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This world is not my home anymore.


by bearmaster
Or is it not Christ who indwells our heart and changes us from the inside out?

Ha!! If this were true, I think we'd all be holy prophets walking the earth, jumping from mountain top to mountain top! Yodle-lodle-lay-hee-who!! LOL (My sense of humor!)

Christ does dwell in a born again child of God but humans are such fickle beings, Blaine!! In my understanding, we must submit to Him to overcome all of our sins that does so easily beset us!

by bearmaster on 2018/3/2 15:32:47
Are we waiting for God to do something externally in the church for our heart to be changed. To change us from the outside in?

If I wanted that to be true, where would find a church that could do that? :) :) :)

I got sidetracked, I'm sorry! :) Christ does dwell within each of us and changes us from the inside out, no matter what denomination we are or theology we hold to. And it is He who gives the increase, brother!

God bless you, bear!!

Hey, here's an oldie but goodie, David Meece - Inside Out (still one of my favorite albums) search youtube for the song... here's the lyrics!!!

"Inside Out" from the album Once In A Lifetime

Gotta open that door, take a look inside and change what's in there (From the inside out, inside out)

Find the window of truth, past the web of lies and open it wide (From the inside out, inside out)

And let the winds of conviction blow through this hurting soul of mine

Search me, Holy Spirit, help me look inside
Tell me what you're seeing, what I'm trying to hide
Holy Spirit, send your healing power
Search me, Holy Spirit, help me change from the inside out.

Wanna know your word, wanna hear your voice
Wanna heed your call, (From the inside out, inside out)

Gotta break these bars, gotta build a bridge
I gotta climb that wall, (From the inside out, inside out)

So, cast your vision upon me and crush the chains that have bound my heart


Help me look inside, what am I trying to hide
Send your healing power, help me



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I think you all have very centric hearts, as I also am often times guilty of. Revival happens when we see the need in life and by the grace of God cry out for that need and Lord willing step out in faith to meet that need socially. Elijah was such a man, and God honored his faith, I don’t believe he was at first so introspective but waszealous for the glory of God and His Word. Until a person can fully trust in the finished work of Christ and His Priesthood on our behalf they will never Do anything, thier eyes always being on self,a very insecure position to be in.


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 Re: Again the Question.......

This morning in my time with God I got to thinking. Always a dangerous thing to do. Particularly when I get to thinking about the simplicity of Christ.

I pose this question again. Is God interested in visitation or habitation? In listening to and reading the New Testament countless times I have never seen promises where God has said he would revive a dead structure. But I do see countless verses where the Holy Spirit Will inhabit humble hearts who are yielded to him.

Some say this thing we call revival is the presence of God in our midst. Did not Jesus tell us in the simplicity of his word in Matthew 18:20 that where two or three have gathered in his name he would be in their midst. Could not 2 or 3 humble hearts gathered in his name see the presence of the Holy Spirit come and dwell in their midst.

The above would be pretty radical. Or it would be unstructured. And certainly disturbing to the revivalist or the religionist.

Just pondering some thoughts. Always a dangerous thing to do.


 2018/3/25 9:04

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 Re: Visitation or Habitation

Hello Brother Blaine
Great post. I believe we are to be a habitation.
As I have studied revivals.. I sense that the people who were on fire the most were called Eccentric.. (Finney Lectures on revival)
So.. I do believe our habits.. our witness for Christ would bring revival..
It doesnt matter what church denomination we go to if we go to a denominational church. It matters if we OBEY God and are walking away from sodom daily.. It matters that we repent for our sins daily.. 2 chron 7:14
2 Chronicles 7:14 New International Version (NIV)
14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
I believe the LORD is speaking to HIS CHURCH.. WHO IS HIS CHURCH?? We are His church His representatives.. May we all be found worthy and not be told I never knew you..
We will be in heaven because of HIS SHED BLOOD..
So May we all be filled with more power from the HOLY GHOST and Habitate with HIM and spread the fire...
Just some thoughts
In Christ
Sister Frannie


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