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That commercial is cool, but the other BK commercials with the silent King with the stupid smile drives me nuts.
Spin off from the gnome from the Travelocity spots, and Amelie, I suppose.

Movies make a big impression on me because I see so few! They tittlelate me so. But they can put perspective on the human condition that seen in context to original sin and our fallen nature are interesting.
Same for some secular music. We use secular tunes at our church coffeehouses in congunction with scripture, video, and CCM music to imbelish themes dealing with various facets of faith and trust, as well as the folly of depending on man or worse, our own strength.
Last Friday, we use The Passion of the Christ movie clip of Gethsemene during our cover of Petra's 'Judas Kiss', and used Supertramp's 'Give a Little Bit' after mentioning a free will offering and moving into 'Lean On Me'. It was well-received...

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Philip makes some good points. Let's be careful that we don't accidentally take in the wrong worldview from this fantasy film.

At the same time I don't think it is a sin to watch the star wars movie for entertainment as long as we don't try to transfer George Lucas' messed up worldview from the galaxy of star wars to our own world.

The problem with the Star Wars galaxy is that there are no absolutes. In fact the so called "good guy" in the movie, Obi Wan, tells Darth Vader that "only a sith deals in absolutes." And when anikin comes to yoda for help about the reality of death yoda can give him no comfort whatsover except to tell him of some crazy new age afterlife. In star wars there is no good, no bad, only light and dark. There is a big difference. There is no basis for truth in the whole galaxy, so when Obi confronts Darth Vader and tells him that what he has done is wrong Vader can respond that it is wrong only from his perspective.

So, you like fantasy films? Good, go watch star wars and be entertained! If you want to learn about life, how to live it, what is right and what is wrong, etc, read the Bible! I agree that there are some things to be learned from star wars because most people still have some small idea of truth and it sometimes shows in what they do. The director of LOTR, Peter Jackson doesn't believe in absolute evil and yet his movies still showed that there really is. The only way we can learn anything from movies like star wars is if we already have a grasp of what God says.

I'm not saying you guys are wrong in any way. I'm just simply putting in my two cents.

Andrew Bruce

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I'm sorry this grieved you. I was actually quite surprised that all these people that posted in this topic saw the movie. I was expecting more responses like yours.

Greg started this topic with the thoughts I posted on my personal xanga site concerning how the Star Wars movie affected me. I was sad for a whole day after seeing that movie. I doubt that I ever want to see it again. And yes, we do need to realize that a false religion is in this movie and be careful how we parallel it to Christianity. Whether we should even do that or not, I don't know. And your comment about if there were witches and warlocks in the movie we wouldn't even go see it... I don't think is true. If we did a pole of how many Christians are into the Lord of the Rings, I think shockingly you'd find a lot are. Where do we draw the line? I don't know that either. And then that leads me to think... well wouldn't that make C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia controversial as well, with the use of pagan creatures and evil characters to portray spiritual, biblical truths such as in the story of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"? How many Christians are going to go see that in theaters in December? Honestly, I'm interested in seeing it. I don't care for the use of mythology and the witch... but I read that book and what shined brighter than all the rest was the portrayal of Jesus through the character of the lion, Aslan.

You quoted the Revival Hymn in your post. I wake up to it every morning and know the line very well that says, "We spend 2 stinking hours in a movie house, but we don't spend half an hour with our Lord." But that's assuming that we don't spend more time with our Lord than we do watching an occasional movie. To me, my personal conviction is when movie watching takes the place of my time with God. The intimate, devotional time He so deserves from me. Some people don't ever even watch movies, and that's a beautiful conviction and awesome standard. At the same time, I would have to take the stand that watching a movie in itself is not a sin (depending on the moral content of the film).

Anyway, these are [i]just[/i] my thoughts and in no way my argument. I don't like arguing on here. I much rather refrain from expressing my every thought and wait until there's an opportunity to bless someone with encouraging, edifying words. So if there's one thing I can leave you with, it's that I do hope God encourages you in your personal convictions.

Yolanda Fields

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I appreciate you commenting here, especially the piece about encouraging/edifying the body. May we all be found so doing as "today is called today".

Ryan Couch

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 Re: Yolanda


how very well said :-)

I too wonder about Ravenhill's comment. What if some believers DO spend hours or or whatever in prayer- and then also spend two hours watching a movie. I see what he is trying to see say, but you can't catagorize everyone who sees a movie as not spending enough time with the Lord. Some do. and some don't.

This is a complicated subject and I pray that the Lord will lead each person to do what they should do.

In Him, Chanin


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 oh yes!!

In the Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers, if we have a group of people watching the battle scene and the morning when Gandelf is coming down the hillside with a host behind him, I would proclaim, "Behold the LORD cometh with ten thousands of His saints"

thats another movie moment that is great!!

Karl, that whole trilogy me and my boy just LOVE to watch......

 2005/5/26 15:49

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I can't put my finger on it... but for some reason, after posting in this topic and another one about repentance, I just felt this heavy burden...

It was one of those answering the Lord's call moments. Those precious times where you just run to find a place to get away with God. So during my lunch break, I walked to a park that's right next to work. It's up on a little hill that over looks the city. For some reason, going out in nature a bit just makes me feel so much closer to God. To look around at the trees and the flowers. To hear the birds sing their beautiful songs. Sort of a sanctuary. I know I can pray anywhere, but... there's something about some places.

My whole point for sharing any of this is... to express my heart to you guys as best as possible... I love you guys. I don't even know most of you, but I love you. I just found myself praying to God for Him to continue to examine my heart. I realize that a lot of thoughts I share on here are going to influence you all in some way. There's [i]no way[/i] I would want to lead a bad example in the way I live or the way I think. I feel a personal responsibility for you guys, in a sense. Spiritually at least. But more than what I could say on here, my greatest desire, my most outstanding prayer for the whole SI community is that each one of you would be enjoying a personal, close relationship with God. That those of us who play somewhat of a leadership role on here, our lives would be blameless and sanctified. Righteous living is [i]so[/i] crucial in each of our Christian lives.

I will keep praying for this ministry. For these topics that are started and parcipated in. For each one of us to be growing spiritually, and to desire to keep doing so. To love one another. To be teachable, but also be bold enough when prompted by the Holy Spirit, to offer an encouraging word. May we be pleasing to our loving heavenly Father.

Yolanda Fields

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 Re: One prayer's already been answered Yodi

for some reason today, I feel so filled with the Holy Spirit, and the Love of Christ to such a degree, that I don't know whether I want to lay face down and weep for the lost, or start shouting and exulting about God's abundant Grace.

When I get that filled I usually just stay in the Word and in contemplative prayer, but I feel the same way about the ministry here, and all who live here.

My prayer is that all who read your post get filled with the perfect Love of Christ.

in Him, Neil

 2005/5/26 16:56

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Let me come back to the main topic here. I saw the post on Star Wars and what I sense here is the other side. How do the devil use the film industry? The devil has always ways of controlling the world by means and I think the movie is one his means. Anything he does, he does it to draw your attention away from God and put it on different things. One time he uses politics, the other time he uses football, the other time he uses movies and sometimes its holidays and e.t.c- always there is something that is “a talk of the town” in which everybody joins and gets exited. And if we are drawn with the crowd and falls-in in that excitement without realizing its spiritual meaning, that’s the trap! I don’t think God sends this movie influence on people, It should have been the vise versa! We were the ones who are supposed to influence people-As Star Wars is knocking everybody’s house (I can see it- If Christians are influenced like this-how much more the world?!) It should have been Jesus in us who should be the “talk of the town” as it was in the time of the apostles (don’t tell me that time is over never coming back again) No matter how much we give it “spiritual face” I don’t think this jives with the purpose of God- This is not the need of the hour- read the history of revival where movie houses were closed, Read the welsh revival where every move of the society were affected and where football fans gave up and where football ceased due to the revival. Everybody’s face was turned to Jesus. Let this be our thirst. Lets not be dragged along with the crowd. Let us discern the time!

In the case of my country it is the ‘Election Fever” that is grasping the nation-and what a temptation it is not to involve with the “talk of the town” backbiting the ruling party! How many times it has become a stumbling block for me and how many times I bemoaned my situation before God! The spiritual reality is that God sending his angles kept this country from bloodshed but instead of clinging to that truth I found myself along with the society saying things! Isn’t this a trap? Going with the wind to and fro whenever it shifts -instead of standing firm and keeping oneself neat?! In my case it is politics and in your case it is a movie! I saw the crowd nearly 2 million who rallied supporting the opposition party on our city square and I said in my heart O' Jesus it should have been us dragging the crowds on the streets in evangelism and I feel ashamed when Christians cannot influence anything- Isn't Our Jesus more powerful than the opposition leaders then what in heaven is wrong with us-isn't Jesus more influential than Star Wars then what is wrong with us all?!

Your Sis, Mekdi

Mekdes Tsige

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For once I held my comment on the backburner, but I do agree with Mekdi. My oldest daughter once went on a sleepover at the local Baptist church and I thought it would do her good. Instead, I was horrified when I heard what was going on. The night started off with games, more games, and ended with the star wars movie. In the morning before we picked her up they had had a Bible study on "When Jesus comes back" for about 15 minutes. I really haven't seen the star wars thing but I hear christians speak about it as if it was something special i.e spritual. How sad to hear and to read about it here. It makes me wonder that sometimes we're high up there and then we compare prayer time and movies etc. Something is wrong. And, no, I'm not perfect, but it grieves me when there's thousands that are imprisoned, beaten to pulp, beheaded, declared insane for believing in Jesus Christ and confessing Him as their saviour and here we are, comparing our spiritual experience from a movie and at the same time confessing the same Jesus Christ.

Jouko Hakola

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