more and more poison through chemo, radiation or surgery when they could have healed themselves by going alternative.

It is absolute blindness and I am sure Satan loves this control over believers lives and the shortening of them.

 2016/6/17 10:35


Thanks for your response, but Just for the record, I reject the comment "some people are far too heavenly to be any earthly good" when responding to my post. Fact is, while nutrition can be an aid, I find that most Christians are actually the opposite - far too earthly to be any heavenly good. Jesus didn't heal people or deliver people by providing dietary menus or herbal remedies. Addiction is primarily a spiritual issue, not a physical one. Such is true for all forms of idolatry. I was addicted to porn too. Was that due to my predisposition (yes, I was from Adam's seed) or from a lack of certain nutrients & biochemistry? I agree anything that helps people get off drugs is fine, but Such soft answers without stating the PRIMARY issue is sin/idolatry & the need for a savior and his deliverance is "earthly wisdom", soulish, etc. AA itself was a mixture of the vain philosophies of this world & can actually prevent people from seeing their need for (& so reaching for & believing in) a real savior. Again, when the lady had the issue of blood, Jesus didn't provide her with a dietary program. When the man was demon possessed, Jesus didn't make earthly recommendations. The word "pharmakai" used in the New Testament translated as "witchcraft"
When Paul is listing the sins of the flesh is where we get the word "pharmacy" ie "drugs". Drug use is plain and simple witchcraft. An escape from reality through a satanically altered state. Unless we are heavenly enough to see things as God sees them and address them spiritually FIRST, we do people a TREMENDOUS disservice making natural excuses and remedies (even apart from Christ) for it. I say that without any doubt or apology whatsoever. Again, Jesus came to deliver us as our bread of life. That MUST be first and foremost or all else is worldly wisdom with no eternal profit whatsoever. God forbid I provide natural ways for my brother to stop his addictions without stressing his need to leave such idolatry & turn to Christ first and foremost? That would be offering worldly band-aids for eternally gaping wounds. Or worse, this "biochemistry imbalance" (which is real, considering dopamine, serotonin, etc., but I would argue from a scientific basis of "cause and effect relationship"
Is actually CAUSED by the introduction of drugs to the system, not the other way around) often leads to the prescribing of "anti-depressants", "methadone", etc. which doesn't cure the issue, only prolongs & deepens it, but gives a false hope. I am living proof & the Word of God & ways of God are true.
God Bless,

 2016/6/17 11:16


And yes, they actually all are "law breakers" & "rebels". Maybe not if "comparing yourselves by yourselves", but if looking Biblically, (in truth, Thy Word is truth), they ARE lawbreakers and rebels. We all are. If you start with the presupposition as the world does "we are all basically good" you can arrive at such evaluations. But if you start with a Biblical basis, "we are all gone astray..there is none good, no not one...", "we are all conceived in sin as Adam's seed", etc. then your paradigm shifts from a sensual, emotional, soulish, natural, philosophically worldly one, to a spiritual one that is based in the truth of God's testimony of man, & not man's evaluation & comparison of himself. Start at the wrong place, end at the wrong place.

 2016/6/17 11:23


Should we not be lifting this dear brother Nigel up in our prayers. The man lost his mother to a drug overdose. He is under spiritual attack. His brother wants to get clean and know Jesus.

The dear brother has asked for the prayers of the forum. Let us keep this brother and his other brother in our prayers and pray that God will intervene in their situation.

Simply my thoughts.

 2016/6/17 11:26


I agree Blaine. And I did pray for him. And I said I wasn't trying to steal the OP. We can start a new thread if need be. As a former hard core drug addict & a student of the Word of God, I just couldn't let The whole "nutrition is the reason for idolatrous sinful witchcraft" involvement thing go unanswered. I felt That notion can't be left floating out there unaddressed. As a former hardcore addict who has seen it all - understanding these things rightly is no small matter. Sorry.

 2016/6/17 11:36


Brother Jeff I pray your own freedom found in Jesus has encouraged our brother Nigel. I do remember when you shared with me your testimony when we talked. It was pretty powerful.

Testimonies of how God is working one's life can be so powerful. My brother Nigel be encouraged by your testimony.

 2016/6/17 11:46

 Re: Prayer Needed Please

Dear brother Nigel,
I agree with the other prayers of the saints here.
May the Lord hear you and your brother as you cry out to Him, when you are in distress, the Lord hears you. May He guard your life for you are devoted to Him.

Have mercy on Nigel's brother, Lord Jesus, may He not just be afraid to die, but pour out your great love on Him, that he knows You love him, Lord. You are forgiving and good, Lord, abounding in love to all who call upon you. Deliver him from all drug demons that have him locked in a prison of addiction. Set the captive free as only You are able, Lord.

Strengthen Nigel and pour out your peace upon him and let him lay all his burdens on You. And comfort these brothers in their loss.

In Jesus Mighty Name I ask

 2016/6/17 14:15

Joined: 2005/6/6
Posts: 861
Campbell River, B.C.


Thank you all for your prayers and support. Your prayer and input are invaluable to me. Sometimes the attacks get so bad it feels like I am losing my mind; however, I know Jesus holds me in His hand.

In regard to my uncle Jack, he passed away in Ghana about two months ago. Thank you for praying mama27.

Nigel Holland

 2016/6/17 17:53Profile


Sorry to hear that brother, praying for you and made a note to continue.
May the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus.(from Phil 4v7)

 2016/6/18 5:03

 Re: Prayer Needed Please

Do pray for Nigel. He is undergoing heavy satanic oppression, Jesus will see him through

 2016/7/5 20:37

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