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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : The Mount of Transfiguration...A Shifting of Redemotive History

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There are MANY sources showing that THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of Muslims are coming to Christ in the last few years (5-10) and either the immediate event preceding their conversion was seeing Jesus in the dream or vision, or some actually said to Him in their dream something along the lines of I believe & woke up different (converted, "Born Again" as Jesus said to Nicodemus in John 3).

You can verify this in a video called "More than Dreams" online (YouTube it - I particularly remember Khalil) in the testimony of people Like Padina (YouRube search "Padina's Story), etc. I am in contact with a brother in the underground church in Iran that speaks of MANY coming to Christ through Him appearing to them in a dream or vision. Of course they are then HUNGRY for the Word of God & to expand their knowledge of the Truth (Jesus said "He is the way, the truth & the life"), etc. but they came to Christ through exactly what the prophets Joel, Amos, etc. said would happen in the last days, dreams & visions, prophesying, etc. among men & women, young and old.

In fact, the brother in Iran shared with me one story he personally saw himself when visiting a remote Iranian rural village where a man appeared in a vision to the Muslim man, came through his wall, said get out pen & paper, & recited as he wrote the entire Gospel of John! Verbatim! The Muslim didn't even know what it was!

And in fact, a lady in our fellowship came to Christ through a dream. Another brother was warned he wasn't truly saved In a dream & came to Christ, & even one lady's mom just moved here from Cambodia & was a Buddhist for years. Had dreams about Jesus & rejected him in the dream. Until one day He came to her again & she repented & got born again! And there's even one verified report in Egypt of a radical salafi Muslim who had dreams night after night seeing Jesus & arguing with Him because Jesus told him the Koran was wrong. The next day a young Christian girl
Was led by the Holy Spirit to get out at her stop, pay, and tell him "Yeshua loves you!" & started to run (they can get kidnapped, tortured, sold into sex slavery, etc. over there for that). He said, "wait! What did you say?" She repeated it & the man broke down and explained he'd been arguing with this man in a white shining robe in his dreams night after night & Jesus told him, "to prove how much I love you and that what I say is true, tomorrow a young Christian girl will get out of your cab at her stop and tell you this!" It's been confirmed, the man has been baptized & is serving the Lord!

Many of the Jews converting to Christ on the One For Israel videos (I met Messaiah & I found shalom - all on YouTube) are similar too. In fact, Jesus appeared to Saul of Tarsus, knocked him off his horse, blinded him with his brightness & said, "Why are you persecuting me?" No one else seemed to see him but Saul. The later Apostle Paul who penned 2/3 of the NT!

Believe it sister, it's happening & real Fruit of salvation and radical Muslims coming to Christ to be radical Christians who lay down their very life's unto death is taking place! You can believe it. It's awesome too! Some of the "radical cessationists" don't like it because it doesn't fit their theological
Paradigm, but God isn't limited by their finite brains' understanding, thank God! 😊🙏🏻☝️💪🏻

God Bless,

 2016/6/1 18:57


"Believe it sister, it's happening"
I did not say it was not. My point was that it would be weird if after the conversion these converts would not need the bible (or its message) and they could just follow the voice of the sheppard (Jesus).
edit : corrected spelling.

 2016/6/1 19:29

 Re: Yoszu

Dear sister we do need the Bible. We do need the scriptures. I certainly hope no one is leaving you with the impression we don't need the scriptures. Let me say again we do need them.

I am legally blind. Thus I listen to an audio New Testament. I listen to it at least 2 or 3 hours a day. I listen to it when I walk. I listen to it when I open mail. I listen to it when I get up in the morning to have the Lord. I even listen to it when I'm sleeping.

Likewise too I need Jesus to open up His word to me. I need the Holy Spirit to speak that Rhema word into my core being. I need to hear the voice of the Shepherd. As I shared with you and a previous post both are living. I need both your sister.

Hope I come across a little more clearly.

Appreciate your heart dear sister. :-)

 2016/6/1 20:02


Oh I see. Yes, of course we all need & hunger for the truth of His Word! Amen! 😊 The brother I was telling you about in Iran has as a crucial part of the underground house church's network Discipleship Making Ministry teaching from the Word. We grow by the truth. Why it's crucial IMHO to feed into the evangelization, discipleship, ministry & purchasing of Bibles for believers in these areas while this sovereign move of God in bringing many to Himself is taking place.

 2016/6/1 20:03


Dear sister

It is not an either/or question.

The scriptures are a wonderful gift and precious but still, secondary. It is only in the last two centuries or so that they have available to the average believer and only if that believer lived in certain situations. Blind believers in the past had no access and ability to check out immediately that what they heard was in the Bible.

We are very blessed to live in times where we do have easy access but in the beginning, the church spread amongst gentiles without access and Christ taught His people Himself, and we have a perfect example in the apostle Paul who met the disciples and was in accordance with them without previous teachings from them.

I am not downplaying the scriptures at all, but there a danger of raising it to a place where we will not expect to have that precious immediate and direct communication with our Lord.

The prophets in the old testament had it and could hear the Lord speak clearly to them so why would the saints lose that in the new covenant?

No-one has said that the scriptures are not of huge benefit to them and enable them to check out what has been revealed to them, but the Lord has never depended on printing presses to enable those who love Him to know Him intimately directly to their spirits.

 2016/6/1 22:01


Simply reading the scriptures caused great revivals in the past:
This video shows how the masses were revived in the time of reformation when the bible was translated and made available to the masses.
De deception of the rcc was exposed by the truth of the bible.

When they found the book of law in the time of joshiah they simply read it to the king, this started a revival/turning to God in the nation.

In the book od Nehemiah they read the book of law again and the people were revived and exceedingly happy celebrating the lord for weeks.

The bible-the word of god is awsome. It tells us in the first place who Jesus is.
People today also revive when they read/hear the word of God.

Richard Owen Roberts explains in this video why word centered revivals last longer than experience centered revivals.

Personally when I was in a false movement, madamme gouyon, brother lawrence, even Tozer did not help to revive me but David wilkerson, Keith Daniel and Jessie penn Lewis did. By the way those who listen to keith daniel know that sometimes almost half of his sermon is just simply quoting the bible. When the truth from the word was shown to me, the deception of that false movement was exposed.

 2016/6/2 6:20


Amen, Brenda and Zsuzsanna.

 2016/6/2 8:15

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